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ESPN's Tim Legler on the chances of the Celtics evening the series with the NY Knicks

Apr 26, 2013|

We prepare you for some weekend playoff basketball and ask Tim Legler if the Celtics have a shot to get back in to this. We also ask Tim about Danny Ainge's comments about the Celts defense taking away from their offense, and inquire if that is a legit point on Ainge's part.

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It like Wheeler joins us ESPN NBA analyst legs are. So what do you think Celtics have a shot to give back in the series down -- nothing to the next and they get back in this. The personality to can't -- also expect in your extraordinary is it more sleep. I think. -- shot because. Of the type character that they Halliburton. That they do have significant basketball issues in this series. It's. -- another change he could turn into a sweep put -- I'm certainly not good. Beat a guy that -- their best shot of you know winning game three which you in game three. You're back in the series political Belkin got -- win one game. Tim what's the biggest basketball issue that you -- But it was let out of their with a lap at a log on until the war. They don't have the ability to improvise all science and got a big problem because when you play you their seven game series obviously in others and yourself. That prepared for everything you gotta run. -- secure like Boston what does -- very calculated sets -- their sites. You could start to lock in -- -- take it away. That's when you try to control that and that Rondo could do as well as any player in this sleek. Create also embarrassingly offering by improvising particularly -- the shot clock inability to break it and they're targeted killings. And and that happens there's a defiant people to make you gain easier. For the Celtic role players especially. Not having. It really been a problem for the second out of the game because Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett does wearing down trying to grind out -- -- -- it's very difficult and so. -- to me -- the biggest issue where is that actual offense scored to -- on when the knicks don't exactly what you wanna run. Ryan that's really -- JR Smith said after game two is saying they were little Fuzzy on top as to what they wanted to do and when without Rondo in the game and they really needed points. We Danny Ainge on the show yesterday. And and play and talked to him about that that cut from JR Smith and what exactly he meant. His answer was a little bizarre played four in I'd be curious your reaction. We have these same challenges before. Losing double figure lead to end it in the fourth quarter game. Is not something that is just happen. This -- been going on for you know three -- four years. And I wish I knew you know sometimes I think we put such an effort is in the emphasis on defense that. You know our guys there you know don't have the energy to keep cutting and moving and so forth -- up all fourth quarter. I don't know what it is but it's not the -- it's not just the wrong position. -- -- it raised our eyebrows a little bit what do you what do you think when you hear that from games. After that comment as -- its -- a cop out because if you ever seen between the stand more energy and are hopeful that -- sensibly and yet -- watched offensively. Out Derrick Rose. Another it's improvisation player that -- great defense. Look at the movement that they get on offense the note I've never -- -- 48 minutes on both -- -- -- -- They don't have enough got put on and they might want to. -- not because of the lack of energy. And blows -- remove another liberty under. Are some of those guys I don't think that's really. An excuse to say that -- -- too much or you're being sent and brought that its personnel that political out here Avery probably. Eric got there like a lot Alex let alone he brings to the table -- I got close to beer -- right now that and to create a monopoly offense that you need to have it play out here to get really seem to witness here. -- -- Easily capable of common -- put a big effort to appear and give you forty Garnett you're sixteen are just going to be torn while the same night. You're in good shape there because you're not the -- goes -- to ninety to ninety got a chance to industry. -- can get there because they're caught it right now is just not creating any offense or anybody else and that's -- The one the wanting it to let it at that point at one player I would say HC. Looks worn out. By the time they get elastic that they can't and they really balk because outlook that I asked to -- essentially being basically what a lot of the current program. And probably one of the testicle under the perimeter Italy had ever seen at that position he covered so much ground he probably has more now. So you'll get a little bit there at camp director got I don't think that's the balance -- -- -- obviously Carmelo Anthony led the league in scoring so many people have said on many nights how do we stop on what's the best way to stop them before the Celtics. What do you think of their approach to Carmelo and what would be a better approach to slowing him down. You've got to do the way you are fighting to gain I don't know what. Mort you could have done obviously could hit a much more trouble in stat that you elect to do and who remain. Like Celtics are basically saying we're not gonna make. Impact players out Steve -- And chasing. And and so many other -- the only. Or some other role players are common stock up and -- the motto it's green colored double Carmelo we are here cloak and their. Contestants are I don't know -- -- walk Robert and that's the most part what he's been getting. I'll start so important if it starts to look like we don't have the personnel individually. And make it not for him he's missing we should stop. We're gonna have to start getting a double means and I stepped up up a little bit more in Boston because that. It's open source of that hole. They put another you know why are there are reports that apple probably shot I think. They'll go to get somebody regarding industry. Outlook and our -- and not I say I think you're gonna have to. There were a few more double teams and you are not standard reconstruct -- -- easily make -- up. For the most part -- barely had a mother taught because those three point shooters. They wanna keep it stable and they've done that for the most part probably the -- yeah that's right now make it on a typical shot. Bulk of the playing great also clearly Cuba offered -- players are a great rhythm heroic like -- are -- in the -- I tell what you stand on Rajon Rondo made some people think he's a franchise player other people look at him and say. Without KG and without -- I don't know Rondo Rondo led team can win. -- where'd you get on him and his relationship with Doc Rivers. It looks and you know. I don't know you're a guy that you would say okay well built like you know around this guy he's my -- -- player I'll -- -- -- -- -- because. -- -- If you're labeling guys that you're talking about a guy that spot by an efficient. True to try to keep we talk about a guy like Eric wrote a millionaire Russell Westbrook. I make all that category apparently. It was also and and so are they also got to thirteen here. I'll that a lot of these clips I've got I think at elite guard. With a couple of out of players around and you look at the cookie factory makes up much of the difference and go to a lot that reporter over the years the government. There are actually in the locker room -- different -- Richard brought on Rondo. That make or -- talks. I always been shot Eric like here in a market trade talk about how the cinema so what are you gonna get in return. For -- what you eat particularly in a posting -- he has been in the playoffs. You retreat agent Richard got up all the electric -- and a very rare quality fine. And out of probably target an elite league guard that played well at the moment I don't know like General Electric out. Good stuff there from -- leg there ESPN Kentucky symbiotic. Aren't they got him flagler via the media the AT&T hotline. I wanna come back to some of that throughout the rest of the day Michael but of course ago for four next including Charles Barkley wanting to take on a new career coming up -- -- W yet.

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