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Mike Reiss, ESPNBoston.com, Patriots perspective on NFL Draft

Apr 25, 2013|

Reiss joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the NFL Draft and the possibility of the Patriots trading their first round pick. He also discusses the team's need for a WR and the interest around the league for Ryan Mallett.

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Our two Butler got a three point seven WEEI. I do miss the full first three rounds of the NFL draft on Saturday. Something fun about -- drink and sit down -- Paul Tagliabue. Back in the day. Now your prime time around one tonight Jack the -- Pete Carroll stop to -- I wanna be I'm with you like the first three. But I get a feel auto adaptable and 45 to find out that the New England Patriots have announced that they've treated at the reporting on trade cards and -- About 11 o'clock and -- see a Jack or are they should get five or better or stay awake. Watch them trade back in the draft first round next year's fourth this year one of our favorites in the football seasons Mike -- of ESP in boston.com he has 55 minutes away from chatting with you on ESPN boston.com and I snuffed out. Hop on -- tells exactly the pats are gonna take a 29 -- that just tells the name -- -- the stay up late. For 11 o'clock tonight. Good morning guys that I think and Lou you're right on it I think if if the opportunity presented itself my my sense is that both straight out and the big. Part of it is is that way distressed structured it's it's probably. Doesn't have that top end talent in the first round but there's some. Quality depth into the second round for the feeling being if you can maybe pick up an additional second round pick her like you said. Moving to next year's -- step that might be estimated at best course of action from their viewpoints. How much we keep an -- on on the movement of these quarterbacks and when they ago. -- I would think -- they all start to slip that I think it's an absolute no brainer right someone try to diving into first round. -- happen and that the one thing to consider though Lewis said they're they're not the only team looking to move out you know -- with this being the draft so I think. Well that'll be definitely be interesting thing to watch I look at which teams need quarterbacks and what sort of fascinating. -- two of them are right in your division so I -- which really trade. With the jets there which -- really trade with buffalo. I'm not sure I mean they've done it in the past -- Drew Bledsoe but. Let's say they like the kid from Syracuse where they think highly of geno Smith and say wait a minute you make that trade. That's the bassist guy twice the year you know bind for the division title. I think that's another intriguing later today. You mentioned them that it did the draft the draft feeling is that there's a lot of depth the year Mike and it. Is that the main reason they'd trade out or because they only go to this thing with what five draft picks this is so do you for bella checked that I flooding before. The break down a draft came out that they would trade do you expect not just the -- tonight but across the draft that they might try to trade back in different rounds to accumulate more picks. -- -- yeah I think the key is like where they use this sweet spot much like if it's if they think that the best spot to be at the second round. There may -- they just trade back once into the second round if they think it goes -- deep as the third in the and the fourth. And I consider multiple trades that I agree with your point the fact they only -- five selections through which -- seventh rounder. I think this is very unusual for them Belichick. Always talks about the idea that he likes. More picks because it creates more flexibility to. These opportunities throughout the player is sliding down the board like Chandler Jones last year you can go up and get them. Donta hightower last year you can go up and get them. Bill Belichick has a little bit of a pair of handcuffs on him this year which I don't think he like this I don't think this is what he wants on a year to year basis but the way. Distressed. Look I believe in his viewpoint is not a bad year for this to happen. I think last year was one of the few years -- -- -- going in the jets and this is what they have to address and actually did. I'm just here's a look at your draft and and mud is all excited as you get this kid believe -- Wilson from UConn. As a quarter is that. Out of need out of depth or do you think he just couldn't be the best player there. So when -- need that that. Curious move they beat it's probably a reach in the first round but the idea is that they're probably gonna move back and -- a -- a guy that might take in the top of the second round. So this sort of one of the Lincoln to the patriots and the thinking there. Is that not necessarily need I mean I think he'll definitely play and he would be on. You know the 45 man game day roster has probably -- third or fourth quarterback and then you know -- all the spread passing. Rebecca -- starter hurt you know for basically the way the game -- played. But also