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Peter King, SI, on the first round of the NFL Draft

Apr 26, 2013|

Peter King joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the first round of the draft, how EJ Manuel went so high, and what the Patriots may do in the second round.

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Live from Gillette Stadium lot and Lou 937. WEEI pick on her way through the first round saw the patriots trade for four picks. Saw buffalo surprised everybody quarterback and so the jets. Get defensive joining us on the AT&T hotline our friend Peter king of Sports Illustrated and at some point hearing new -- Sports Illustrated where he's collected the best football minds in America. Like Greg but part of the law while what one website can wait for that ago Peter good morning Oreo. Good morning guys and personable. How did Lou pony up at highlight that it. Had no he -- all the -- I -- yield on. -- -- it sticks on the payroll let him do it up it happens to real time it was beautiful Peter. Let me ask you this because I think last -- -- by site we got a couple. Couple picks that'll that was that don't know Alia are -- and -- I was -- think perceived the UN to me or. Here's the way I look at this analogue. You know they're they are a lot of ways to look at this he wants to tweet outtakes. One man and basically what happens as the draft moves on. The draft basically. Get to be on the way. In a lot of ways because even though behind the scenes the clock is running. And all that stuff there's a lot of stuff going on -- states -- like the Andrews keeping last -- which I thought it was great. And you know -- a bunch of things like that switcher which are fine but. You know a lot of those picks you know like eight or nine minutes before they get to. And so you know honestly. You have to ask yourself this question. -- -- Is it a matter of national security that you. Is the you know it is a draft treat the matter national security and you are you harming the public interest. By releasing it if you know it. And I believe the answer is no now the reason why. Adam chapter and more in those guys are not -- out six. Each sport they have been and the guy today and it helped networking and Rappaport and and Albert Grier -- guys is because. They are doing a TV show. And eager bosses of oracle league or somebody did ask them not to do it Adam chapter could do it better than anybody. Black and and it's interesting I hate I believe that. You know my my philosophy is if you don't wanna know then don't get on Twitter because somebody is going to release that. And I don't know I did -- an element I looked like timeline this morning and it was pretty equal like. That a bunch of people said thanks for the service and about to peoples that -- it might have to act. And maybe an in and nicest way. It even though you knew ahead time Peter was the shock of that first rounds in the Buffalo Bills go EJ Manuel shocking. Shocked shocked. And -- I would incredulous because I'd been here for a couple of days it was going to be Matt Barkley. I am in Saint Louis. And so -- -- is we're at some of the -- people. You know kind of in the middle of that trade date date with the pills. And the -- all bought -- hey we don't know what they're doable we think here aired here gold Barkley that's what we year. It's sixteen. I even texted Barkley agent Jimmy sexton and -- -- there. I think you're gonna be very happy today. Tonight. And instead I talked about 1:30 this morning and he was not only that unhappy. You know I have no idea now where -- it to go in the second round. I mean if you're Matt park cleared thirteen -- cement. Distracted turned into your worst nightmare really. And so it I mean I just think it was a very very strange year for quarterbacks eighty. Beauty in the eye of the -- year for quarterbacks. And they don't necessarily have a solid landing place this morning like for instance. Eat you know you would guess that the air and think that the Jacksonville Jaguars. Who we all know I'm horrible quarterback situation. But they've got a new general manager who doesn't sink light. Maybe a lot of people would think even though he wants a quarterback. He wants to get it -- right first and who knows he might be something different Bryant Park the people who were good friends. And note David called -- well sit well. It might trade the pick but we don't easier to take a quarterback Wheaties and continued to address the many needs that -- -- have. So that that thing could last awhile would those you know what those quarterbacks who -- ago. Peter -- -- -- see what would've happened maybe it's a vesta Williams had dropped to 29 that taken right from -- the page which would have done but. Your thoughts on that trade -- May be which is too much that they were passed on in many ways does that -- out. You know -- I think at the end of the day that whether it's true -- Whether it's William whoever it was. And the other bunch of people around the league instinct that it was true art and the patriots -- -- you