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Salk and Holley's Miked Up - 04/26/13

Apr 26, 2013|

Hot doctors and gross man problems don't mix.

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If you won't -- said I don't. I didn't. Names now and all this negativity that's in this town Sox beat Mike job with a -- can holing. Dial 6177793535. Nice city will -- now Mike Dunn Wei goes the Colombian we've phase and maybe don't really we saw economic. -- -- -- Do you buy eighteen TW EE. WEE -- live available on your iPhone or android device brought you by AT&T the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins at the most four G coverage. In New England the satellite mobile on their for a second here at the -- says. WEE. And yet. We'll move on. -- -- I loved it all on get drilled by Darrin Bragg when they are like high school of middle school was something they both group played football against each other. I remember some shot some some video. Of Darrin Bragg just. Just to storm rolling that that really happen I don't know I don't know whether it's a big winner mine that my memory imagination. Or whether it actually happened I'm sure somebody will remember text in nearby. I don't know I remember happen. Good promote on about it we've ever mention that we meant to damp his dad his statement after the marathon bombings. Very I'll always love Mo Vaughn was you know you know it was. He was he was David Ortiz -- we knew David Ortiz -- David Ortiz without a championship since. -- -- -- for. -- -- active. It evens out because they also. Scored Derrick Derrick Low -- Jason Varitek for eclipse them likely losses WW. EE. WEE I end up. Picture Corey will you would mean I -- oh Pedro I'm just not radically buckled by the way now and category with -- -- think Clay Buchholz Pedro Martinez. And one other Red Sox pitcher. Have won five games in -- who was at other sites that Vonage is not there on national that's a great guest Steve it is not Steve Avery or is that tolerable the answer. Josh Beckett who passes. -- but we got it. You know right now. But what about what what what a regular caddie. -- do which burden of my data. And the message which do you prefer. Which which Mike Adams the idea the fact they're not mutually exclusive and hopefully. A guy. The next couple days period beer and more beautiful -- today are there a couple of more home games. It's a perfect time for everybody that help well no more oil and street businesses. Go over early get off the C go to Hamburg. -- get a drink. Get a beer. What are they gotta do those kind of people doubted that day so people. What those businesses could really help. And -- -- absolutely it was down there a couple days ago mobbed. No it wasn't mob got it was different you wanted it to be -- parking was free. Just to encourage people to go down there and it's beautiful man had been down -- -- -- is gorgeous but I hope when I park yesterday over by by the stadium which seats like byte for annual -- State Street parked and there was like a am only two. And they said now we're thinking about going over to boil some street over to the area where where the bombing happened. We park that far away to go over to boils street. -- seem a little odd -- they're walking around aren't raised a great walking city but -- was the published in pretty good hike right there. I've been I think that's the good luck over there and support those businesses that need help. Oh Twitter did outrage that she's been walking for will be live tweeting the draft and breaking news. -- -- -- imported -- but we all live probably what you're good you know got to have those. Fine but -- important secure about. -- a guy doing that the other day. This is picking his nose or creating a Twitter and auto picking his nose if you if you -- -- -- do in the but Favre drives driving around and you know you're at a stoplight and shirtless and into the stretch proto -- and I was at a -- doesn't everybody do the -- -- Nothing and I knew it I know I know are saying that I see a lot of people -- when I -- every kind of car of epidemic so the question his. Do you shake hands -- give people pound Michael was -- me argument I know familiar -- used the oval. That's because you got other issues that's why you use they'll -- just use it with me and. We have the midnight. -- for the patriots and make their first draft choice for all the find out they've traded away. Is likely give up on Christmas -- And find out it's been a -- good line. And that. Is -- that -- I really should be surprised by seriously. I can do that the but rather good. With every pick in the draft is amoeba like whatsoever. Or are just like like him it's like instead they have so many concept started out -- Hezbollah. I'm okay. He had you know like you could tell. You can tell where and when there's going to be Wendell soulful hugs from -- itself. But -- bigger Rhodes was drafted about Roger like this guy's personality I could JavaScript along way and may elevate with the father son embraced. Like I have a son. I -- string urine for five years I'm proud of what. They give you at the heart what's the -- -- -- the -- had a number twelve up what -- paid yet from Houston area. That -- how -- I was thinking the long embrace how DJ fluke or by the way alignment that's well alignments and DJ flu occurs like. Third down snap back DJ -- heavily -- it's like -- Darren -- looking guy isn't yet. The