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Mut and Merloni crazy caller of the day: Sammy

Apr 25, 2013|

A big fan of the Mut and Merloni Show, Sammy calls in but has a little bit of trouble making his points.

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Sammy isn't England today Sam 881. -- San argument. We -- know what's up in -- Eminem. Hey -- love well you know what will patient people don't know. And when you make that you that you 400. They're yeah it's not gonna make the best they. These guys. To get down. Get down. One. All right -- -- -- I don't want to speculate when I just heard. Was that would -- was he -- -- was taken a big idea jail I don't know it was a -- think it was a jointly they were doing there on the water bond action. At 143. Little hole made peace. A soda cans I don't know it melts. But he's right -- -- they set down that one time -- 400 write they write about I don't know 400. Sit down before doing your job that was the given favorite players so that Lewis at 400. That's not fair idea of -- he never did the games last week. And global hall whose name came up geo care again. Here comes -- -- a psychic and now we have talked -- steak he'd bring a -- arrogant every game during a slow period now fill up on eight minutes. And Lucas -- fired up and what old Joseph to get up it's a -- go there. Also Westfield talked to him get all your -- called hope Ryan Dempster join us extra said he heard you guys -- and made do and -- -- -- went off -- -- -- -- might -- -- I your phone calls may be Ryan Dempster and we know salt -- to live at the stadium cafe Sports Radio WEEI. Coast. None of us. Thanks look yeah. Yeah. I learned the streets. You know. A series of Illinois today Sammy. Eight months I tell you it's an argument. Sweet -- what's up in an -- -- I remember you know what we'll pay certain people dial. And what they pay you pay more that 400. It's like that he did without it -- -- -- gonna make the best and they. These guys. -- To get Clinton -- Equipment now -- What. Wolf I. Now concerned that -- that back I don't wanna hear that again. Yeah a lot of text saying that. I sound like yet and incidentally on the air no way I hope he's okay. Sammy can you just called back up the call called on the air against. But you still Joey you're okay now concern at the end of the -- well. It. -- how is that. Sammy please call back 6177797937. Distilled -- Euro. First on buddies and -- and -- here right now are back on there is GO Kissimmee OK. -- scared me a little bit in July attacks saying guys. Samuel K but he talks let's look at milk mixture. OK. I don't -- pinnacle there -- -- what problems. -- -- -- -- -- Radio down please note that. Why in the back up quarterback I -- the -- Or radio and actually think these are thank you listened to and who. -- -- -- -- A lot and I'm so sorry or anybody -- the yeah we have with the year on year all know well I am yeah. Hey what's up. Eight. Sweet -- what's. And I love that you apologize for that all right but he. I apologize. Instead a -- dead guy at work and canceled. Vehicle if we had a couple Beers. At large. You know perfect -- in the little -- -- had a bully is really -- And it is these people what they get out of them writers like you got I don't know miners don't you think you -- the past and Newton. That's right and that's why he played Mary is currently. So what do we get that in instead. -- So this is -- he he's got to go first the ball well I sure looks good this guy is quite. I. And my -- believe -- god let let me back at the end because I really need re. You you do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you -- a committed a tight go to Korea in keeping -- well. Whatever. How will check like Jack and I know -- that I wouldn't screw it up. But he managed to that. I see. Truly walks. During -- box. And and not covered first they know the same thing. I've never seen it -- you know -- -- now CME crazy no no focus in me he needs help. That you don't -- ball. Right I love you guys know -- I love you you don't want any time but you call sweet little. This. Whole patent would. The other station. Yeah I love this station exactly yeah conventional. Cabinet I want -- pipeline. -- -- -- -- I that it wanna hang up I'd wanna hang up on -- at exactly the Texas -- not on me to hang -- economy either. On the ATP decks on 37 manager said he just out of nowhere to say that he knew I need rehab. -- -- he did announce that.

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