Apr 26, 2013|

Hear some dirty and bizarre talk going on over the airwaves of WEEI.

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Certain evening's hosts on WEEI have been known to talk dirty. Obese certain mid -- -- give even more graphic and grab their Regina but no matter what you hear at night I don't. I don't know if they're going to -- or in the mid day -- had some humongous fake implants nothing compares to the bizarre stories you hear in the afternoon drive show. Once this woman walks and I wasn't about to like lift up my shirt teller that I had a problem because I couldn't do that. Including police penthouse forum type stories with the doctor I would say you know god -- kind of legal problem. Del -- growers out of the kind of problem. My butt off so no matter what you're seeing is blue -- Regina -- Chances are hard or someone you read WEEI. Is talking about it.

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