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Danny Ainge: Emphasis on defensive play may be hurting our offensive prowess late in games

Apr 25, 2013|

We check in with Danny Ainge as the Celtics are down 2-0 to the Knicks in round one of the NBA playoffs. Danny tries his best to give us answers as to why the Celtics aren't matching up well with New York, especially in the second half of games one and two.

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Celtics obviously down 20 in their series against the knicks get back at it tomorrow night at the garden Danny Ainge joins us as he does every week brought you -- quality insulation. In my town fair tire. -- just quickly I saw the news this morning and then I haven't seen whether it's been explained -- not so I apologize -- passed but Avery Bradley. I saw reportedly to practice today what happened. Oh no I don't think people who -- late. But you know what out I wasn't what that practice early this morning that. And I had you you might not have been on the court even -- we get treatment or. That I didn't see him on the part that can. I just because there's no issue with Avery Bradley from a team standpoint ignored or. I injury standpoint expectant. To play him in his shoes on. -- do. Not out another news story and he was that Doc Rivers spot 5000 dollars is that if this. What what did you think of the line what you think of docs posted comments. After that loss to New York it's. -- Don't know I'm not try to you don't have to say okay he's right. It joking about it. What what did you think of a better question is that that will protect you take it for whatever you ticketing or what ago. What was what was your impression. Game to -- it is thought the -- Well I thought that we means we we need to play it was more -- Orbital and visit. This is the team I've seen play all year the first half have been a bit about the second -- and not wish I had an explanation. But we just need to be tougher. Let's that was what is what is it that's a tough instigating the physical play I think that there. Giving him we're not be responding and mean but I I'd like that the initiated in -- Contacted. You to be aggressive and you know not let their pressure. Effective as much as. When you say that I I think of Kevin Garnett because when I think of aggressiveness when I think of toughness both physical and mental. He's the guy that I think stand -- the that the that everyone believes. Is the embodiment of that for the Boston Celtics how much of it is is is up to Kevin Garnett to do what you're talking about. Well the first bought me and I think it. You know Kevin always does play our I think he'd never really gotten rid of this foul trouble so what's given night it. Without making excuses I mean that if everybody it's got to be everybody and it's got -- you know Avery. Embodies toughness and Paul Pierce you know is -- this. And you know Jeff Green when he's playing in the ways that we need him to play he's playing with you know asserting himself and -- Jason Perry you know we know how tough he is. And you know -- right on down the line picks everybody -- about it takes to every one of the guys we don't have to leave it. We can rely on what are you guys we got to get good performances out of out of -- whole team we have to do it and -- Few how much how much dark that you put in. Not having. Even if you agree with this statement. Not having a true point guard on the roster how much. Stock do you put into that. Really hurting you in the post season. I think those are just excuses we we know on this we've been preparing for the playoffs we're. A few months I think. We've we have what we have and got to be the best. You know I guess that right now I just don't think we played like we. We're capable plain mean it's one thing is to lose to a team that. Deserves to be -- the better team and but I just don't I feel like we've we've come out ready to play and for whatever reason I have no idea but. -- the beginning of the third quarter the last two games has not been good. You mentioned toughness have you seen more of a problem on the offensive or defensive side of the ball. It to me it's all an attitude I think that when you try to define whether you know you're off it's win you keep that win. It's attitude that we did it's your perspective in years. And the way you played -- and I think often takes care of itself sometimes but I think Phil both did the F. You got to create offense sometimes with the defense that you're struggling you got to find a way. It's like I'd liken it to a pitcher that don't have the best stuff he's still got to get guys out. And you know we've we've we've got to find a way to. Get stopped -- you open court but we -- but offensively we need to assert ourselves we need to be more physical offensive. They got the league's -- scores so obviously you know Carmelo Anthony the tough matchup for you or anybody else but if you look at it overall. I don't want to put words about the city but it felt like -- elected -- the good match up. For your team despite being battled to do you like that that match up -- -- -- -- the -- Well no not particularly they're very good that great deal of respect for the you -- a great player. Maybe the toughest matchup he apparently he's right there in the same category. And the difficult matchup -- them abroad in the Kevin Durant mean. -- Kobe Bryant and he's one of those types of players they can score against perfect deep. Don't know why I'm not particularly thrilled with the match but they're they're very good opposite he's been very -- -- And you know about like your guys play with -- mean that the Carmelo -- initiating. Physical play and these credit. -- -- -- this that has to decide. I want to get your take on this that you actually played against. The guy I am I'm about to bring up I mentioned earlier in the week and