because he's equality. Off the field guy that was one thing that stood out -- -- some of the research I did. If people said that this is like another McCord yeah in terms of like that's a tip a guy you want to bring in your locker room and have all your other rookies. Look Q and follow. You know that players will be you can. But let's try to look just beyond the player when talking about the patriots -- more often than not that's something they probably value. Some analysts say more than other teams but certainly they value -- very highly I think every first round pick outside of maybe Brandon meriwether had some trouble back in 07. I always felt. Sort of reflects the way Belichick once this program to be viewed by all the. We're talking in my crease to be SP in Boston doc common edition of that mock draft you've spent a lot of time and ESP in Boston has. On this whole patriots wide receiver issue because not a big guy that I wanna scheme and -- navigate still our wide receiver short but as you guys have pointed out. They have struggled mightily you know it's been a long time like between them drafting a wide receiver towards the beginning of the draft. Having that guy connect. They're thinking they look at their track record and are we wanna spend a high pick and a wide receiver given what's apple and other guys we drafted. Yeah I do I I think it does but can they viewed as a position where you have a higher. But straight if you will and and that's why they. You know partially in my opinion tried to go and sign Emanuel Sanders from the Steelers to an offer sheets so they wouldn't be. You know Indian and and have to take a receiver. Based on what I think we also see is a pretty big need you know that that's because this is the most fascinating part of the draft me. -- I think this -- the may be a little bit of a tougher draft to get excited about in terms of their they're not seeing a lot of stars in this draft the patriots having just fight picks. But to me whether you make the receiver your first pick in the draft your second or even your third. But I think it's an area the patriots need to go it's considered a deep wide receiver class but based on their history. They have struggled to draft and develop receivers. You know it's interesting you know obviously didn't time well in the forty yard dash but. -- faster but I can meet that sort of stand I would and a modest scale and I'll be the first to admit it is market sweeten from Oregon State just because he's that. When you think about the paper receiver you wanna add to the patriots to meet. Give me that guy -- wind speed. And I'm gonna hope he's not what Bethel Johnson is back in 2003 but -- what Mike Wallace became for the Steelers in 2009. Now Mike Ryan -- has exactly had great success since he left not knowing in 2006 but he was here -- -- to. And it happened to be the last time it developed any wide receivers Deion Branch David Givens in that draft. Anything to be said of bringing him back in January and is there anything at all should read into anything as far as him being here Celeste and develop one. I don't I don't think so I I think it helps obviously to have and discuss the knows the system and -- actually do I sort of look at. His -- has almost like future planning ahead. Because Dante Scarnecchia the offensive line coach is obviously closer to -- ended his career than the start who knows when that's going to be. I think Belichick sort of -- are always thinking ahead to speak step. And -- don't they ever decided to retire over the next couple years I don't think anyone would be surprised. You wanna have candidates in house to deflect a roster of players. That could possibly fill the void but the one thing I'd add to that is may be less deep ball and Mormeck -- -- back because we talk about the patriots never really taking a receiver in the first round since 1996. Well mcdaniels did when he was in Denver with a myriad comments and that was a pretty good picks I think. His opinion will will matter I think a little bit in this process and then also you put stock into the fact. That of all the positions that they brought players can further their visits before the draft gets thirty visit. But a quarter of those visits where we're at the receiver position so it's my -- they're really looking hard at this area and strap. Yes you know and just looking at depth and as far as needs to think we forgot because of treats -- so crazy that there's actually a draft and his other ways to improve your team. And -- -- diplomacy you know defensive tackle next to Vince you'll -- -- telling that I thought offensive line is they just they always hit there and Ballmer comes back. We raise it in your mind is there a cover corner linebacker -- draft dessert what other areas other than the obvious of wide receiver. So I mean I I I like just silent on the big defensive tackle the point I would make -- like a lot of times those needs are two years away. What the -- folder examples a good one that's what you draft him in 2011. In the first round. Which -- -- starting tackles back in Matt late. And Sebastian -- that year but you know that Matt late is probably one or two years