know. Kind of a he -- fast which for fourth quarter with tremendous experience. I think overlaps or year I don't think I know he's got the most passes broken up. In NCAA football and you know Bill Belichick is the he wants disruptive. I mean everybody goes with. Bill as -- as a premium on disruptive corners. And I'm sure he knew that the Trufant had 33 PB use over the last four years. And that's -- -- thing you know two. You can be Belichick Carter. By whoever it was clearly the patriots got the air and said we don't level were seen could be. One of the things I like about their trade. Is that. You know that the patriots need to come out of this draft two things. I mean any more than two things which you know they need a corner and you know they want to get a wide receiver. So you know to me I don't think it's out of the realm possibility. That. Say they're they're or -- order. Is available. -- it it -- too. And maybe they're fourth circuit wide receiver is available at 859. And Al they have the ability to take guys who they'd probably would have been and it is eight. You know late one or let's say he treated racquet use spots in high in the second -- -- trading laid back and now. They replenished. Spot in the draft. That they didn't have because of trades like you know the Ochocinco and he and the the key to lead straight so. I mean I. I can't I I keep at it here and say that it was genius -- lousy -- totally understand why the patriots this. When when you say it didn't like what they were seeing on the board could it also -- that they did like what they were seeing in that. A lot of guys that date date that they really like are still available now the ability to move up and etc. I do very well could be -- I don't know the answer to that I don't know what you're Dylan. But. You don't some T. You know I had somebody on Tuesday. Personnel guy -- Tuesday this week that wouldn't be surprised if either second or third round at a record for most quarterbacks to ever. Whatever that record is not even know what it is but you know -- whole point was that they're such. A strength in numbers that the quarterback position. With guys who can come in and play as rookies. That and that's obviously one of the things that the patriots need so I'm sure they're looking at a lot of guys in the second round say. Alford from southeast Louisiana and got a lot of late life for people currently. It you know there's going to be guy who can come in and play rookie year knowing that a corner. Peter was offensive line it was guys get after the quarterback it was no running backs was this first round of the draft. A statement on the direction the league is go along with passing. Becoming a much bigger feature for teams. I think if you look at recent drafts you say what really what sense does it make to take a running back very high in a draft. Mean think about it last year the browns -- Trent Richardson the browns have a good offensive line. You don't very good tackle play outlet and yet he always was Trent Richardson a great rookie held up by any means. And yet you look at Alfred more you'll look at -- Foster. You look at very late draft choices you look at free agents. You look at guys running backs basically. Have become interchangeable parts. And that's why to me I would have no interest in taking a running back unless he was Dale Senior editor Barry Sanders -- one of those guys and I haven't seen one of those guys in the last. Few years. Peter obviously getting wide receivers is a big need for this team as well as there. And it seems to be a lot of these guys left the kind of lumped up together but he said his bulletin put a bag based -- Pick what you like is there someone you're hearing that kind of fits that -- would be more be deep threat for the patriots. I mean I think it should be a little but I think the bottom line in the -- situation right now if they're a guy who they -- targeting that yet. You know because now they have the -- the ammunition to be able to move up yet that would indicate yesterday at this time soaked -- that one guy. There's no question. You know that they have the ability to go get. The wide receiver position in need this year is -- mixed in it's an analysis. As I've seen it in some time. You know there's some people wouldn't it's such coral Paterson would -- football big -- too dangerous heat as I have enough experience and he. He's got some you know some issues off the field and it's -- any criminal issues but. -- it's not as mature as some people would light. But I mean obviously you look at them I hate -- incredibly. You know he's he's right -- Randy Moss some sides but that's why to me after -- Austin. Who is so I mean 88. Praise for Gary too much with -- they like EEU. Wants to need to be. You know quicker version of -- -- and and I could be quicker to perceive our who's incredibly quick anyway but after that I think there's a tremendous. A lot of difference of opinion who likes to receiver position. Peter. Is Ryan mallet. -- trader for traffic here today do you think. -- -- I doubt