Apr 26, 2013|

Hear how Producer Ben is the ONLY one on the S&H Show that knows what to do with a woman he has paid to see.

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Mike's old has paid good money to compete with the beautiful woman I go to the dermatologist. And she was gorgeous and you might be surprised to know if he didn't know what the -- there once this woman walks and I wasn't about to like lift up my shirt. Teller that I had a problem got. It might still couldn't perform I got I found that I got shy. In front of this beautiful Ontario shot I would want my life Michael Foley however is he would've known how to handle those situations I -- -- -- -- -- kind of legal problem. Golf -- growers out of the kind of problem. Is so it would seem the only person on the show who knows what to do with the woman needs to be deceived. These reduce their men I was embarrassed and -- -- -- it was an unexpected naked I didn't think I was gonna get naked. She forces shot back -- so we're young Benjamin checked my watch to see if there's any -- skin cancer there. Pulled over to my back. And I was shocked she did the same exact thing. Showing the rest of us how to get it done and I guess I would normal life.

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