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Do you trust the Patriots in the 2013 draft?

Apr 25, 2013|

We discuss the NFL Draft, what the Pats need and will do and whether or not fans should have faith in the Patriots based on their draft history.

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And today is from the stadium. State Street down by annual -- -- meet this coming out before the draft that saw Ali and WEEI. WEEI. Dot com. Just news coming down moments ago Doc Rivers fine. Shocker right -- we talked about this yesterday we -- -- park yesterday. And we said Doc Rivers after the game. He comes out he says -- calls like Kevin Garnett were read this and they changed the game. And he just didn't like the moment like -- -- it if he said I didn't. Like those calls and they were horrendous. He probably -- all the money going before him out of the pocket without without problems. For father and carry out. I don't let it get addicted to sit at the tape right there got a winner takes out his wallet as he's -- a -- -- -- -- -- to -- them -- I actually wrote -- check. Where the press conference. -- started as a matter of time when -- and take up and other. Because the play any it will join us at 435 today Avery Bradley twenty minutes later so to practice. Why it was that is okay is -- OK questions for any change which would do it for thirty but the story today course. Is the draft that doesn't mean -- talks Bruins a lot of after go to morning skate today want to in the last few games of the Bruins conversations we've had. I've I've ratcheted up my concern level in other -- Michael get them. You're you're you're like. What we're we're in Lexington or are you articulate a wild horse is something. In the Bluegrass State right now that you you are I need to hold you back ready to run out the gates -- And I don't want to -- I mean it's like yesterday I didn't wanna start the show with it -- don't put the blinders on their certificate of folk Alfredo with -- made me start the shelling yesterday I didn't want to do. He made me kudos to the Red Sox -- handling that appropriately we'll hit on that today as well and your calls on all these subjects excellent 7779. 7937. Is always who we start with the draft of course tonight. -- -- you should know with a good tailor my title number one in ninety got to know. I think is that that's what they what they left out was. That they -- they trapped -- -- you know without it Democrats desperate. Electorate that enough. I think last year I had him taking the worst of the best and it has. I don't know. I don't would you rather have them according your -- Bryant. I think this. -- that you can't go to the basketball knowledge that we have no ball problems I don't know he's easy to be a pain yesterday restaurant go to Bryant. But -- your -- and taking another problem jobs. But for the patriots lately have been -- problem children for them. -- and taken to north Jenkins. Who want them going in the second round do lasting -- -- it wound up getting suspended for a couple for a game or whatever because. He's a problem job I have no idea she said in the crossover accurately appropriately have no idea. -- -- gonna pick a number 29 but if I had -- yes I would today. They're gonna trade out of it because I think this draft based on everything I've been hearing that people haven't talked to. For the patriots it it may be similar to the 2009 draft but that is where ex patriot in my spirit it's imperative Jerod -- -- -- I can keep. Ugly and that's all because I actually protected the trade that happened the day at the seventh pick at that time -- -- seven to hard to take them straight jacket and -- 2009 they had 42 optics. And I think if they have an opportunity. On people -- out of the opportunity to trade. You know people get fascinated at in the draft with the guy who they think somebody that they can -- pay to get some value there I would be surprised at all. It's around 27 28 commissioner comes out of it in the in the patriots have moved when he died. For a second rounder in the third round something like so if I had to guess I'd say they rated. While it leaked to the bigger question though for everybody I mean look we could we could debate back and forth who they're gonna take what they're gonna take what they're gonna do today. None of us really know we can talk about the logistics of moving up because that's a possibility with teams that are trying to get out of the top ten who who think that the number ten through 25 or so we're pretty even. You could talk about trading back for a team that wants to come into the top of the bottom of the first round because they're looking for one of the quarterbacks and wanna beat everybody thinks their second renders. Or you could talk to they wanna wide receiver do you like you and Alan do you like the kid from Tennessee US isn't -- that there's a whole bunch of options it from Clemson like I'll watch it like to that there's a lot of names that we go back and forth on all of them. But the much bigger question for everybody is. Do you trust them great question because what your question I'm repeating. Or not but it's a great question remains if it is not mine I think -- patriots fan. That's what you think if your if your patriots fan and you say. I'm just happy with the sustained success that they've had since since 2001. That you say -- of course I trust if you're a patriots ran through. Who thinks there should be in war. From this era. Thanks Tom Brady's window is closing