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Doc Rivers pregame before Game 3 at The Garden against the Knicks

Apr 26, 2013|

Doc joined Sean Grande before Game 3, the Celts' first game at home in the series. Doc said that the Celts' defensive mistakes have allowed the Knicks to set up their offense.

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The team three edition of the Celtics are presented by Lexus continues from the garden as local event. On the opening -- or -- -- businesses our conversation with the head coach Doc Rivers brought you sort by Harvard Pilgrim Health -- harper don't healthcare countless in. Million questions since Tuesday about your offense with seven seconds or so billion wanna yes. Widow but you know what is this is the last what you have to do you know they'll be older games to think. Explain to people might not. Get this not really that difficult concept understand but sometimes people don't understand the correlation between defense stops and the kind of offense in the kind of shots you're getting that this start has mostly -- on the -- right. -- it what it did in game two in game one we just turned the ball low. That opening game to lose clearly connected. Defense altered. You know they scored 32 point that he took the ball score the ball or shot free throw. Which allowed them to. -- -- -- periods every single time in the third quarter air pressure us and I thought the pressure got to us quite honestly. You know we have to do a better job -- staying. In our stuff -- I would -- guys and then. Main concern to stay organized your door are clearly in the first. What we're trying to do offices in very good as the game goes on in the of the pressure -- -- so far have been successful in taking us out of we have to stay on there. If that's the biggest difference in the right -- you weren't the most efficient opportunity in the regular season but obviously this is a drop off here in the first two what's the biggest difference between what your office was was better put that way in the second half of the year it's all post Rondell. What's what's happened in the second. Well I think part of it is we -- stopped wearing. Com -- part of the in my doing it they get time Kevin Paul and Jeff. More. It's with so much for -- very honestly earned and and when you download to look for everything and that's one of it's just we're asking neighbors. Too much in my opinion. He's not a our. We know Barack. And to have -- on the short term and being the only ball handler. I think -- -- -- -- is it leading to you asking halted too much now. I expect -- to. You know really I think he can handle it. Because Les Paul I just think others can. Because none -- that level and sometimes we asked him to in this -- -- In your first playoff series with the Celtics the -- at point guard into molten lead for people who don't remember peak physical qualities to be able to go wherever you want to go watch for is consistency was in that series -- back -- Raymond Felton has been just even better phenomenal how is he doing the majority which are. All over part of which was one area just the Steelers. He's been very effective. In pit roads. And honestly. We. That run our coverage as well as we shoot with him in particular. We have to. I think. And they're most important where what does that mean -- say why -- our coverage what does that mean for you were watching games and listening to the team would EDT you better against the world we're response to something -- it to grow. You know with him and we're really. Chart that we -- to -- about eight and he's made us pay for we make it. There is no roadmap for the city of Boston right now over the next few weeks because this has never happened here before you that we bought a couple of days now to be back home to be in the city. How do you is it possible to not get caught up in what it's going to be a theory. Emotional story tonight or do you want your team caught up in this I think going to be an individual. And motions are very dangerous. Never. I'd love emotions. Like intensity more and somehow we can turn our -- twenty and it's great and it's a big if and he felt to be -- -- Alaska wilderness well. -- -- a walk a lot. Actually went. Bolts and spent several weeks money. Because at the right economic -- everybody. Greatness. People. And let's keep north and I think that's so important for all of -- just you know walk round. Oh. We have to support all the businesses that have been out or are we Summers they allow a business and to go for another couple days. I think. Bosses agreed to trying to pick him. That's the last word from the I'd go to as they -- seconds -- station identification other Jaber WEEI Celtics radio and it. Work. Game three fast approaching a special -- an emotional night at the garden we'll have the ceremony for you live. And of itself which in the exploiting Korea or Jaber WEEI Celtics radio network.

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