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Salk and Holley's Four at Four 4/25/13

Apr 25, 2013|

We tackle four topics we haven't yet touched upon... today it's all NFL draft centered, questions on the Pats, busts, hits and more.

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-- and and he sold in the police are poor and the floor board are -- four. Fun cleaning. -- -- Actual world we'd still continue to -- the -- -- -- -- you guys want to. Only knows when next the top -- -- mock draft day all of general what is happening. He depended on -- what what is what if what that to Whitney what's happening here friend of the show when he. Wouldn't expect cancer upon them very talented but certainly easy question in the Bill Belichick era outside of Tom very. Who was the master it so you -- -- that you. That is not an easy question. -- a great question it's extremely difficult. So all I've been thinking about this question all day -- hear it. If there's no easy answer for public -- with this. I think it's that life. How much they get to Matt Light public go with Matt Light because. You wanna go values got a second round pick traded ahead of the jets to get that -- Matt Light protect your quarterback. 43 Super Bowl titles in most Super Bowl. The people if they win against the number three defense in the league for the rams 2003 Julius Peppers. It Christian against that formidable front that was viewers -- that you give me the number one side. At a 2004. That Jim Johnson led Philadelphia Eagles Russian court backed understandings -- -- 20070. All along with the rest of the line. But this is -- guy who has protected the most important player in the organization for -- -- great. -- was -- all the break is Eric he protected Tom Brady for that entire time at the second round pick. That's the answer it. But it's not an easy -- -- I inherited -- it was excellent taste in your cousin who's a fourth -- that values its may had a great quarter Richard Seymour because you built the defense around yet have to -- what Vince Wilfork because you continued to build that defense rapidly replacing some ways and because you've got absolutely the first round once he failed to you and but I still what was -- -- out of it as good as and Seymour would probably sector we get. Honorable honorable mention for Deion Branch -- her second round pick to become the Super Bowl MVP. Very good now and -- -- he gets them I don't know I don't. -- -- -- I don't Cris Carter called home I guess -- soured after watching you on it -- it was really but I think we have to say this before number very quickly over to. That we what you guys that to weigh in on this because I think the great question. But before you way at that -- just make it clear it's not Tom Brady people right that's one -- then. We know Bill Belichick did not draft Teddy Bruschi or lawyer -- Boy George and around the Willie McGinest and Mike Vrabel he brought -- as a free -- we're talking about in the Belichick are from 2000 to the president. With the best nonconference. Pulled. Pilots with that last question who is the worst draft pick in the vote Erica yeah I went through it. Right. Special mention -- Belichick. I'm not blaming Belichick. With the stars what would that be answered with a collective short could cut its low. Terrible celebrating multiple mobile. -- it hurt my neighbor. Or it is well -- the report that it is it is. And when player reached your. Upper right might want. It. It. Early. Woodward as he played Italian might. But now. -- -- Although that would very likely. It. About first. Couple or it goes on the material. -- but obviously in Idaho. -- -- -- -- -- Indeed I think the answer easily Chad Jackson. They traded up for Chad Jackson won that the first -- second mistake. The spot they vacated became Greg Jennings. For the Packers so they lost -- a good player third. He's a fast guy could return kicks so we couldn't run routes and they couldn't return kids -- guidance stunning. So Jack Jack isn't. Three. This here's Tim Tebow and anti tea. Will be drafted in what round and by whom. I think Reba and she's home. -- calling right now from. Coached Garrett calling right now -- he's going to go to that would actually I was in it and I didn't coach Jackson should ever go commercial but -- of their comfort. Toyota. -- accidental but. It's going to be I think both ends right accused -- -- first round pick. It just a matter of where he goes having an -- jail after the that news that -- about its stock fell. And now I did get the sense that he's all right here. On man tried to go. I can keep going to. The Steelers are so. If you go on 1718. To wherever. They go before one. I think -- -- bought into it it was second round not just because of what happened I wonder what happens when the team calls. We'll get that -- disease. That did not believe them that the ads for video confirmation. Yeah the -- back on timers -- -- know what that is the -- are calling out. Are you sure it is real. Deal might have finished their -- but now you're a -- I thought I could hurt by this before last night may not going to the mayor's. I think he falls in the second round and here's why. It on the medium giving too much credit union he was terrible terrible running at the com line. After being terrible running -- mind you blame the fact that they -- exactly perfect. Perfect environment for him to run political -- the wake up too -- it was -- heart in the right in. Wonderfully when he was at Notre Dame is doctors use that. Art out of work that way in the NFL obviously one of them practically forced sometimes get five days rest. Off deal -- that I think and it felt you know look through that. Added on to some of the stuff they saw an amount that we exposed. Against Alabama and I think people's -- -- up and at the AT&T question of the day it's my favorite question every time. Draft time was the biggest draft possible well it comes down to two names I said earlier you there. The drug -- the fat. And -- connection between those two things but the drug would be Ryan lead the fatty would be JaMarcus Russell and pathetic also -- could have been. I got to go to. Stop me all night. You know. It was weird being in Seattle not the least the Seattle excellent lawsuits few hours away but. His story is still so well yeah there. He he's. -- he gets arrested like every other day it's a -- struggled JaMarcus Russell because that he was he was just as bad if not worse than -- 61 million dollars there to believe in terms of Margaret. Round draft choice for the great. The I think. It's it's what are those quarterback and they're pretty quarterbacks top of the draft and usually. When they say okay you can't go wrong. Now before this year you could go wrong at one heading to look into he had Robert Griffin the third in the overall -- both teams I think are ecstatic with the got a guy. But a lot of times they say water to you can't go wrong Riley for pavement and he can't go. The water Drew Bledsoe or Rick -- -- can't go wrong. I think if -- Because he was on that level. -- able to -- to pick may have to turn your franchise around unfortunately games two of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the unifil for a firm and we'll have a big Manning it to -- a -- I'd like that it. -- -- have fortunately for the colts they would put the right guy but I think that clearly the biggest leftist line. AT&T Rick can be required of me. -- decent from hunger or Hollywood ladies posted right. But he had a legitimate career Ryan leaf was a mess. And disaster but not nearly master of the talent that is when it comes to this do miss that Joba the hut yup that's -- -- I'm no good unless you're welcome Obama got a little strange that that that's what he wants what real -- to ask is now brought all the the greatest to play the launch -- this do. This loser be elected. But let Kobe got -- he's old money from the open waited. Stealing food the same time that is today's for export to use the -- speaking to require it I -- it out earlier they have given me. Why it -- that question. But that African question between them about the best record the best -- Brady picked -- -- video that's a tough one. The eighteenth attacks on his overwhelmingly supporting Vince Wilfork is pretty good value that -- outlook. You can't really get -- -- you think about it what will thwart. He was picked 24 hours. Anything related to get a great player who can -- your your defense and number 21. That that's that's quality to this. We asked to weigh in on that plus the question we start off today show with just you trust. Do you trust the patriots heading into this draft law or your calls any change will join us at 435 in about fifteen minutes that's all can Ali. On WB -- -- a few columns don't.

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