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Greg Bedard on an uneventful round one for the Pats

Apr 26, 2013|

Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe joined the show to discuss the Patriots trading out of the first round. Greg told the guys that he expects Belichick to trade up in the second round tonight to get a player he targeted in the first.

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Yes indeed Joseph Andrews if anybody can drain the drama of a draw applause of the like the like yesterday at Radio City Music Hall it would be Bill Belichick choosing not to pick at 29. Leaving Joseph Andruzzi holding the Jersey joining us on AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT ER football expert friend Greg Bedard good morning Greg -- aria. -- can make the hugging stop what. Stop hug and these guys every -- -- onstage that we -- -- that get this thing would end in like an hour and a half because I don't want this thing -- going Greg. -- -- because that people who dome. Wouldn't have to bolt lock your own personal link at a couple that guy. You know like at a Tokyo wasn't happy about it like you know probably aren't sure of their -- about being draft mentally really we can go yeah. You know what will Cordero broke. Other are there hugging rules like this he does he stop hugging after 32 in the first pick of the second round doesn't get hot girl how does that work. Yeah I think we're in neighboring arm. Somebody else to announce the pick I think you know out. What could -- of people agreeing with no merit cup or not he picked a very good wood burning -- to call law takes forever to yeah. Now I liked it when -- that it but you know that was cause you to know whether he's gonna like have bottomed smack -- -- just sort of yeah hour hour and a lick his ears and -- -- short now it's just redundant. They pretty clear Bill Belichick was not comfortable with -- only five picks right. Yeah I think that I think accommodation -- also. You know admitted there were some players I would say there were. Or five players maybe six that were a little bit of -- this pushed down some better players and you know we always thought the value we -- BE. You know early check in the room like mid third in the struck so. You know the patriots did it well. Who start their chances I mean that. The -- I'm not creepy about the industry. Is that they're not pick him until he. Stole. -- big impact they don't do anything -- think they're gonna move up I would think they would move up in target a couple guys may be at least one guy. But they don't you know all of a sudden. You know you're not pick and from 2952. Where there could be run on the really more solid. Receivers quarterbacks. You implement whatever they want so that's my one concern about the straight. And so you're expecting them today to move back up. -- -- they're well I think it pick and I think they'll -- who'd want. And you know obviously depends on how the round goes I mean because they want all the southerner like. You know boom boom mop board 3334. Adult the adult -- by. It wouldn't surprise I think it will target at least one guy I wouldn't surprise they might. Even think about targeting two guys who I really think the background I think there are some really good players. So there. Almost sort of do what they did children Jones did not write our life here just than just from the ground I mean they do -- ammunition now on. And they don't need but our guys but. You know what what sort of cultures. -- X receiver today. -- I think I think probably Donald Jones -- that job I mean he's not a prototypical guy out there but. You know he's he's he's good. Told football -- have the built -- want him back. And people will point it out but I think a little bit to do it matter cold that a little bit to do with -- didn't wanna. Tender maker brought him back for cheaper they want to. But I do I think if you he's good. Football player and you know outside of that. Who knows I mean if they don't get anybody in the draft that they don't. You know the other they could put element out there have all midget. You know. Wide receiver crew up there with adult and an -- -- you know don't make it work but I think the other big option is. Is not -- and it gives them cover he -- there are no he he would like to play out there. He you know he got a couple conversations with him -- He recently. You know thought about being immoral -- wide receiver and he really is anyway so I mean it -- comes to worse to put. You put. And handed Albert acts and you have Amendola an element that that at this eat and then you you have Jake Ballard a crank out -- -- and hopefully Brad Herman come along he's. He would be cruel pride and Tom bureau of the patrons can definitely make do with that. -- even though we think we know that they wanted to wide receiver apparently they weren't that he now emirate of court -- Paterson convicted of adamant that point they they they -- up with is going to love your guys either right woods. Now woods it's is this your got a robber who writes some -- -- still there so. We're gonna be but I mean what made a big industry in the -- as. Competently -- about our bet. And what you would think there scouting was. This guy's not bright enough to fit in tort system and which aren't automakers. Paterson is. But Cutler apple and you know he's pretty good certain things -- -- slippery he's he's. Decent -- this thing is you just don't know I mean that. That the volunteers didn't you'll all want stuff in camera a lot of forces and -- screens and things like that really simple stuff so. That set off alarm -- and it looks like the -- spot. You know this guy is and I am an athlete but he can't function and the opera now -- -- -- -- -- Minnesota and all of a sudden you -- marks. And papers I brought. You know I think they made the right assessment on the it. I that the vikings really -- -- -- two record after pre purchase carbon but com. You know -- if there are a lot of good. Receivers. That are available on the street on the patronage throughout the figure out which guy can function and which -- and you were up. Greg what's it gonna take let's just say anyone but the 35. Where they are right now that take one of these