and we got to take advantage of it. They have they had we've had some bad draft -- 20062008. Depicts that. You've got to excited about it maybe you don't trust them as much of -- I think it's the question if you are patriots it whether. You're pro or were again it's there was a time where no matter what they did you trust -- right and there was a time before 2007. Or sell maybe 2008. Where can we ask this question throughout the number which were doing six point 77797937. Where 100 out of a hundred people unless somehow Ron Borges the infiltrated the group -- outcome would have -- I -- a 100% agree I trust them. Right right all of the Borges and a few other. A hundred out of a hundred people in town what is said I trust them. Bill Belichick. Belichick's doing what he does of course whoever he -- it's not like -- the big college football region it's not like the majority of our listeners. Really don't watch a lot of college football have identified the player that they think it's with the teachers and we just. It's not it's not Boston to pay that close attention and other people that are next I get really into -- this time a year. But for the most part I don't know that we we know we don't understand or know these guys or scalp them as well as the pros do. But then it comes down to whether or not trust them and for Michael. Everybody did now clearly. We were not going to get a 100% of the people it's -- yeah of course I trust the page. Right the it bill we trust started after the after Super Bowl 36 right or during -- season maybe even during that season where. He may exceed the critical decision. I have to have two quarterbacks who can play an article with Brady over over Bledsoe and -- are prepared they are some magical. That three out of -- so I think. That started this. Almost. I mean just just endless goodwill. In -- trust from patriots fans even. In that area where you had a season where they ignited seven didn't make the playoffs -- -- you have a draft pick it doesn't turn out as well as. As you expected -- Bill Belichick go with the body of work. And I think. Maybe maybe he started to lose and I guess that's the question two when that starts dissipate when was gone when that today. And it -- in 2006 because the next year -- You know the undefeated run -- to dictate where it -- with spy gate -- not to -- that there's that nasty weather but. Was it. The fact that you put that the franchises but in that position and opened up open patriots fans up to an argument that they can never win. With with fans from other teams forgiving of that it available. A string of let it change it changed along the way I mean clearly you go long enough without the -- draft. May be an -- hit on him a little bit later but -- just answer the question do you trust them. If -- patriots fan today we go through the history of it and I'm sure that'll come up in people's answers. The do you trust the mica do you think today that they won't make a good draft pick that they're making good decisions today. For the most part. Yes that is not a good answer for the most part yesterday if it's on its part is that's an honest answer for the most part here's. Here's what -- we were talking about something a completely different in the draft. Before the show we're just talking about people who have learned from their mistakes. And people in the NFL. And with what we're talking about coaching that when I think it also applies the draft. I think express them for the most part if they look at. Defensive back particularly if they look at themselves. And their draft picks with safeties corners and they see a problem. If they've said. In the last year too we got to do something different about the way we evaluate these guys that I do trust them because. I think Smart people learn from their mistakes. And if you've acknowledged that you have a problem that I do something different. Okay then because the rest of your body of work is pretty good now with receiver and also be -- -- -- but what about receiver. They haven't drafted receivers well I think that deserves them. Investigation. That's all you know Mike Reese had a story today about. How the patriots have never drafted receiver or Bill Belichick has never after the receiver whether he's been in Cleveland or New England. And this draft record it's body but look at the chart that ESPN Boston had going with that story. And I don't think it's. They don't draft receiver they don't know how to evaluate receivers. For the most part that chart tells him. That they look at that position. As one where they can get by in the second. Third. A few times seventh round. And they don't value taking for the most part they haven't doubt you take that guy. So I'm not short they don't know how to evaluate receivers if they take one -- the first round which had never done before I'm thinking. They will have made the decision that drafting a wide receiver in the first round it's much better. -- waiting -- 65. Deion Branch waiting till night with Taylor Price waiting until the seventh round with -- adult men and David Givens. I'm not so worried about receiver I am worried about it back that's Wednesday at -- for the most. All right I'll give you my answer here and a second will grab the calls here it's simple question do you trust the patriots today do you trust Bill Belichick. And his regime to do what they're supposed to do to get the right guy to make the right decision they will grab your calls here just -- Ali to your question Michael by saying I