said. Carmelo Anthony is a modern day put our team whether the listeners that no way but our king was a much better player. I'm thinking that maybe Carmelo Anthony is a better -- the barking when he -- Well I mean Bernard with special to -- that -- you're talking two of the of these scores of their time means to different time now I think it. I think that's what makes Carmelo more difficult and Bernard is his side -- -- street Bernard was 65. And you know we still couldn't guard him. Of -- garbled player but Carmela gets to the free throw line any shoot the three ball. And you get to the -- You know he's the complete package you can't let him take open shots. You -- crowding me crowding me you know we get into the paint and get the free throw line. And gets to the rim so. You know he's this he's a guy like -- said you could play perfect defense you know. And he could still score. Both players. Very rare. Soft cast -- earlier about Kevin Garnett being the embodiment of toughness that asked about Kevin Garnett physically. -- he had -- he had to miss some time late in the season whether it was a restaurant was the foot or combination of that. That's one thing and now we hear that he had hip problem in game two. Where would you put the health of Kevin Garnett -- in its policies a lot of people are nicked up but. Is he still picked up where we can't expect to be the KG that we've seen over the past years. I -- -- I think he's he's -- to be at his best tomorrow night and I don't know he looked good practice today's move as well. And I expect PD to be good tomorrow. Talking to Danny Ainge as we do every single week he's brought you by quality insulation in my town fair tire. You come back and win this series if fill in the blank. We got to make shots I mean we've got to have contributions -- a lot of people we can't do it with. With one -- two guys the New York has done. So we don't have that back underscoring how we don't have those -- keep these score in the NBA and working right now so we gotta get contributions of a lot of. Do you think. I I know you don't want to make excuses I'm a mother try to after the wayward doesn't sound like -- excuse. For Paul Pierce who is who was going to be in a hall of fame in his career is over I know he's a terrific player. Is he being asked to do a lot too much where he has to score -- he has handled the lawfully at definitively. He's got to at least be able to help -- Carmelo Anthony would get when he gets going is it. Is it to other guys have to step up to take some of the onus off -- -- here's. Yes community -- in port charges two teams you know that your anyone else -- the -- taken any. Paul is you're leading scorer. Carrier about the -- You know Paul is right now our best player. In her best score and you know he he needs help he needs other guys step it up. -- kids do with the kids do the whole game but it's the grind for here. Paul still. Shows signs of being a great player he's not as consistently as great as he was five years ago but. He is still looked fantastic player in this league and he's showing. Anyway we played some senate yesterday I'll read it to you here from JR Smith to set after game two that the Celtics were quote a little Fuzzy up top on who they wanna get it to and why without Rajon Rondo when Rondo was out there he said. You're in a certain flow. When he's not out there they sort of don't know who to go to what pleased to run. That's a credit to a great player like Rondo when he's in the game he seems to know two or three plays ahead of what they wanna do. Is he accurate -- they Fuzzy on top without Rondo did that does that team know what it wants to do in the clutch without him there. Well we have an opportunity to play a lot of game. But. But listen he's you know if you just look around -- the equivalent to thirty years those secretly you're. Great players at this time really stepped. And you know our guys that was our best player last year in the playoffs the guys it. You know had 44 at Miami that you got it to the position that we were. That has been the MVP. Of multiple playoff series over the last handful of years. Not just playoff games the playoff series. You know he's the guy that certainly is capable would be in the best to have a court on any given night. He's a terrific player and we certainly miss him and we -- then Natalie your law. But do they know what they wanna do in those spots and that had all year to figure out what they would do it and what their identity is without them I'd bet -- -- now. What it but you know I think that that. A little blown out of proportion just because they hate we we have these scenes challenges before I mean. Losing double figure -- -- in this in this fourth quarter game. Is not something that is just happen. This -- been going on for you know three or four years. And I wish I knew you know sometimes I think we put such an effort is in the emphasis on defense that. You know organizer. You know don't have the energy to keep cutting and moving and so forth without all of fourth quarter. I don't know what it is but it's not the heat it's not just the wrong position -- and Rondo like is that he has the chance -- -- abilities take over games. As we've seen him do. Against you -- players and world. And you know we don't have a player like that and -- But not knowing what to do or what place to run. You know we should. Under any circumstance to every team goes we've got a little bit. We should not be government. Problem -- Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge joins us is he does every week good luck tomorrow night thanks to -- All right guys thanks again and change their course -- -- quality insulation in town fair tire are a few things that much time in life. I thought I heard a few things in there that it did certainly raise an eyebrow for me.

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