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Ryan Dempster, Red Sox P: Differences between pitching in AL/NL

Apr 25, 2013|

Dempster joins Mut and Merloni to discuss pitching in the AL, the Red Sox clubhouse, his glove twitch, and gives a Fat Bastard impersonation.

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Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster nice enough to join us harrah's half are you supposed to join -- contact Ryan muddle how are you. I'm courier era and college is doing great meant to -- you know here at Thursday. So it doesn't -- the -- -- should -- ask you this because some look at -- generally you're strikeout kind of guy -- -- going on here you know and this year even last year in Texas you know trigger more guys you haven't. At a different rate per nine this year ridiculous. I'm just trying to get adjusted the American League you know. If -- -- are you -- because as a leader no pitchers throw. -- I don't know why it's confidence -- for the I -- I'll take -- I like. Who -- pitched out about -- those older it was great. Remember. Airport -- I think. Aggregate for the most part -- -- get ahead of hitters more than anything when you do that you can expand the strike zone enough. You know just try to come to Auburn and just throw strike one and go right to strict -- suspects and then. You know be a convenient shortcut because of it you know I'm sure there's going to be games. You know he did that stretch in game -- don't strike many people are so. I'm not I don't really read too much into a third straight -- throw it overrated but there's they're nice to get era third base -- -- -- Do you -- said he made a joke about -- the American League do you think that that couple of months or month that plus with Texas -- does that help you last year. So you're not going completely into a new league there was an experience last year against the -- I think it's too the first three start kinda made -- wake up and make an adjustment I think all. You know into my first street Circuit -- rounding into those starts you know -- run and -- again and it. Just gotta say either wake up here interpreted some more quality pitches and I think so yeah that is is where it comes down to is that. You don't get that break to the bottom of the lineup you know that you that you can get it started to break a one hitter would happen it's her nationally you'd better. And I won't you can almost start pitch around seven or better. -- not maybe give them something great it knowing that. You know a couple that you have the pitcher get to out run around third base you -- based on that I'd be the situation for you don't -- -- -- the audio or. Certainly you don't get that and so yeah -- you have. All we pitch after quality -- -- -- You don't get ahead and and limit your walks keeping the baton on you but I did you think being an American League in just sitting at least that realizing it's doubtful -- this year. Than just pitch to different types of lineups like you just said was are different style and a lot of people in the National League it's always been the stigma that they they challenge you more. New guy comes horse that won a change of maybe not seen -- was there some different there's well. Yeah I don't know maybe a little bit more patient at times you know it started having him very strategic in -- you know each team. Each individual -- their approach to the adults who do you find that he's there are approaches what they would do what they wanna. The other sense and I think. No you're right -- one team you know you look at Oakland army except I seem like you're retired earlier than most guys at 32 count to count. Well a lot of -- workers on the candidacy was more of swinging team they develop their damage early in the count your first pitch hit the bat sort. You know those things they. You know I think it varies from team to team. That we believe the you know have a handle -- -- from local poppy did you bring a guy you'd -- inform -- aptly that despite slide everybody aren't. It just makes your team all a stronger person that DH. You know hold on hold other bonafide turner. We're talking a Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster. I saw that if you. You listed the seven reasons why you had the glove twitch during your wind up one in which was more important effect when you can -- the catcher -- mid pitch or. The fact the love the smell leather that fresh leather smells really good. That special -- smelling like not now you know when you're up trouble mountains. It's just great that they love leave and I'm pretty plain old images mixed reduce my element -- they're really happy I just started doing it -- -- -- a -- my career. I'll tell you what your -- -- -- -- says he saved your career by a point this out he comes of all of those every Friday and -- Part of San TV and all of us you know nightclub -- that was my idea AA. He still pitching because of that beat east take all the credit for that. Get out of it very much like if you don't appreciate his help and not you know I'm not -- -- -- -- is. Is simple and all of that he achieved it yet to meet. -- single -- -- -- you move it a little bit I don't think he thought I was in net com north. One trip of the globe. And and stuff like that so it was. It was. Kind of turned into what it is now but -- you know that was -- -- -- minority leader not. You know -- do it -- will regimen it's not a good idea I got a team do it is that. Now he gets if he drags everybody so you gotta give some back to him what's -- -- -- -- last year we talked about this team and and I have talked W coming here and just and the attitude to have some fun joking but still work in and I felt like overall the -- some time to themselves too serious and accountability last year and has been lacking. You -- hard luck starter here you look at -- we pitched much better than that there's never excuses. Notes accountability always want try to make a better if that is something that you always believe did in -- talked the other guys about that is well. Yeah a lot of I think it is it's you know it's always easy to make an excuse for whoever we're always. You Bob. To go and maybe -- India certainly in depth at the end of the day. -- what did you do year drop. That error. And you know that's how I look at it it I was really fortunate seat where Greg Maddux -- sitting on the bench with 2004. And political pitchers are just talked about run support and you know he's he the culprit here in the car each network or your -- He is gonna look -- it was curtains and a winning game one and not. And and it's true in its a -- it a complete you're you're not gonna get any runs in those days. That you got to fight got to wait it out pitched the