don't trust them as much as I used to and it has nothing to do with them tell you why not seconds alcoholic WE. There's one guy from the University of Tennessee and debris in his name has Jerod Mayo Iran does the proper pronunciation. I think you can't take him at number seven it's too high. You move back to get great value there. I think he would be perfect -- -- perfect fit for the patriots aren't the only question is do they have someone willing to deal with them as someone. Willing to come out that seventh spot. Mike -- along with the great carnac. Michael hall of what the America -- -- aren't. There's a lot of others. But I'm happy to have that went -- -- -- the states to stay excuse me or read the stadium bar and grill on State Street brought by town fair tire today nobody beat Stanford tire. Nobody come by say hi first 200 people. We gear up for the draft today can be entered to win in autograph Tom Brady Jersey an autograph Tom -- football as well it seems people. Stop by trying to make sure they get their -- in early in order to win a couple of -- once -- 148 states commitment I think -- all forty that it -- with -- let me -- -- your your question I think -- but he's probably -- the professional -- -- the question is is a simple one hit the phones -- -- second do you trust the patriots. To do the right thing today. In my answer is yes. I do still trust them to do the right thing I trust in Bill Belichick told you before I think he's a brilliant thinker I think you looked at the game a little differently. And is an innovator in the game of football. Greatest -- ever watched. That's that some of my -- has diminished. Because I think. The rest of the league is caught a couple. And it doesn't entirely it's not entirely Belichick's fault it's not that he's gotten worse it's not that he's got stupid it's not that he all of the sudden -- got lucky on a few things. Having Tom Brady. Masks along mistakes and that's obviously at the quarterback in the NFL you got the quarterback and you've got a huge huge. Leg up on everyone else wrecked but the other thing Belichick had this just -- you've written about twice. He -- the world a little bit differently he's always been in the forefront of everything. Other guys like that some of them are Belichick disciples that are out there some of them are just people who read money ball instead -- you know what value matters. There's others out there now -- you know what I'm not gonna mess around with keeping somebody because there's a lot of sentimental attachment my city seal it. Chip -- and those types of coaches have come into the league now who think I think very very very differently -- it differently from everyone else but similarly to Belichick act and it doesn't mean they have this team. This team concept of their scheme or anything like they just have the same ability to reason to -- the lead and determine what they need to do to find value. And I think the fact that those guys are out there has made it more difficult for bill to capitalize on other teams idiocy of the team's been stuck in the past. Good answer I would like it to so to say about the idiocy whole thing. I think what you -- -- that you look at a map of the raps as well as accurate I used to sit around and just. But it does come up with that you know right before the threat that they'll draft I would does that at a map out the teams. That I would come up with -- thought they reported today. -- was -- -- eight years it's weird that it was your usage -- Like even when you were -- and I always like Jerod Mayo a report what -- report that as. Rock male kitten got to go to Tennessee. The draft that the recently but now it is little different and that was it that you're all like building on that. And get a window into how would think so what are your address it or bad rap -- currently. For the draft and create or draft you know. If your team it would and it figures. You have brought your organization with their unpredictable right. They're unpredictable organizations are flexible although all of them but wrap them back wrapped up straight out for the next year -- two -- two years. Go forward like it did reject the orchard street. You say they've never got to -- back the first round pick one. -- effort it -- one vote -- That you all all all sorts of things that year. That. We don't want to -- it would take it that it will be it let's Welker we'll take before people get red mosque. It's that if it could thinking that allows you understand organization I think the Steelers -- the same way in the ravens giants Packers. There's no wins that. -- here because you know how to think. They have the court and they have you ever recorded and it's what makes it still impossible to read your -- sometimes okay this guy's Smart. And he's allowed just quarterback OK but the rates have been good even at Churchill -- that's exactly right animated at bat and quarterback with alcohol -- have they. And the Packers have been able to survive the end of Brett Favre and Smart about bringing in at some -- -- -- -- -- That's right and and give the general it was rare for everybody who drafted the Packers -- whether I love Eli Manning or not and I do not they recognize that he was number one hit that yet the potential of the franchise quarterback they traded up. It worked out for 6177797937. Simple question do you trust the patriots to do the right thing to gain the rest of this week in the NFL draft. Mike is in me. -- And you know it I don't like. I love you guys loved