away from retirement so. So look ahead in in that perspective and I would say interior offensive line the guard center area -- center Ryan when dealt. Is entering the final year of the contract you probably want to bring them back. But you can't leave yourself vulnerable if you don't bring him back cute cute starting guards. Logan Mankins and Dan Connolly are over thirty which we know an NFL years since. Is older so you wanna bring in May be a younger player just to feed the pipeline there coverage linebacker I think is another good one. I can add to the list and an awful defensive back this is considered a deep draft a defensive back and think Bill Belichick once said it's sort of like in baseball they say you can never have enough pitchers the way the game is played in football now on the idea that you can never have enough quarterbacks. And that's sort of ties to the question you asked earlier about. Not lead you ray Wilson I do you think the cornerback well it's not a pressing need. I think it can help -- with a key to leave again on a one year deal with India free agent after the season maybe you look. I had a little bit and you're thinking along those lines. Mike and asking to speculate a little bit but as your writing your recap of the patriots weekend Sunday night into Monday are you writing about Ryan -- it's still this team Ryan mallet traded. For a draft pick at some point between now and Saturday Sunday. I think the odds would be that he would still be with the patriots say it if it is then I would think it's twenty minutes to Cleveland Browns and. Watched them closely in the draft currently slotted at the sixth pick but they don't have a second round pick. In this year's draft we know the connection between Bill Belichick and Mike Lombardi the new general manager with the browns but. To me I guess some -- not convinced that mallet has shown enough at this point to warrant the ground. Giving up what I think the patriots would be seeking to return to trade him. Like last one for me I know you spent a lot of time brick on the -- for patriots standpoint but take in the patriots out of it. Was there a guy that you know you look at it anywhere in this draft and just say boy that's that. That's a player -- he's going to be elite player that guys are starting feel like in in my preparation for this draft he stood out as one of those guys. You know not didn't commit -- that he's not more than anything was like as if Neitzel there. With in this draft the patriots offensive tackle was drafted seventeenth overall two years ago. He might be in contention for the top five -- -- and in full because of that. My sort of focus with -- -- I would think if I was ever picking in this stressed. I'd go for the safest choice possible may be one of the guard you know like chance format from Alabama Jonathan Cooper from North Carolina. Just because. The lack of star power and simple up at the top I just wanna make sure I get a guy. That I could put in there and usually that -- guard position you get a day one starter we felt with Logan Mankins who becomes a foundation player that you sort of sort of up. That's what may be the ho hum nature of the star power in the first round. You know I'm not talking about this before with Emanuel Sanders. You know did Pittsburgh matches that they do enough always it's just stay if it's if it's. If he comes here are great but we're not gonna overspend but if they really want them since they may be -- -- further. Yet and I think it's that there question I mean the way I look at this at the Steelers. Offered more one point three million the patriots basically doubled the offer you gifts he can always look back on inflation they have gone up to 3000003. And a half. I think it's fair in retrospect -- at the time when they made the deal and you know without the benefit of knowing how it turned out I thought it was sort of a conservative. But strategic. Offer -- because it's only for one year or so you are giving something up with a third round pick that you know could be this Markus -- you know from Oregon State sometimes. You know it's it's more of an unknown going into the draft but the upside could potentially be greater so. Fair question based on what we know now the fact that the Steelers match that. But I don't think you're gonna go much further than three million and and I wouldn't been surprised at the Steelers even match that. Good for Emanuel Sanders. It'll Christmas -- and patriots may be double the salary. Well hit the point I would make Lou it's like they drafted handers in the third round in 2010. Like if -- the patriots. Go find that guy this year in the second or third round the fact that you you know you feel more comfortable waiting a couple years to see how the player. You know look in the NFL I think that's something you know the patriots may be what they need to get over but that's part of their hesitation. At the position and that's what intrigues me let me go forward because I think they are gonna have to vote you don't get past that and then pick a player at the positions. IA's Mike Reese habeas BM also dot com.

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