other guy. So when you lose a game. 21 or two run that country somewhere -- you can make better pitches -- that double that are -- great article -- and then. On the you know whether it's you know throughout the run on the base defense your hitting pitching your -- of -- and we're all accountable and so. We look at ourselves first and -- it -- not done better. You know it and and relied thirteen it they're gonna do the same thing I think more important that you look at thirteen pitchers -- Every every guy on the team at the same thing we all saying what we've done better. Look prudent for the next time out I think that's a huge thing and it probably goes a long way and when you're on your teammates being accountable. It makes you feel more probable appreciate it and -- -- upon. One of the stories I loved -- spring training Ryan was one the -- and John -- behind clay -- to the stop watch because there were times last year where. Clay would really slow down just 2628. Seconds sometimes between pitches and he's with the stop watch -- clock continue does speed up -- speed up. Do you believe and at that pace -- do you believe the you have to have an active pace a quick pace sustain again it helps a pitcher throughout the course of the game. Yeah I think you cultural lottery and they get help solemn. I think it helps your own rhythm of the pitcher. This could be times because -- be Condrey eutectic greats he's the all article killer -- -- -- your life you pack -- -- But he keeps -- killer on their toes making good plate umpire is right and go -- No I think apart like it when guys were quick story continues the current don't you're doing -- at a quicker patient like that pitched that. You know maybe -- without the ball maybe to stop later looks like it out all label because you're you're working quick you are straight Sony they technical pitches. And who doesn't give big -- time to really process. You know what what -- strong when they -- shave they'd -- experts were older. That you know it's not like fourteen or fifteen seconds did it -- -- process. Actually the pitch through what it it worked broke up so you can make a pitch -- -- also injured not really given that hitters that edged Gil that there. And say okay what are the forty stroke you know you look at hitters and earn a boxer not an eight more than what pitchers were quick to step out there are a -- and you know I just I just firmly believe -- that have always been a guy that tried to work pretty quick and and get out there and get the ball go one and you know like I believe it's beneficial. Yeah it is as the my -- parent has to be about 20/20 five seconds. To really look at about it and I -- an -- there -- bit of an -- -- -- of reporters and radio guys in the team but last year when it was like that. Hard to believe that that the team. Had gone to all that have done just as far as this team this year in the -- it's in pop out of those guys go through after the team that was built the year and there right now with. Yeah all I mean yes and no I mean you look at it now orders into -- so much were focused on 2013. -- -- -- so that's kind of our concern we. We -- com. Media in general people in general you know it's hard it's really really -- suit. Look forward did not focus on the past and so we we look forward because a lot of us here sorts Hartford even apples conversation because we were here currency so. I think that we bring in new light. It was a lot of new guys would bring to light and energy for the guys to -- Com and we just focus on the here and you know I've been on teams in the past were. You know you look at it he doesn't have -- normal street and then slowly but surely -- in your situation repression. Or short time later that you know it. That's tough mentally when you have guys that were on that world team. You know I went through the same thing in Chicago won a division 2008 seat belt seventy belt player all the sudden. It is every year we just progressively you kind of look further further -- that so. Arm but the nice part is we. You know we got to -- a really good start here at popular stop and we get a really good team we're leaving each other we talk about being really really good we -- -- -- and our organization and we would wanna go out there making out. ABC India regional SI cover with your teammate Jonny Gomes as a strong. Strong triumph after tragedy. Yet it also means that we're talking about that don't bet and and it's you're just Chopra argue about technique -- a bigger media in -- -- from -- take graduation. Finally breaking through graduation of all wanna get it yet it would I didn't do anything. And I thought Sports Illustrated and he told me make a big giant bed covers tribute to take over. They got a few cleaned up Andrew Miller's hair and beard the it -- clear up Johnny's or what is that things get one on his face. But she's means is that out of appear to go winner return. I I think our producer Joey told you but we we we know and in the -- Dallas in the pressure Galaxy in the month on. -- and we see them on the Internet and our listeners voted -- three different options we gave him Ryan Nate. They would like to hear your fat bastard oppression not this is like a lock up to comedians and hey be funny so I'll put you on the spot but they did. Are they did vote to hear that today. Ego that he just hang out perfect. The biggest hang up on -- he did. Preston did a purpose fat bastard I would do the same exact thing if someone -- they do that impression you knew I'd hang up I'd. What are hung up on -- -- Hamas to aren't and I -- well make me laugh. Is murkier. -- as a guy yeah. We'll look at Randy and I. Looked at me on a morning though it you'd you'd today. You don't want some chicken like more of it. Step faster think a -- that be the question. You lose only one or runner. On the TV either. And thought about doing that that or -- -- generate a little -- I believe. Brian thank you fat bastard thank you appreciate the title today and now best -- this level are on tomorrow we'll tell me that I. -- absolutely guys anytime -- a pleasure. I think Ryan Dempster Red Sox pitcher joining us on the eighteenth the island guys that very big cells that Joseph wasn't funny joke you do. It is fun about a pilot hung up there by the way Gillick who you would do that is comedian. They'd be funny right. This stuff from Ryan Dempster if you missed any -- -- money can checked -- later on. At WEEI dot com and on to me get a break come back we'll tell you what's on tap in salt and -- a -- of a location for the drew. Anywhere. Murray calorie or nine guys in Chicago. I lose our loses do bond very lonely job di needs three points of the Boston. A home run --

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