the show and I love the draft. It's with my favorite does that mean well it's not a day anymore or or even a weekend it's like a court -- thing now. You guys I think I think we all agreed that the have to gonna go deep into the playoffs. If Brady's healthy anyway. You agree. The light it is there sure. Yes okay so. So. That aside. And the atrocious red zone results and the walker dropped aside. What do you guys think was the most glaring issue. In the AFC championship game because I want them to get back to -- Well ask a question that -- -- issue India AFC championship game is. That. Let I know a lot of talk about the office of the office has broken has failed -- big games. I would they'll. Go to defense and if -- if you can get off the field. And if it limited on third down. You can score fourteen point six point seven points in the playoff game winning at that great. One of the great playoff performances of all time. For the patriots considering who they were facing what -- The great -- of all time with the colts. They help in the three points. At Gillette and it to the playoffs. -- forty that that year. Cope with the immediately that I think you know with a Harrell and -- they'll get across the middle Eugene Wilson had a big people can't be heavily. Immediate adding color -- BP the year before BP that yeah. It so that is not a great out with twenty points now so I feel snake. You if you can get off the field offense will come from somewhere your deepest score for like that in 2001. I -- debate that's that's always the number one thing. I was more comfortable with that vision of the patriots than the one that we've seen since 2007. I was always more comparable with the with when I thought of the patriots identity. Through the soup through through the three super super balls that they actually won. I think of defense first. An offense that is methodical. That runs the ball down your throat that we want to get to lead is capable of keeping it that only needs to air it out when -- house do that is a ball control offense that is based on ever turning it over. Even if you have to -- more often than you might like. I was OK with that offense I was OK with that because it was the full team concept along the way. They made and they made a conscious choice to make -- change they -- we have bill that we have Tom Brady he's different from everyone else and the rules have changed a little bit after Indianapolis -- complaining. And it's opened up so what do we do how do we find a way. Two to pick on other teams. The way I've always viewed it Michael they said well. Teams up one quarter. Some teams even have to corners. A lot of teams of three corners that we can get that slot receivers Larry -- and take advantage of the weakness we know it's a match up game here's the matchup that we can win that we really need to have three wide receivers that are excellent to they built this this. This is unbelievable offense that for the most part noted ever seen before. And it was dynamic it was incredible but it came at the cost of the defense even if you have the same personnel. That you had during European chip runs. It was gonna hurt them anyway because they were given that they have to be out in the field more often the other teams were gonna throw against them more because the game it changed because you were rock racking up points as well. What is your typical -- -- your point earlier. You know other teams have caught up that you -- the patriots started I would say. Even Indianapolis Colts started that on offense and a lot of people said the patriots -- -- called two degrees short. They want to call it in terms of putting that -- -- on their offense to win games with them. -- they're not still the same way it's called the stop this -- players difficult they'll pull the Bill Belichick. Or have a compass -- first but I do think that the Lee. Has caught up to what hole it was cold and with the patriots did 2007. Where is just -- standard. If you're third quarterly used to be your third quarter that was so now the target their quarter your starters your third receiver yours -- your starting receiver you're no longer a third your slot corner or slot receive your starter but absolutely but you're here. This is what I wanna know. Your question your statement earlier about. The league catching up to the patriots in terms of looking at the draft. Why hasn't that division. Who caught them. -- really think it comes down to a vision so if you're in the you're in the same division with a New England Patriots. I felt great big. No not yet. As buddy nix the general manager of the the bills -- the same division. With that -- patriots in May be repeatedly keep you from going to the playoffs. -- copy of what you just what you studied them and think that this is what you do not only kept operating we don't. But some other things that are pretty cool. And we do the things that are pretty dumb. Like giving a guy fifty million dollars guaranteed. Like repeatedly picking in the top ten and not getting it is not a. I would -- -- that I I would handle it very different I on the if you would copy -- now let me give you two answers to your question with the phones against 61777979837. Do you trust the patriots -- able to get some Bruins and Red Sox Celtics. As well as everything is in play today but. Here's the two answers one the reason the rest of the division has not done with the patriots have done is because of ownership because they're the because of the top. That the jets are a mess