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Kevin Millar, Former Red Sox 1B, on Clay Buchholz

Apr 26, 2013|

Millar joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the improvement from Clay Buchholz, the team's great start to the season and John Farrell.

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Every Friday at this time with a -- -- 93 point seven WEEI the self proclaimed real 15 you seem on the MLB network. You see him on Twitter golfing with all sorts people -- large -- us on the AT&T hotline. Kevin how -- you. Kevin get out Cuba -- what what somebody's figured on a single day. Golf and go quite good -- they'd actually an hour left it at each start by Herbert -- and lease back. And that's got a nice little straight and are absolutely going reportage shot 78. -- just golf and talk baseball's that we elect is right now that's outstanding. That your little little -- agenda program they're already shopping at that wants a lot get out there to pressure air it's and so on vitamin. I'm with a they were just talking -- this we're talking locally buckles and I looked it up on. SE Kevin blocked three for ten hit a bomb off the guy ought to -- -- struck out five times you'll take that every day. I've always liked his stuff but I vote cup years ago now all of a sudden it comes to -- victims to cutter he's at a different level. At every level I want -- is now right now Richard -- because my outlook kind of bash rescued one -- -- one trade him now looking -- -- -- -- you know it's stuff wise sometimes -- that particular awhile but now like any -- Carter. He's always had a nice savvy baseball they throw between 9395. Great straight changeup that -- -- -- week straight in my outlook the Orioles probably always. It was this sector start threw a no hitter against us and no one told somebody -- straight changer rightly so -- got a great. Arsenal digital all the great curve ball now you look at that it has figured out know how to pitch and also is locate maps -- debate right. We're talking about a -- found that people locate -- pitches and he start pretty. I forgot you're on the team that he no hit. Well what was -- what is -- on the air at what was the discussion a bottom was it simply we don't know we know about this changeup oh we got talking about me afterwards. It was a bad at at scouting report by the Baltimore Orioles all meet their credit -- CO LC a whole lot Robert Miley but. No uncertain about history Qaeda and industrial derided and yet they think -- I think up that day but he used to break. Game and the -- that brought no hitter -- -- a lot things can happen I think Ottawa I want -- Almost at -- Knock up the middle of course I don't play by other than that it was a straight up no hitter we all having appeals seem like. Well look if you wanna get on the for criticize him last year with -- eight at eight point 69 ERA through five starts that's fine and Alastair to bring that time. Greater than it did on hand over the Mike and seven just for you. You want -- there though you're you're you're trying to get a rather because like you know odd couple rounds like you like that. But let's stay long term now. I question whether or not he is a long term picture again last year at this time 869. That being said you're you've got some veterans on this team now. And -- said the other day. He didn't really go back to last year but he said without so many words last year was confrontational. You believe Kevin that part of his success this year. Is that there are some veterans like Dempster like -- like John Ferrell who we admit it with a us a couple of years ago he was scared -- even David -- a veteran catcher. That those things are helping him reach a level that we've not seen him at that and his career so forth efforts. 100%. And that's what happens when you're in an environment that's not on. And and Bobby Valentine type environment didn't seem to be fine. With these guys and -- thank you look at that -- calm present that John Ferrell has brought to this club. Along with the additions have been brought in guys like David -- -- go home and Victor Reno and Napoli and Dempster and all the guys -- attitude. Change that make up of this club -- -- In this city it -- means a lot more. Then in the big top four guys are -- draft that we got to find make played -- like make art Philadelphia. And I think they're Red Sox did a great job of bringing those guys and and good guys that are important admiral. Kevin Arnold you know -- hitter and a lot but I think we're learning a lot of bought into bailing pepper. Teammate he is with well I was accepted his role how do you see this thing play and now when generate comes back. Our parents -- closer period I mean you'll lose your job because of injury that -- -- and you know and I get a couple Saban you know whatever but that's gonna apple ethical big -- by. They haven't dynamic 89 combination and Bailey right out here it all I want -- -- LP in my opinion. And basically that's it that's what we have perhaps you can lose a guy like grant. And have a guy like -- -- that success. And steps into that role and that at this level but I think would all -- -- you -- -- closing games. And you need to alienate all because at that bridge and back after the closer. Those four outs those six out 789. Inning that's what you want. -- I agree with -- -- -- it comes back and as the closer. And ST this still would vote that went all the Leach a -- that -- should get the right amount. Why I you know the issue that seat mile -- it -- a record that's got location problems in the least become short but I think -- and that blocked either power pitcher but he -- -- these are colder. You know about most here -- -- -- they don't beat themselves -- just look at that location and you're looking at. At successor you know I don't think he's gonna happen shortly. You know this early in the -- -- typical -- long term that's when you got -- not you know an option to make a change but. I don't think you look at each unit here where a role in all manner under closer you -- really you're a great job. I'll go out and he's got a keeper on the course until you really need to start making a change habits early expect the went. Will little Brooks had a huge home run the other night was a laser at about one like it's a large shot like two seconds to get on the ballpark in those monster seats but. He's been scuffle and -- a little bit -- it seems like he's trying to hit everything over that monster during this homestand you know what. In that situation the edge ever get yourself in that spot and what do you do to make sure you're not trying to put every ball somewhere in the Mass Pike at Fenway. And that's encompassing about it right hander Troy you -- married a cute or make some adjustments you know we we don't know what the count will -- brook spring he's got some power. Obviously two home runs that make up for the under 200 -- but it. It's why he's -- right now it's you know -- it averages or you want to -- you know and it and it's its top speaker you get this -- ball. All games because that's where your money -- it seemed like and act think you're looking at a gas at a you're you're gonna you're gonna expand the location what you just got to get back swinging at strikes I think that's -- that's one adjustment that -- goalies. -- -- Kick back watch some video watcher pitch selection. You might be it yourself now more so than you weren't about all the ball when it breaking ball out of that are perhaps all out of dissolved. That's the biggest thing get back to video and watcher picture election more so -- -- -- Look at -- -- Both of us that they realize the impact there and now good player David Ortiz is nine. You anomalous prized comeback has been hottest years early on in the season and I know you love. That that's pregame speech he gave their Saturday at Fenway Park. What should -- see you if you everything cats. Tremendous heart I mean we know that -- -- as we know pick it it's -- -- for the city of Boston that you'd better reps are uniform -- -- and the big poppy. But he got a great art and when he was all that microphone not -- you get 36000 people he's an older at the stadium it's that no script. And you saw him speaking from his heart attack and you feel like you're speaking to that span which you are you don't realize sometimes its entire. Television you know hate. And he saw the -- wherever in the bottom lip when he when he dropped a curse word but. He felt that you know that. From the action and that and I know poppy there's nothing more and what are you -- if you are obsolete and endorse its shocker but our goal. You know what. Eat eat eat and and he did we allow the city in the past many boring they are. No golf connected view invitation get lost in the mail -- -- I was once but not in the house Saturday at depth presentation. I'm telling you what what what images -- world -- I'll probably onslaught that day at work -- you know some but it works six days a week you all probably and we cannot forget they hang out see poppy maybe you know. That that Freeman town right now OK -- the team in town to use an aspirin review your base that attacks if you live in that area they got an ice ball park again it. But the way they've gone about it their payrolls like ten million dollars last. And -- Yeltsin baseball but a nice will start but boy they're gonna struggle this year you OK with the way these Astros are put this team together basically -- We'll try harder next year -- the team together for next season after a 162 games this year camp. It's a couple -- it really had I don't know I hear you hear that situation not helped you make a league minimum payroll. To talk coleslaw or you don't the bright side if you got some young guys get some partners -- In the organization and you go through the time that was on tomorrow night at the Marlins on the Arctic. Seven World Series Nicole point about -- you know and it's it's a couple alternately embraced and I understand believe accurately would -- You know at some point you -- you might have a few -- that we don't know yet you know trying to either -- -- a cover up here. I mean that there are swiftly and immediately it that we get any here. He's here it's got to hope they see on the pitcher's mound. Because you know that's what keeps -- around Hillary offensively are very good at -- -- They compete they want to stretch in Iraq that's about the a week ago it seemed like pac that backs are an urban and order garlic and Oakland and he want out next start letting that but Norse. That's when it stopped that when you gotta give it kind of Balkan war and will be crushed on the pitch he started but you know