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David Ortiz on the comparison between the 2013 and 2004 Red Sox and more

Apr 25, 2013|

Joe Castiglione & Dave O'Brien catch up with Big Papi after tonight's 7-2 victory over the Astros.

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I've thanks job that David that. You've been running the bases so much he had decided just to jog around Cleveland at the center field seats. And -- You know a lot of -- the last couple of days. In the good alongside and that took you guys to confess that I. Yeah it is to get him better you know the mortar played the more -- it you know like people did in. -- right before Ottawa. Yeah I would -- today who have -- the conversation respect of many though this summer especially the way you swing the -- right out of the gate it looks like you have not missed a beat. From the guy who was having a great season last year up until the time he got injured. Well one thing in a threat to people mine was. People working hard might sway me yesterday. I keep -- I keep this thing where was last year. In right now I'm in a situation where you arguably I don't spring training and -- now when I would not want I was trying to. Put the -- -- -- like to run and it happened a couple of times and that's -- frequently and -- in -- -- -- -- In my mean and -- use. Or two into the game what I do but effective in the cages and now. And then trying not not to -- faith in him and they call it. How about that hitting in this lineup David did. It's certainly has been a productive one it really seems to fit nicely together for the some of that kind it could be helping me out you know on the not walking into -- situation that I had to get it done you know the guys can do -- agreed. We've been winning. In that pretty much like my. And I and he successful media company in. Be here and in in everybody's losing anybody -- -- it yet -- so -- -- some -- -- -- it is what it. But another another guy who conducted the ball of 500 -- to David in your case I mean you you come in and it's been seamless. But the Red Sox continue to win you are the connection back to old four and in 07 and great read such teams. Where's this one benefit do you think what what are your thoughts right now about how good this team could be. Ball we have routines before -- injuries. Been able to. Pulls out there early in the year. Hopefully that's not the case if you -- -- stay healthy and I know that we can you can get some them. Can do some damage to the season progressed. David they giving you what happens Saturday yep he's here with. The ceremonies and everything else and you being such a big part of it. What did you sense about. What is happened here what's happening now with a healing. Thought you know well. It was situation that all it -- went through it and it's if it's that time footer right to work it together they -- to be very supportive. And you know the great you know that is gonna efficiently years. I've been doing with the community. And now we all -- part of -- so. Supporters is huge in this situation and and adversity when we do Woody's gonna takes on thank you though. So what for I think game -- had gotten better move. I think everybody this is kind of going back to normal very much in and and and that's looking for. David thanks so much do rats and another of finite Willa Ford or next conversation. They think you got that so much. So -- Red Sox when it's evident heard David Ortiz is now eleven for twenty this makes it unbelievable that Jack.

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