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Previewing the Patriots 1st round draft night with Chris Price of WEEI.com

Apr 25, 2013|

We check in with WEEI.com's Chris Price for his preview of night one of the NFL Draft, specifically how it will play out for the Patriots.

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Patriots draft tonight salt holly -- -- down at the stadium bar and grill on State Street credits that you'll all. Comes and I hang out enter to win big raffle. Tom Brady on rapture. Jersey Tom Brady autograph football. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's like I got cool version -- circus. This sort of forget that I had a that complement there were other restorative compliment aircraft at target at one. Much like it was all. You would not call it. It papers -- viewers is. No way. Chris price W me. It's reporter Chris what should we expect. I think the patriots you can trade back out around one -- group of guys there when you're looking at. Meet the world needs for the patriots wide receivers you as the act alike. That are kind of all in -- great group of guys are doing overall evaluation from top to bottom should be available -- from when he 550. It can be an opportunity to get the electric you know owner Robert Wood what pick up another six. I think that's what you I think it is the. I'll keep. What it would what's guide you like for them but -- or whether they stay at 29 or move back. It was basically you're you're a research of the draft. Who jumps out at you with. Think you're cute guys really Michael I think if you look at in the opposite side of the ought to be created you know the -- passing game. For a long long time at black that big X receiver big guy we all ought. The agreement which could have been last year I think you bet that the guys stick with three got to prepare -- -- the war over it pretty good job. When it comes to getting separate letter that you your gun could come in and out instant impact if that happens to look at the fences the ball. I looked beat you wrote -- physical corner out of Florida State. Another guy who could separated meet your immediate impact. Really good physical or don't really important to press covered me -- not a Green Zone but it Garrett thinks he's a guy who have an impact with the patriots in the first. Chris we've been asking people all day. Do you trust them. Do you trust the patriots at this stage right now to make the right decision in the draft -- -- you're looking at a from a different point of view it as a reporter but if you're a fan would you trust them wanted to do a good job -- Yeah I think so I think it through that stretch from late 2007 to 2009. When it comes to the draft technical secrets and would like to forget they think when you look at the draft in 2000 and I think you're out through the really. You -- pull in the win column that we know what you're able to accomplish -- -- apparently you aren't held in the record revenue into the worked round. I -- by -- him and in recording that was a great draft for help but think. It's still very early on but it being who we return from the 2000 or -- Are almost -- -- -- -- -- -- and group -- beat them the last couple years. I think you can feel pretty good about the -- now to look at your position in the remote or wide receiver or record you are not really. You focal drafting developing. -- you predictions over what -- I think one no reason that they is that I don't think equivocal at all lid on it you know I don't think if they've ever caught. All in on an elite receiver. You're a great quarterback so you speak to decide to move up and I don't think it will affect you move up and -- -- to -- to -- -- -- I'm one of the doubt in my opinion I think right now are you -- prepared I would truck that would withdrew. -- coverage and I you've got wall to wall coverage you're here you got your -- -- blogging live tweeting. Your machine until like what 3:4 o'clock in the morning. -- it is it is it's going to be for the weekend pretty -- turn on the radio you know you're gonna -- we have to an update during you know drillers are we doing tonight. Of the army to be out tomorrow I going to be on Saturday it's always good to be ugly -- what state that this dispute this one note if not be greater. -- the of the off season you leave your medical it's become more what he Yorker article there is a lot of. Chris price on Twitter -- price NFL. Cover in the draft and all things patriots for WEEI dot com Chris we talk you again tomorrow. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Driving me crazy got an answer that will come down to this it's sort of -- drugging you lowly. Page in a little easy Chris writes the drug you're the fat. That'll be the question next sultan Ali that we.

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