only good thing about the NFL's collapses -- I'd be able to -- Mary -- on. Comcast's board yeah. And -- -- your free okay your freak. Watch out watch out Mary c'mon be careful. Talk to me you'll write about -- -- -- -- -- in the -- -- my legs aren't -- but it paid. In the first drive you know obviously brother -- got Jackson apparently paid to this but I I don't think I've ever hit. They don't want. And I think they did say all right if this guy. Don't stay. What exactly I can't think about it but he did take -- says let's go back. -- put the and metro is something -- to some linguists. Some linguists have been here I've heard that before throw something fierce on an element of heard it many times. I'll say the end I'm not -- -- I'm not ashamed I will continue to say something -- in fact I may redouble my efforts to say a moral machines that fears. -- expect that the. We decide it's fine dot group reported I -- is criticizing that could port security into. Think there and I have an idea. How about you get official it's still stuck. How about you guys that he appreciated. Instead of just letting it go in couldn't be more you. I wonder if you're afraid of exotic broad. He was right. Is basketball inherently hard to officiate harder than the other sports. I don't know I'm -- -- camp I wanna make that excuse. Because the refs are worsened masculine and yes they are they are by far the worst of the -- gadget that just cannot be the excuse well what's so different how would you rank the four sports in terms of how how good job the officials -- Have to say hockey's out there I would say is number one -- you know you're never complain about well we don't hear it we don't hear it hardly not that often. I don't feel like the refs screw it up fat off and on and nobody's perfect I would say baseball and basketball are at the bottom big football seconds the ball sector. To -- the only thing is just. -- -- pass interference and holding them to strike you so crazy football league you're right I think football second baseball's there basketball's with the best in the world of soccer -- bit. Best officials are watching altogether -- they give us the best red cards off another really bad actually some are they're really. I love don't. I'm surprised OP does turn out to be thought about not to hold on there. More people who aren't you sort of always. Try to wrong -- Julian out of I find it hard to be that being -- war -- Seattle where people are and I. You won't be a great courage. Those -- -- made about why you haven't already are being. -- -- -- -- -- Well I think what happened was changed I changed to change it became you became a nice guy there in Seattle they thought you were nice guy -- -- -- it. If I had to change a -- why don't meet what you mean not like a warm and -- mother -- -- got -- now so yet change a little bit we are little Fuzzy. Can cause that's just hair everywhere -- I don't -- I just can't imagine Seattle it's probably it's -- be -- back they're pretty laid back a passive aggressively to come to the Boston guy got. They -- they love me at the beginning I'm sure I grew on them like a virus. Here we go again -- did -- work -- we edit that edit. Potent part of segment posted like we always. Like this and that and yeah I don't clean up their act and come back. Where we're gonna go back. Petit jurors. What else is on the list item on the occasional panic here all do that -- -- -- to get here shouldn't. Civil trials -- and it's not that and you go and I mean can't do it too lofty you know you -- -- Medicare something fierce. -- -- -- But I always get our doctor Q what are -- me. -- -- -- -- Campbell. Will have a love -- guys battle it out the way. Coupled with good god spiritually. Imposing community. -- of -- I would good pressure up here. -- He had had a very Jimmy Kimmel day today I looked more like Jimmy Jimmy Kennedy than normal that you're definitely. Don't show -- -- that I sounding like. Caramel or just looking like looking and sounding a little bit like Jim again I just get -- paid like Jimmy Campbell we don't have a problem -- -- -- -- the rock -- by AT&T. The official wireless provider in the Boston Bruins the most four G coverage in new just one question is is when he makes a doctor. We're talking about is she like doctor nick we're talking about the dermatologist. Dermatologist. The she's got the classes got that's the teacher. Is that the teacher work. When -- -- actually happens it happens favorites all the time great professional. Corporate rape rational. From there we start grow up with our rise to greatness. The wow. -- thing I liked the glasses -- I my wife will occasionally Wear glasses and I encourage her to Wear them or which China. She's not -- into it more of the -- is a -- look -- the glasses of -- -- -- him on the she actually our viewers are tackling these policies not like some cumulative Smith ruling goes -- to -- a classic look Smart at school work or -- west because -- a friend who went to -- to decline this -- was actually asked when she went into the glass shop hey you really need these are you like all the other girls at his school or just trying to -- Smart -- -- -- glasses. It's the questions are what feels like forever but so many short shows the police in good questions would be great. Access whatever you got 37937. We will answer them next salt -- WB yeah.

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