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Joe Castiglione and Dave O'Brien's Extra innings Podcast

Apr 25, 2013|

Here's Joe & Dave's latest edition of Extra Innings. The boys talk all things Red Sox and answer your text questions!

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Welcome to our latest edition of extra innings podcast -- stately old -- able Brian. Here in this day this is number so they keep getting better and better we hope. Well they do the critical reviews are in from the first one Joseph and I I gotta tell you we're humbled. We're beside ourselves -- gratitude I think that. The fact that so many view. Have listened to the podcast I counted fifteen or sixteen. As wonderful and that many folks who wanna get on in and listen to the podcast numbers are growing. People are obviously I'm delighted with the effort so far and and I think that all comes back to you. And the fact do you take the lead on the podcast you do so much preparation and hard work Donovan. And a its -- by the way what a beautiful day at Fenway and as we come via its right after. One of the worst nights of the season the thirteen or nothing game that was eventually washed out and thank god it was. And all the Alfredo say the stock that is who have been -- on after that. Yes certainly that was 05 but -- -- cast will be archive because. Who knows that what the value will be down the road but you're right down the road when they open these up in the Smithsonian broadcast institute is legal right there to -- that good. Who knows some of these things could -- command millions of dollars on the open market. While we're letting have our fans. You have what they want that makes any questions in that will try to answer that his best we can't. The first one is if you could have. Any other job what would it be. We'll keep you can you can answer that I think because you're you're also a teacher wouldn't you want to be a teacher if you couldn't be a broadcaster. Quieter teacher at this Jackie yes have I -- used to. -- -- as you did that most of us who started the around the time that I that you did that had to do everything in broadcasting that was a lot of one. But I do enjoy the teaching aspect that at northeaster for as long as -- got the penny out of your livelihood. I think I would want to be in the advertising business side I have found the advertising business to be. Phenomenal the the idea that you can you know take in advertising campaign for a major car dealer. Or a Coca-Cola or some -- And create you know all whole project around that hole format. To sell that product to really get creative you go humorous you can go more serious. I always thought that would be a great way to make a living and then that great television show mad men came on. You follow -- at all do you watch it I -- OK John -- great show that's based in the 1960s. Those guys got to -- such cool suits. You know great looking very sharp cuts suit if that's the way it really is you know you get to go -- to the go to the office maybe pours Scotch yell and work in and you get to where these great close woman that's the job for me. For a martini lunch and all that but yeah it's like KO going to -- -- -- nearly getting awfully Long Island railroad. I think that would be or right here in Boston you know working and advertising firm here here in Boston so you know if the broadcasting thing you know never works out. Eventually down the road certainly that's that's a possibility. Are they teaching is great because -- you see kids development see -- of ability and hopefully they improve. And their careers take golf course doesn't happen with. All of them because some of them don't have. The desire to do it I think we are broadcasting. You really look for that somebody is willing to pay the price. And two go to the small market at work bad hours to work what other people -- party experts think that's obviously what you're gonna work. And there's a lot of. Parties give us a lot of parties to gonna miss a lot of social dates you know you and I have worked Summers our entire lives a lot of things you you simply don't get a chance to do. That other people -- birthday parties anniversary sometimes you have to make amends for that and a noted does. If it means -- time you do spend with your loved ones pass to be just with them you know minus the side the cell -- and and the -- -- all that stuff. You know you have to be with your family when you with your family that that's out of Monday morning even if -- on -- Monday or Tuesday morning. Joseph when you talk about young people going to college in wanting to get into broadcasting. I think that's one thing you're right date they don't think about the sacrifices. That are necessary. You know working from midnight to 6 AM on net that shift where practically no one's listening to the radio. You know when you're 1920 years old you have to put in that time in order to be someplace we can make your mistakes and get better. Every once in awhile doing those ships certain things just to see if they what was the offense that that a full lineup would. Would light up. But let's get to a couple of the other questions on the podcast listen very interesting one because you and I bowl -- Nomar Garciaparra and really likeable lot. Would you like to have Nomar as a coach on the team such as a bench coach. I think Nomar would be a spectacular hitting coach if he wanted to go that way. In a bench coach down the line what are your thoughts if they think it's it's still -- about that one I don't know but he has such a bundle of nervous energy. And he wants to get -- did he did have a bad as he and all the time I guarantee it. Why I think -- he would beach's Sally getting that that probably would that be involved today being aggressive if that first fastball. And that worked for Nomar. And that is not a second guess -- he's the best right in the hitter along with Manny that we've seen in thirty years here won. Nomar loves baseball loves being around it but I think there's some thing honestly that he would wanna do right now before jumping back in. Grab and uniform and being back on the bench again and that would be. To move Villa Somalia and he is not only good when it comes to knowledge of wines and -- winds and food. He is spectacular rather he's got a real gift for I mean it I hit a against very similar to his hitting gift he's he's a genius at it. And I've spent enough nights in restaurants for Nomar to know this is true that's something he has a great enthusiasm for and he is a tremendous wine collection of his own. And in both he and his wife Mia -- are great fans of and that's something I think it like to do either all a winery of his own bottles on wine. Or work as a Somalia a week in you have to take a test for that which is very arduous you really have to know your stuff there's no skirting it but he's tremendous set. I think we -- this interest