it's a -- while eagerly look air trust. No -- but the provided this team has and it's a good vibe and Alfredo -- us as it was an issue last year -- an issue early on this year is in right away that like that's -- -- -- to deal with that they optioned out of AAA. Again I don't see a particular Red Sox again I think he's going down at its pro teams. -- the right thing I'm guessing you believe. I agree that it got to you know what your options but time you go to the Mariners spring may drive people crazy but -- at 3825. RBIs here. Alice my question about Al Alfredo sentence is he worked that out. Either you're all -- that we talked early in the arts and it's that simple question somebody acting either you're ever out. This isn't about you. Either your -- are out it's that Red Sox across the -- and feel like you're here out. She'll later and we think she continued on. And you know unfortunately for him you know himself. In the -- on the figured out it just kind of be that guy brought their work hard and do what you you you're you're an employee of this organization and he's actually. You know got some tools to pitch at a bullpen long or lead to -- start for the red -- but unfortunately that attitude it will. Where an article about you know well Baidu though. It's just it starts that little whispering in the you know it's our guys -- LD EEU imports are part of that -- We had -- -- Dempster on yesterday you confirmed your story that don't you help them out terms -- tipping pitches but he also. -- is pretty critical him eat eat eat. He's convinced you're like the fattest. Baseball commentator on TV was really going after your weight insane and that it is do something about I thought that was unfair. Yet the other -- tractor listen Brian I understand -- I've got a tremendously cute in the hopefully area. It's not great with my shirt off -- struggle battle like not that I'm you look at that one and one. I year old college girls and -- I am the bad greater -- -- sports yet but that's not warm up my -- understand that I've never looked at my shirt off. And I got to accept that it's not what's inside the count it's your night start maybe -- open look -- oblique area we expect. I list I think seized pictured on what is it that can adjust it to still be doing that more and you don't have that bit liberal with -- when I showed up the apps that was that was a Winfrey US ideal careful that. They are on the. It's aren't as comfortable and like you and I get pressure that lecture on partly agree we're a little -- area aren't closely let's go but got. I -- hemlock loop they -- I -- Celtic yeah I like that -- -- I don't think the phrase -- sneaky -- similarly we've talked all right before but now been able to listen to him and watch him pitch now for a few days and Google bought his business just Davis goes up tickets wrapped around talks -- the umpires talk -- cold weather. You know and I think Dempster has been a hard luck starter here but you know when it's over even if it's broken bat it's like it do a better job making pitch -- this is how to building with him -- that is Robin off. That's that's a great thing about the good veterans and that's right and Ron -- sent me eat after a three went right now. And it's just you know spent a couple of -- but he pitched well it up more strikeouts in any. He's a guy exactly what Red Sox got to make it start to make it secure -- And eight and he and he is on your scheme and that's it thanks so I'm guys. Wear the uniform you're not sure there on your team this man on your team report for everybody -- gonna help guys out. Let me get -- -- on this you're all of our buddy Hillman the other day I know that tell your foundation yet Ken -- dot com your website Kevin at and T shirts for sale were all the proceeds we're gonna go to Greg -- Great foundation which is raise a ton a -- money for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing of the T shirts still on sale on -- -- people get those. Yet you go to get more dot com. You know what what would be a turn -- as we also like they just attacked again but that's where you go. You know one -- at a proper are going to regret -- foundation. This about that city if you know unfortunate tragedies happen like this it seemed likely becomes stronger we become more together and sometimes you don't know how to help. And immediately. Much teacher thing we can get out there -- Michael sell out and and in your pick Greg he'll foundation the money and let -- -- urged. You know at this first set those expenses the way they need to be -- the right to the families of -- victims and what do we do to help. But that's right they'll get on a more dot com -- to strong T shirts. It's called for the people. That's to work on five you know you Big Ten year old and let's. Kevin Nolan law to calm a lot. Why are now but for all wanted to or anywhere app backwards or thrown dot com so what do you do it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Losses from men's and women's available Ken -- dot com thanks -- -- talking next week. -- -- and my. Hands out and gamble are. Kevin on the eighteenth the outlining AT&T -- LR dot com or call shirts that second we gonna get a bloomer -- -- I'm at some point here the real to six terrorists they -- to six you do that you -- those.

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