it. Just because. I think you know at some point -- patriots you have to stay. You help somebody wants to get a real value for this guy it will take it. But I I also think you have to worry about who's going to be our backup quarterback not to say that that it's the toughest thing defined in the world. But unless somebody's gonna blow you away will -- offer. And you look at the Cleveland Browns are probably would have a different opinion if Cleveland had a -- around her or with which they bill. And who knows maybe treat -- second round pick in 2014. For that but. My gut feeling is that right now it's basically. Much is the -- he's got two years left I mean. -- if you are Cleveland right package the pick for next year at the -- -- used restructured the obvious starting quarterback and with only one year left does that play into at all -- I get I hit it illicit nuclear trade Ferrari out your treatment secular directory trading or it's coming compete for a starting -- without any question. And it's very clear that the browns. Are not totally in love with a -- -- and yet they're nearly out little warm. Opinions. When you talk about we. So you know we need you when you talk to scare people about Sweden and -- -- wait and see attitude. But I think I look at that whole situation is saying that it's just the way to Heatley look to me it looks like eight people on the. Peter last one for me we've got a million text sorted first hour of the show saying the patriots are. Dumb if they don't take LSU's honey badger bring them to New England ballot check system to be the best guy taken this draft. Where does he go putt doesn't go in the second round do you think. You know. Just like gut feeling but when I ask people about him before the draft I haven't hard anybody in the last 24 hours about it. When I ask people about it and the one thing that that I think it is common means is that okay. Here you are you've got a very good year for quarterbacks. -- -- are buried deep pool quarterbacks. Aren't. If you're gonna pick one. If you love. Tyrod mats -- that you really love this guy. Then you're a good deal is that you know it's like every and so helical treating and we got them out there are some knucklehead tendencies. But they have the they have in the continent that we in the -- house. They can deal with difficult players and keep on straight and narrow I think bill is exactly the same -- -- -- loves this guy. He'll take him and he's not gonna let all these things in Italy and taken by. What I target people currently the one thing they say if you if you got a bunch of you know a bunch of people -- guy is 88 guys. You know never had any trouble and who far. You know it -- equal as a corner. Matthew maybe not the playmaker certainly that he -- -- If you've got all these really good players at the position clear -- -- -- have to worry about 10 o'clock on Friday night. Why would you not take one of them incident around -- that. I think that's Miami that's where I would fall on it not -- story about when you build your team. And you know this is -- guy who just absolutely consistently. Got in trouble in college consistently. And when you have to transfer for a football factory. Which I'm sure he got 93. Chances. You don't turn it light around and he didn't do it mean do you really wanna take chance at and again. Bill Belichick can handle it because he's done that over the years. With that if you if you're you know actually quite brightly and easily now. I don't I mean I think air cover guys who were his equal that are still left on the board. Noticed which what are the -- to lately and with two in the yards and got our our that you are meeting with only notably -- -- -- mix of those togethers at -- bigger. Yeah yeah I. I don't know but I mean if you party got one guy who you'd be a little bit worried about anyway. Lawmaker or even short term I don't know that you know you should you should add that I think I just think in general. You know a lot of teams in this draft. When you look at. Say you know the top of the draft the one thing. A buddy Jay Leno and everybody says bullies you know that's an incredible reach -- all that it's sixteen wanting to say about EJ Manuel. That he is not only is he like -- ago. But he -- these guys who like Russell Wilson walked in the first day. Any let everybody and I think that's something that because players. Are playing so early. In the NFL rookies they want to come in and play -- September 1 right away. I think it's important victory of feet into -- and I can count on you cannot be a problem guy. Keep -- -- picks Peter look forty coverage is always able to knock -- down the road. Our guys are great Peter King Sports Illustrated and soon to be his own website is on branch of a psychedelic what's grant and is what Bill Simmons for ESPN Peter joining us on the eighteenth the -- go around the NFL draft and a lot of star power your round two which you know Smith Barkley who Peter talked about. -- -- -- still available for teams.

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