twos and -- forward to take on these twos in the seven what does it take to get to that point. If you think they're gonna move up boarding have to do to move. You know which are you would -- them it would have -- -- -- -- and I am not going signature of the charts and in part because operate now. Umpire you know basically you know you -- Find it Anwar and and and -- pickle I mean I would think it would be. I -- book I would think. They're two in maybe four but you know -- might be mistaken maybe it really wanna go up. Take a human urge you move up. And that they wanna get back in the bottom in the third round I think armed. You don't want retouched a little bit the -- and I -- -- sort I think maybe just need to at all art honor a short. To move but so bit durable most are all. They're looking at these 32 names that were drafted yesterday Greg who's going to be a ten year perennial all -- almost certainly doesn't have to be up you know a high profile -- like a table on Austin but there are guys -- that all the people you talked you said. That's a solid guy for the next ten years. Were eight years. Why aren't -- -- -- I think you can look at any of the up and -- and yet and that. Four I would say. Because how long with a bit of a stretch. You I think it's going to be good lawyer Tom. Even but even Frederick 31 Wisconsin -- -- it had been that's gonna play Herbert. You know he's really slow rhetoric pretty Smart strong in the was -- -- -- -- but I think you look at anything out requirement. Outside of car along. I think all those guys currently prologue time I think that's what you saw them go in the first round it was like you know that this. The skill positions and cool you know quarterback running back. Wide receiver. This is just -- a great claps for any of those. Outside of it while also wonders universal are preteens were like what. For the first primary debate perp walk. With the changes sepia look. But to -- we need players we don't wanna take chance on them so I think that's what you soft and warm ago you know its content for Olympic. You as shocked and as horrified as Todd McSherry was when buffalo took EJ Manuel at sixteen he said he had him. As the sixth best quarterback in the draft. Your quarterback is there. And you know go get out there where you I'm so I think the bills were going by that. Lots. By EJ Manuel. You know you. He's pretty rough I mean I used extremely talented -- cute they used it yet and deconstruct the good pro quarterback. He's just sixteen overall. How many -- -- who hammered it in there. So I doubt I I don't have a problem that I mean bottom of the first. -- -- insurer but sixteenth overall. That was wrong. I've been saying for years running backs don't matter but I didn't think that oversee the day there would be no running backs taken in the first round. Is it -- they just not important anymore Greg. Police said after the that Packers keep. Looking form come among other teams. You know. I think I think the problem is that they. Because it brought out so quickly. And down you know some of these -- from college come there already come in -- impeding. But then again you look at it -- like rights. We keep from rocker's mean Greg I don't know him into the ground air and you know even on an alarm. When when you -- race. Declared early for the -- I was like. You know what you because too -- state for another year. Channel would never beat you wouldn't walk away rockers and columns much but. Are you you know are -- -- is still. -- running game also had a a running game is still important and honestly. But it. It now every one knows -- too I mean there's no longer her you know there -- very very rare but one got Adrian Peterson right. Pete Carey Lowell is true. A running game's important a running back is not that might break -- -- their disposable the patriots. Showed you know one leg the leg BenJarvus green Ellis said you know your fine running -- somebody else shall we get another guy here waiting in line. Yeah I mean in what they've got like you know Brandon Bolden who's. Ethernet and under appropriate and last year or so you know the target specific guys and there's a lot of value their but he you know I agree I mean. I would never dropped to a running back trap -- -- -- wrote quickly Greg did the jets help themselves with the builder and Richardson will those two guys keep -- get fired the second part of that question -- you expect them to go for quarterback in the second or third round. -- Well I don't know if you YouTube bricks from getting fired I mean you know this is still a palpable he thought they did well architect in. It is they're -- they're only showed that. You know the jets there's there's a new marriage -- the manager of them are can be reactionary. I yeah I do think that there will get a quarterback because you know -- -- old spot and beat the cap space and -- gone by I had it adjusted well and I really liked the -- that the ball did get beyond toward Columbia. It shouldn't walk next year. Greg appreciate the time continued good good work there and now a good luck as you moved out moved -- well where can we read Judea Greg. Well you might not be elderly need he worked for awhile it's we're going to be unveiling the site around the apartment training you know -- Now I'll be around. -- a world dot com Greg -- after Peter King our area has. Our Greg good -- Greg Bedard on the AT&T -- -- Peter King -- since Peter king's web site Tuesday and and and but -- that's a great hire me to follow football want is there anyone better. I -- ticket king is king and right for an. Yeah yeah sort of the godfather of he's like Ford and he's reluctant bunch of guys from around the country like Greg six straight guys and it'll be August attached SI dot com and yet part of that's -- dot com that will be a must read. RN FL draft coverage is brought to you by town fair tire for tires that the guaranteed lowest price nobody beats town fair tire nobody we should also point out. AT&T is set up -- text to donate line to benefit the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing -- Boston 280. 108. To donate ten dollars to the one fund Boston. Just moment interview next with Dennis Kelly.

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