from the top down that we can agree that that nobody nobody is running match there's a -- Historically. The guys or bad for a job this dolphins and and deals are much better at the top of the bills are crazy old man and the dolphins are -- have a bunch of celebrities that want to show up when no stadium trying to make money in the there's nothing at the top two said he vision. For how they want the rest of the team to behave so it's not surprising at all that all three teams have kind of gone up and down up and down for the most part -- down there's nobody to keep driving them in the right direction so it doesn't surprise me at all last copying them Michael. Never thought I would never ever ever wanna copy because when you copy. You're you're essentially going to be cheap imitation of what's out there had -- -- -- -- I don't wanna copy them I wanna find the next thing. Not the last I wanna find the next. -- how about this in terms of studying. It was like to work now that sounds very accurate okay that's just -- -- an argument be punished OK you're going to be expelled because what got bad. You can copy that paper we caught. -- Studies the success. Excellent organization -- happy the patriots. Accused Microsoft to somebody that that has done it a good job over over the long ball. And as you study. That did good things you'll see some of the flaws. In the make up and then maybe you give. Come up -- something else as you set yourself up Saturday yourself. After someone who's done a pretty good thing I think it can be found to. It sounds like if there's not a lot of law involved. -- is worked out there I just -- Like. I'll like it never wanna -- the copy -- I always going to be the team and one other of the GMs are trying to copy because we got their first we got the value more on that warrior calls do you trust the patriots today applause. The one guy more than anyone else has got to be really worried about the first round Bruins collapsed -- -- all all the WB yeah. Patriots as they headed to the first round of the NFL draft I'd be -- at number. 29. Our thoughts are just wrapped up in this -- you're you're poor you're wrapped up in the conversation -- wrap up in this court -- strangled. Let's start by a couple things like quality of our let's it has threaded. It's done with me registering like darted back frank of golf I did meet frank from -- more on that little while we're the stadiums. Stadium State Street 148 State Street stadium bar and -- come down hang out meet us. By appear maybe afterwards -- will be here to 7 o'clock or selling out to dinner come down and and watch the draft here too good spot to watch the draft. The question and it won't hit the Bruins thing and admitted here in -- these calls as well do you trust the patriots you used to do. That maybe there's a time you didn't where right now it's it was -- meter trust me where is that the patriots are. You know it is such a it's such a question that's specific you know wind. Because if -- in let let's say you're a fan and a much about it -- for good news makers have a lot of haters. It could be their success it could be that little accident 2007 whatever it is. But let's face it let's let's pick Los Angeles we don't have a team and you're just an NFL fan. If you're looking at the top teams in the league. And and guys who just just teams seem to be there year after year you would look at the patriots and say. Why wouldn't trust them. And yet that's another question why would you you if if that's what you're recent national. Odd -- -- international match on is that what a stupid question. Local ought to hit it too real there's two reasons a minute and I told you already this is not my point of -- go play the devil's advocate for you -- the reasons are you either -- and -- it spike because that's stupid but beyond that. Either you think. Telecheck reluctant to Tom Brady and that his mask every other mistake he's made or you'd think that the guys that carried them through the Super Bowl era. We're not his guys necessarily that work draft picks that were guys that he brought in. If you did that Teddy Bruschi and Mike Mike Vrabel they brought in as a creator but they need Florida -- -- all that's right -- -- -- Either Parcells -- -- -- world record those were the guys that carried them through. Veterans who were Smart enough it was complexes. If you -- people that. That you probably don't trust the -- do you like the moves they think it best they can lead afterwards the last few years I think that that's the best argument against it is -- they've been league average in certain terms of their draft. That's operating. Yet at ethnic. I think they'll be fair except -- just my philosophy jump if if you agree with this and that left Las Villas. If I mean if you establish something you're running a business. -- -- running at a loss. Whipped with good employees which just not getting the most out of employees. Academic coaching too much just the management style. And I keep that business. To to be one of the top top businesses in the commonwealth when that tops in New England. How -- Let's talk that's that's more of an indictment of you than me. -- I would I was Smart enough to look at the talent that was there that's a -- down here we gotta be used in a different way it's gotta be spoken to a different way and now we -- champion. You and iron in lockstep on this but I will say the flip side of that argument is well that's why you -- trust in the general but it doesn't help the trust -- in the