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How will the Patriots use their day two picks? What do you want to see done?

Apr 26, 2013|

We talk draft, and the Patriots abundance of day two picks, with plenty of talent left on the board.

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Can talk a draft -- you guys in your reaction what the patriots did last night what you want them to do tonight 617. 77979. 37 they got value we know that for some people that everything for others it's the worst word they could hear Darren is in India Daryn. -- Nothing good I couldn't be more political history. I always backed military put its case. The draft bill. -- integrity couldn't pick pretty much. How you would scripted it perfect draft there was Patterson on the board I mean that would -- that -- -- received that immediate impact. Vacuum I absolutely love with a that you the next Bob Sanders last purple ball. And you get a guy an alternate route or the present which is more than any of our partners in -- trip -- There what we're -- Belichick realize it. Tom Brady using go live forever and you could get applicable for the patriots forever and the fact of the matter is whether we want it would be edited ought. The window is closing and know people say it and I know. Who knows me and I just think it is stubborn move and I think bit. He'd lose. I don't even know -- extremely pro. -- -- the frustration. That the word that that stands out through what you just said is stubborn. What what what would be what the motivation for. Bill Belichick what does he get out of it and in interview stubborn somebody's trying to move on and a different direction he refuses to move. Where they try to move on to and -- it into this what's his motivation. I think he's stubborn because he's trying to -- it. Defy. The laws of of rebuilding like he's trying to make and I understand a lot I don't see that debt that's fair because no -- to rebuild the part of the rhetoric. You're going to have down years probably around -- property requires that it's just that fact of the matter in. He needs to realize bit. In the next we're here forty years it's gonna be our pitched chipped to capitalize on some dude in white Arctic plays that make it in student -- president stick your theory of stockpile it. Well -- open up more. Ed -- prayer -- point about the future and and the window is closing and I think you have to be fooled with faith not everybody knows that we talked about Tom Brady will be 36 from the season's start. But this is where your whole theory just falls apart. It did the opposite -- sunny it's -- philosophy that Bill Belichick goes with season after season last year. He did exactly which you mention. It didn't he didn't just stay there and a spot he went up. Gotta go get chairman -- somebody may wanna I wanna get in front of them coming to Chandler don't got to go up -- -- -- high tower but first six picks are going to be on defense. I'm I I know we need an infusion of youth on defense I know. -- probably got to lose some guys Patrick Chung is in his contract -- we're not gonna resign him we need to bring instant safety. That that the philosophy. It is Pakistan earlier the philosophy is that it's always change well I always in cabs. Literally right it's doing what you think is right in each individual moment and not sticking by the same thing and there's a second part of it too which is all right you can say elect Paterson and maybe do. Belichick didn't. Like Michael you and I both talked to people today independently and I know in my case not in any way connected to the patriots -- yet dumb guy. It's not killer system ju co transfer had trouble learning what they did even at Tennessee last year just not Smart guy. And does that seem like somebody that's going to be an instant addition to help about the patriots in the somewhat confusing system now. So I mean it's easy to say -- like -- and I like what -- piper says about -- we should play by the way the the -- frank -- and demolished real hyper a whistle went up for yourself on a minute it is really -- -- Really funny. Maybe just like the guy and he sees Keenan Allen or Justin hunter one of the other wide receivers that's available or or -- and says. -- get back in the second round and I actually think he's better. Then then then the guy could have the first round plus an ad picks at the same time it I don't it depends much. Listen to justice to declare me or criticism of the draft it's fair and now is it fair it's fun. This is why over six million people were watching the first round last night. That's down just a little bit from last year -- six million people on Thursday night. Watching names being called let's just break it down on what it did it seems a line that many people haven't heard it's why it's so much fun. And I think if you continue to look at you continue to question it. Sometimes you'll be absolutely right. In the case of say Clay Matthews had to connect Clay Matthews why not take a -- -- amount they traded out there. Or they -- had Dez Bryant if you -- Dez Bryant that a -- according. But in some cases like we read earlier. They got Richard Seymour and these lines were -- Amid years ago more than ten years ago because. Maybe got -- -- one -- what did David Terrelle. A guy online to wanna Koren Robinson a Kenyatta Walker somebody like that. -- I think for the most part if you look at his history. On his history well will proven more right -- -- -- Wakefield high -- They -- on that Jill. OK so my my problem with the -- not with the league this year and trading down. I. Don't mind the that it -- as adept at the draft or I guess the lack of actual -- Are my problem is that true -- -- nickel of it necessarily equal aren't. On and I think that Belichick over values. -- own ability to take GM there and make law championed that at the back. And I don't think they -- -- he's been able to do that Arnold and I Arnold that your blog on them I just don't see I don't cheat and he. Meeting any potentially may have had she Gregory at OK according I think. Pretty much sucks other than his rookie season. Robert -- can't stay on the field. And then obviously to -- and daughter are both pretty got -- that we think that we eat at a safety and at least another -- Or short and has a possibility of that today -- amid talk it about this I'm gonna stay on this bandwagon. Everybody deserves a second chance or third chance fourth -- that can't -- chance. Nineteenth he's -- that many drug test of the honey badger. But I think he's finally changed its ways he's been -- under. -- why did he misses two meetings why did he skip out with the -- two teams that tried to interview many missed David or talk to -- it looked like dude just go to your meetings because what you wanna talk to them or not thought so then it gets out there that -- that you didn't show up at the meeting and it just -- on the well honey badger. After it happened go to -- but how a second ago when your coach ask you to come to the meeting Ahmad Bonior meeting. Practiced. Talked about meet kids want that guy to be drafted where I wanna see him in New England. Johnson Hyannis hi John. All the -- guys Don. Well I'm almost archer what they traded or that I want to penetrate and a way to reroute. The development and I think it's the latter but I don't ahead. But -- -- I would -- -- -- -- vacuum even got inside of any expatriate that they turn their honey -- -- probably be app that I think I'd be OK with that I think secondary we need to go if they get somebody that Albert and still -- and on. Yeah I'd say I'd say that perfect scenario for me John if you have -- the receiver from Oregon State. And have a honey badger. Do you get those guys a 52 and 59. I think -- I think eleven right I think you're doing okay and then I don't know about you know third round I'm not gonna get predicting who they're gonna get in the third round is just too much we don't do much or reject. Would you be annoyed if they don't get a wide receiver in the second round. Like all be annoyed if they don't get elected last night not annoyed at all totally understand what they were doing and they are still three to five wide receivers that we've talked about today. All of whom would be at least intriguing to me and I don't know enough about every one of them. But hunter would be intriguing Keenan Allen and Robert Woods mark is -- so there's four off the top I have four guys that would at least be intriguing. As the wide receiver position if they don't come away with any of those four guys. To be a little noise are so. L a will be surprised and I'll tell you this we are going to break him okay but after -- and name and I got to trust. I got to trust the people and I'm talking to him talking to him because that they know what you're talking about in a whole lot more -- do. There's a name that I was given today and I was shocked. -- there were raves and raves about this player. Whose production doesn't match up to the race with supposedly he's supposed to be good player will talk about next EI.

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