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Jack Edwards: Put up or shut up time for the Bruins

Apr 25, 2013|

It's no secret that the Bruins have not played their best hockey in the past couple of weeks. We check in with Jack Edwards to find out if the Bruins can flip the switch for the playoffs. Plus is Claude Julien on the hot seat if the Bruins get bounced in the first round.

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Salt and -- leave the stadium bar and grill on State Street come down hang out we got autographed Tom Brady Jersey autographed Tom Brady football that are being given away. 21 of the first 200 people to arrive. Stop by after six enabled by it clear that. We've been through -- we said before -- I'm not above buying off the list. Oscar amount above that. Our downtown I -- pay for you to be much. That's the opposite direction just to they would set and excellence excellence -- directions -- If you can beat out that you were three blocks from here did you get here quicker than anybody else I can he get here every bit the grid if there is -- agreed that no carried out of downtown bought. And I was when I was a college -- work for years courier driving a car around the city so I knew downtown Boston at that point really incredibly well. Like I knew the gift which which which one ways -- warrant Milken. Stay like I knew broad I -- post office where I had it all down and then I stopped doing that -- -- If you -- frustrate someone which direction like myself. Just Shelton just but the middle -- OK fine that's partisan divide and -- driving our what are your naslund to get out thank god. For GPS. Well when I did it there was no GPS it was using a Thomas guide I was driving around in my car and one of those stupid Thomas guy like oh what's the great numbers he to others that the trying to find my way through disaster. It's of course I was gonna ask you the other day when my wife in town anytime she first arrived here try to give for directions places and possible. It -- try to give some directions in Boston. Like it worked out downtown. Even Iraq -- but I'm trying to tell we've lived in the East Boston at the time I was trying to teller how to get to VC UST Tuesday grad school BC so from East Boston obesity front which is not that complicated right -- -- on the tunnel take. The -- get a monster drive within to explain where to get off store drive. After it turns into. Soldier who borrowed and how to get on market street impossible goodness that is impossible cup Q -- I have to apparently spirit and they don't it's like I'll get off and it's the one that goes don't turn and I can't -- -- That -- -- -- a little -- I don't go there possible that -- you got an intersection that you think is the most complicated to describe in Boston. Let -- Soviet text message 37937. Calls as well today 61777979837. I get a tweet here this deal all forms of communication -- -- W media guy. Who says all man salt needs to sit down match. On this load should get fired the bees don't make it that the first round I -- Happen I agree with -- -- reverse it what I said was that I think you'll get fired not necessarily that he -- -- but he is certain anyone. Well I think it I don't know that he should it I don't I'd like to see the way it plays out before making that determination I'm not we'll go there yet. But from what I've seen from can't legally and from what I've seen -- the lack of accountability and the entitlement that that team has. I think that if they are don't -- I think he's gone. No I think what would happen that your your instincts are right that is a major change -- -- major -- -- but I think it would be on the roster. I think it would be with a couple players that we have mentioned before. I think Milan Lucic is the guy who comes up a lot. And people expect more out of him maybe they would be willing to make a move with him maybe they'd be willing to make a move I'm not a big surprise that would make it work. You know something of that nature I don't think. That quote Julian a couple of years after them -- help it cut to Boston would be out the first -- -- now. Here's a well here's the caveat. If they call all of Dave Lewis -- -- in the playoffs in government Dave Louis they were given up. Eight goals sometimes you. Seven goals and what you're they opened that year. Gave up eight opening night at eight goal I think they want to actually got called for seven men in the eyes like forgets is awful they were -- -- Dave Lewis government in the ice so we we go where we go -- OK well then all bets are. About mark in Seattle plays time market's going. Our -- and -- -- -- -- about -- -- in what they get. Too little orbit the day. -- -- But at the -- -- that you adopt or anything directly -- -- expert on. Earth. -- -- -- They do tend to sit on the lead him and -- why we talked about some of these third period collapses market -- plagued them throughout the year. I don't know if that system if that's mentality. That I know the answer well mark what -- in this there's that beautiful. I think down the old elderly right across the route to rally -- -- single. Cannot think that was the one part I didn't mention. Well one thing you notice with the beautiful dermatologist that I went to she had a rock that was almost larger than her finger is it is it like gigantic rock program. So it's like that with that is like that -- -- I don't know maybe she had a big cubic zirconium rocket air war to weigh the various patients attorney in honor while she staring at their skin. But she did have an enormous rock. Cliche about about. Have found just -- case but increasingly about where your read your area that we've been really our interest -- -- about if it. Your veins after an accurate Patrick but -- to be a good looking. I actually had riveted to -- neutral floor short -- Don't know anything about no market. But for women. If your guy -- and that she's attractive. You see like the big rock. Or shrapnel. Like all. The frankly I wouldn't have had a Gennifer anyway and now I especially don't have a chance ever. 7797937. -- might -- -- -- to outline for different. Are you beautiful computers eighty it was on line for the. Did in Bedford thank you sorry about that -- go ahead. I don't know are you guys. A good. I had a -- younger. Was an even playing like I haven't heard nothing from since he came here. And another another question both Jackie Bradley junior I want to know his status and how he's doing and truth AAA. And one other thing. Get a Ryan mallet is we could part they were -- like number one overall optics room why isn't the page is going well. Well -- -- a Miley Cyrus show gotten on -- first of all with this right now if they were offering anything. If the Cleveland Browns or any other teams that will be your first round pick for right now it just that that's it that's deal done it because it. It would be at I don't you know there's -- -- -- that hasn't happened and if it does happen. Do you should be excited as the patriots and and wherever does that on the other side where that general manager as originally -- -- -- to be fired real soon. At that they'll be an uprising at the team facility. But before the draft starts -- bring your cameras there -- because that might be more interesting in the actual draft as far as yarder. Younger I think that that the part of the reason younger part of the reason you have heard about them yet talked about it because the team. Is it more of a slumps that you've seen them lose is -- five out of six now on the Bruins dropped. So we're we're more focused on that team performance. That we are individual performances that that's my take on on what we have talked like operate body else in the positive light jackets in a car hijack. -- -- -- Semester and it. What's the best. The thing. Other growing -- master act they are -- whatever jackets with a smiley is brought to buy bread and smoke shop precision fitness equipment. And by the city of Boston credit union but jacket is a message really ugly right now. Yeah it is it's it's really -- and I got -- The drop what do we think they'll. One spot ability that. -- Utley. Has caught up in little -- -- in the -- that not rejuvenated himself an awful lot of the year. The others that -- ability. The roads -- just walk that -- You know we did you like or analyze -- so well. And fact of the matter -- that the possibility. Believe there -- however when that date is that the Roland quick get it together that they could have a really awkward all it there. Shock and back the -- and that they could go on -- or even extended. -- a playoff -- like if you look at the overall picture. This team is showing that -- back. You do not guide you know secret contract. And it didn't affect the ball in the waiter your relatives hoping it would. Yeah and they're since what page and while they've been -- the -- that the division -- -- the record Easter chocolate. Well the catching up there -- inside. You'd be how he's in the back in the third period. No longer. Are how to. That's the problem that's real that it. I love the terms slippage I have a Buick. The -- bases -- -- their -- of slippage admitted there's shrinkage in Australia strictly the graphic. But a lot Jack and I am waiting for -- spayed or somebody else's like there's certain guys with the entitlement. Contracts they haven't performed up to their level. Or at least is it meanwhile Lucci to he'd like if you're the poster boy. For for what you've talked about that he's not at the problem. What it go the other way on this side of the seventh player award -- that will be giving out and you know conduct conducts this. This all every year and you are awarded to a player who exceed everyone's expectations. That's very few candidates here. It up. I mean I mean who has exceeded your expectations on this spot Bruins game -- few players who actually backed expectations. That you can point the finger in just about any location. But awarded Gregory Campbell's Gregory Campbell I act as the -- That's -- to lose. Well you know they're they're there -- just. Give it away but. It. Sports -- of all of the about it. But the fact of the matter. Patrice Bergeron a mugger or a -- I don't want a war even as expect. Is -- -- -- Or or compact schedule. Repealing it cannot wait a -- that it. At that age 25 minutes and is side bird. Hindered by having played a lot in with a or also -- yet on the back nine. I don't I'm not a lot out of my office. It off you go. But. The fact that matters little don't Wear out and it happened. Around here. One -- not. That virtually every other team in. The Eastern Conference they're in the playoffs. Is they have not provided a ready why. Don't. Contributing. Now. Not enough. There are there -- -- players coming in and make it different for the world. He keeps all while she sure orders all the going -- -- inspire a lot. And almost every. Outlet. Like the -- option is under. Just about everybody on that he. Got. Lost or what is or it is the deal. Sounds complacent so complacent about me and it -- you know I. I hope I can play. Duplicate that ought to work and yeah that it speaks to -- and I don't really know what that issue I really don't know if that's fair act. Maybe it's because the character to make but it. Maybe it's exotic culture that that's that's happened right now babies just the conditions that that that there individually. Flawed guys' character wise maybe it's just. Where they are right now and they you know after the championship -- so quickly. It into. When -- look like they're all -- -- right gentlemen every single here you know it's not like hockey resourceful laughed at each year a lot of hot or wife or your end. Guys -- -- apply and -- but they have to retreat by yours but aren't there -- applied here. It just so happens that a lot of excitement 2011 what light at the top of their debt as but might not deny that did not well. I'm with you and asking us if if things don't go well for the Bruins. Let's say -- lose in the first round again it last year same same fashion. Very close series seven games. You don't want goal games all of them. You think they would make a move with load committee is is. What they fire him if they didn't. Yet where they want -- ago that means they got -- and -- -- -- Ottawa or trip on what would they Fire Island there's sniffing. I would be shocked if they fired -- For all these great coach and the group went to inspect the jets coach. This guy knows art yet and you -- I -- -- -- he's not a guy gets in the playoffs I think that. Up its coaching. It is. -- Ordered a gigantic factor in outlook and yet he's also coached. Change to every year it may insult. What. Makes changes their respect -- what you will grow. -- especially. Of Eric bat where they acted as though he noted that ever by -- Oh and don't get significant return. And return will be players and -- the Europe that there isn't -- an inability steadily and inability to -- Consistently creator on all or by an inability. Old will all the. Jack what do you homeless again now you -- this next week. I I certainly it also look at the playoffs like the league's super late. Sunday nighter for late Monday. Are we gonna we gonna finish and continue this conversation next week because while I agree with you I don't think they should as of right now my of my opinion and it's subject to change is that they should not like -- ago no matter what at the end of this year. But I think that I disagree I think that there want it done Kandel is not to take it and he will actually make -- change but we don't have time the next conversation now. Let's continue it next week towards the level better idea how they wrap up these three games although the -- in the blast took -- Cloture early got OPEC will think. There you go all right there's -- Edward. Credit union -- Chris president. They're coming up next are we got Chris price we gotta talk to draft. We got to figure out what the patriots are gonna do tonight whether or not they're trustworthy. In their opinion -- at the stadiums sports bar. Down on State Street but the annual hall come say hi stop all the W media.

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