draft. It only helps me trust is the way they're building team in general there 6177797937. Mark in Northampton I'm mark. Make some. Mark. A good bit. I just quickly wanted to thank you for your professionalism last week. Part about the draft. Today. I'm gonna do from -- might be a little bit of topical but I would say that the GM. Of both check. -- having more difficulty trusting in the coach I trust all the way to -- to be learned. And -- also is a whole value person you were quite terms you know trapped lovers like myself. And know that I can get upon us for a guy whose opposition player who you were to give you a letter grade or are. -- be poor player that has character that's gonna play a majority of the plays at their position. -- He looked aren't completely special teams as well. But also these same position. I fear that Belichick hadn't had to get as it it to the special teams player -- between changing the specialty using his instincts are all in all the heart and your -- but three. The other three dimensions of the game which are totally care but it still make. He puts -- too much emphasis from the values thing and I really feel like I have what you touched on earlier. Let's you know it just -- extra point he even like a 18 I think. With the question of humor in entries that idea and I think that quickly from one. Michael what's it to your question here about value -- let's start there Michael let me ask you this reaction. Has -- need to go after value at all costs which is always been -- -- Belichick in philosophy. Has it changed with the new CPA and the and the way that rookie sellers such. Or shore because that -- -- it to a degree of that you think about it if they tactics in this draft they don't have a lot of -- to move. I only building that pick they have the most valuable Pickens is the one tonight in the big move out of this thing. But they had a lot of pick in the draft like the 49ers in the falcons do. And they and they saw somebody in the top ten that they love you can go up into the top ten in not even blink. -- you have to think about the financial restraints don't have to worry about being handcuffed you have to worry about. Being wrong on a player and haven't cost your franchise for years and years because he's. These contracts are buried reasonably 678 million -- but I think I know someone told me that's. A week ago the quote -- this is not the draft to be in the top of the quote even guys in the top five. Half -- -- I have some major flaws this is not a while draft. -- and that's somebody. Who. They -- right there at the mix but. That they're not accent but rampant drug that is his point about the B plus player -- post player McConnell would be. When you're picking where the patriots normally pick and they're all B plus and -- there'll be pluses. While but the goal is to find that a player that nobody else has registered a goal but for the most part if you're -- the playoffs. Like the patriot news. You're picking anywhere for and let's trade up for me to pick where from when he would have little time that the NFL draft a guy that some other spots -- it certainly in the NBA draft should be plus that the good great. I said they -- all season. -- an animal little a little biased right now after being in Seattle for the last four years and watching what the biggest joke of Boston Pete Carroll and bill. What people think of Pete -- aggressive because I had aids -- thought. When he was first on when he first on the contract in Seattle. After watching the PX that he made in the spot he made them. -- question that. You can get Russell Wilson in the third round corporate jets quarterback and he Richard Sherman but he also really good player can play any -- fifth round I don't favorite picture and picture which would you know the biggest part of your military service chain is yeah ground. When we see these third fourth fifth round picks the turn out to be -- Start you know what assignment you gotta find it -- no matter what they had. That's right and I'm -- the goal obviously is to fire fighting it because after all the guys you mentioned third round pick fifth round pick. They got the the ultimate 88 plus plus right sixth round. And they got another eight in the fourth round and he goes and got a B plus it in -- in the fifth round done pretty well to. They haven't done -- many of those recently they haven't hit on that stole or a little bit later in the draft and I think that's about Iraq. That's one what was the they're second round that Hernandez that the court could. Those -- are pretty good and not those of the kind of -- you gotta make -- in the car I might. They're just quickly -- before he gets started how much are those are are coming back to value though. The league that at the time was not valuing tight ends the -- the patriots were the CE EP. -- the spot where they have a chance to take advantage of the low value of tight end and end up with two guys who really a first round talent. Later in the draft because they see volumes are -- The problem and technically might go through that Hernandez gronkowski and Ridley second third fourth round pick who they've done pretty decent. Rebuilding the offense around Brady. To go to tonight's -- I think between nine. The mindset has to be the teacher doesn't think the best player available not quarterback obviously. I don't I think and running back I think anywhere on the up in the line wide receiver or or defense wherever the best players there. I think until they have to go and