when he played the Red Sox because we've never heard of it was burgeoning as a player he said that as as a Red Sox player. Because he got -- some great restaurants here in town. That's really word developed and then traveling to different places around the country you go to New York you know different restaurants have superior one analyst there. You go to northern California. You stay in San Francisco when you're playing DA's that's great wind could go to Chicago you get to know people who really in the restaurant business know what they're talking about. And he learned did you know sort of on the fly and seen a lot of players. That would John Farrell in fact. Is he wine enthusiast you -- 90 the Joseph Maddon the skipper art but I Tampa Bay Rays is a huge -- guy he's given us up over the years and yes he has in the end regularly opens the bottle after victory. Down in his office but I think that. It it it's a good business that baseball all the traveling and all the opportunities to to go to different restaurants and sampled different things around the country that really built up Nomar is interest and he spectacular. Why the -- would be a good hitting coach and getting back to the fans question if he. Decided that's what he wanted to do I think -- to communicate well with people you had a as a partner of and ESP at. I think that he would understand players who maybe don't have the same skills he had. Because he. Is that guy that that does have the sense of apathy. -- and I think you know a hitter can have his own style. But it it and Nomar is one of these guys who's open to other styles of hitting two. For that individuals so I have no doubt that he would be a really really top grade hitting coach if you wanna do that. Another question from a fan why are you guys keep the window open when it's cold what's the benefit well. To beat so we don't always keep it cold. And -- was here we. Posted at BA any event the next night was actually brought Julio Prado was Davis right in Malaysia movers and now with your window open. I I didn't and by the fourth inning a drop that for me it's a feeling of being inside the ballpark. You know if I wanna feel like I'm not at broadcasting from a studio and if my windows are closed. My feeling or were shoddy and we monies will be doing game off the television monitor. But there is a point word becomes on a reasonable. To keep windows open and we got to that point last night yeah. Witness -- sometimes it bigger factor than cold because. -- Keeping score and they know we can't work outs -- -- it would have really blown around that makes it very difficult but generally we're tough we're. Bostonians were doing what we are we were born here this is home and we know winters really but you know after awhile it's like OK I think we've proved what would have we wanted to prove. But at the end -- -- unlike what I wanna be in the ballpark I I gotta have my windows open if the weather will cooperate in to any degree we do have an Oakland 40 larger percentage of the time that our Brothers and it's like the people. That's a whole other story but they never. Open their new windows over there doing that and they always close. I think it close on the thirtieth in the air conditioning. Out now OK but that's that's -- there -- Sox -- right -- a question. Let them do their -- -- there. -- will interleague play be discontinued during the regular season. I don't think self. -- proving profitable and that's the bottom line. Well certainly not gonna be discontinued this season now starting earlier because of the divisional alignments out the Houston Astros. Now on the American League west in every division has the same number of teams throughout baseball fifteen in each league. It's actually citing a little bit earlier I'm not thrilled with that I I like waiting until later in the summer but I think is -- it's become. Very popular and and by the way. I think this series against the Phillies the Sox series against the Phillies are more intense oftentimes than the games with the Yankees. And this year going to be that way too because the Phillies are here for two veteran says go to the Phillies for -- -- the state -- you know and that's a very very rare rest scheduling quirk. But. Rival is like that -- grade -- -- -- the Pittsburgh Pirates of the Minnesota Twins cuts it but. It does show that the attendance figures are good and I don't think giving them mess with the bottom line up and ordered nor should be at this point one more can we explain why tasting sweet Caroline -- friendly park you have an answer -- Why I think it just happens one of those things that just happen they played it once they fans started to sing along. And the feel in. The blanks in the chorus in. I think it just took profit became popular the Red Sox -- they were winning in. It happened this past decade. 0407. And that became the standard. You -- fortunately I that you can't say this is going to be I think so on and there it goes I think. It just evolved. Up it became organic it's just like a win win certain closures command. And if they have success with the music they're playing when they command they stick with -- and then they kind of take on a life of their own it's happened with. Mariano Rivera -- some degree with -- when he was here. And with Trevor Hoffman in San Diego playing hells bells and he would command and people love that that was kind of a cool thing to be around he would jog in from the bullpen it was like ball game over you know. And no business even trying here so yeah it's still one of the cool things I have not gotten tired of it. And certainly after what we saw the other day when Neil Diamond came out performed it live on the -- I think. Get -- it added a new life to it really showed the impact that it has and wasn't that wonderful story Neil Diamond. I think his own way society become here after the second. Suspect it it captured and asking if he's pitching at Fenway Park that's that's one of the great stories of the season. They really really got us you know really understood that. Might might. Feeling was that somebody told me this years ago that he didn't really understand initially why didn't really. Embrace why sweet Caroline was being played but somebody explain its -- And he's. Boise ever embraced it. It's wonderful. Any final thoughts were up by my cast before -- the next edition. I think number two this is our second one was even better than number one and I didn't think we could get any better than than the first one -- line I was humbled by that just to be a part of that this is incredible. You never -- learning there's always room for -- exactly remember that and hearing what other what the fans. Right and it takes the -- give us this -- listed questions and we hope to do it again next week. That's extra innings for the session. I'll be able over biology. --

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