actually true for us from Washington -- -- -- you work two Brothers play in the NFL and if you somehow they're 29. I think that the players that. He's given me you wouldn't complain Mikey can play that nickel corner that people talked about I watched him in college -- thought -- -- For the first couple years and last year my my co -- out there that you watch this kid's gonna be a first round pick and I stopped. I laugh off -- I think you're UH -- we're. I try -- thinks and I he had a fantastic year and show that he is absolutely first round pick if that's the patriots get. They they could do a lot worse and his family he's he's one of those kids from a good -- -- the. -- what went. But the question in my view trust of overall the trust the patriots do the right thing. I detrimental to did you do I think that was one thing I think people are talking about through that Cleveland was broken -- pretty intricate for a quarterback. And -- built into the perpetrated I think would you or would you do with your ballot check. You try to Ryan mallet and -- let me thirteen second round pick to Cleveland doesn't have a second round pick. And you get Cleveland 20141. Round pick which make metro. Depends applies if I if I really -- and I had a great greed on somebody like get with Cleveland -- to. You're picking -- didn't Cleveland's first round pick. Triggered. It next year to get their first round pick and betrayed your backup quarterback. And the second round pick -- -- Thirteen backing Clinton isn't that -- back -- -- -- Gordon. -- by what -- noted that might they would run Michael Marty quickly again. Everything with the -- had about a town they were -- to go back if you get that they'd run him out of town again would do. Any heartbeat because they're playing in the division airplane in this you've got the Steelers. Who didn't make the playoffs last year but are playoff game and get the ravens who won the Super Bowl and -- the bagels in the dimension -- complex here. Cleveland they improve. And five or six went. This market. Publicly evil beast opened up that I'd say our. So can you leave Cleveland trading Fareed and other low mobility to haul for me that's what they. A low mobility tall quarterback let's get back in April that same thing I don't see them trading -- and already half. -- -- -- -- but I can that you put in the united aren't resulted. Reading is not a night. Is much -- them out you must be brought forth by yours like fifty years old valuable -- -- phone lines -- here do you trust the patriots. And when -- get to -- Bruins thing is well we're in Egypt for thirty salt and holly on location stadium bar and grill on State Street. Down by the annual hall there WB. Built the city we. Hopefully these athletes but the street to -- -- The children. People hurt. Not good that's a good think he's there that was -- at the -- Think the big piece of the big ones and almost famous recently. I -- particular -- that's that's not a bad idea. On local electric and phone Torres and move. Wildlife McGwire has finally come by its alternately -- for me. A little bit much better of -- and ordered a better route. I think about you. Relax I got my -- like omelet it's the scene. -- in my parents house as you know we got the white. And we didn't -- only really explain apparent now that my parents -- that there. Right my sister has moved back temporarily she is. She's -- In the house so hurtful. Does the dog the dog he's a lot of tension yet I -- my wife and fifteen month old daughter. Also there's that we have the -- and house broken clear not entirely and it -- but but it's beautiful but if you leave your shoes around -- have a little surprise that. Through it or about beat -- plus you haven't told that's between him and fifteen month old. -- Didn't encourage other kids that met with the it that well so that's my life and meanwhile. I'm getting I'm getting cheers from sweating pro constantly -- Says he's years sauce is actually in the losses in the house does not like your normal sauce often in some other some other building he's actually here with us as we here at the stadium. He's demonstrated for me earlier I was so curious. Because -- generous guy like nine guys that goes on to demonstrate. Which didn't jurors in the land. A big hair in high heels. In they moved -- and street. You know you pick this woman -- that part of arrests. 01 of the women that are here not only to show me the technical. Don't know why we're what we're here stadiums sports bar Whitman I'm into the bar from time to time but he's not gonna do not gonna pick any of we will not we will not allow that happened -- -- -- inappropriate tablet with a legal. Other than that -- It's legal if they sent it probably won't consent to a. Obviously it's non consensual who -- -- eagle nobody is suggesting that exhaust are groping people don't want the ballots that the he says he was gonna go around and asked people you know what was the question about the -- How far average house sweaty enemy get before officially becomes attractive that's the question. Are we -- to worry about that is your commander here you have a wife. You have you have a -- so I think you're when you're putting words these calls wanna get to the Bruins the -- that. One of the most common piece of advice like not to dermatologist right right. There's a post -- rest of the story here they'll have to -- -- -- a few minutes the sauce and then and then these calls while salt and holly W --

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