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Jackie MacMullan, ESPNBoston.com, on Celtics being down 0-2 Vs. Knicks

Apr 25, 2013|

Jackie Mac joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Celtics struggles in the second half, the absence of Rajon Rondo, and KG's health.

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-- McMullen as promised ESPN boston.com joins us every single week when Jackie joins us she's brought -- you by town fair tire by new wells to dental partners. And by drama hill -- Do we know anything Jacqui about Avery Bradley being late for practice today. Well -- and farm so it was a little period. And actually bulk I don't know ten minutes before the period ended and we went way over -- it was supposed to be done it you know ensure. We asked I have yet to -- that is -- coming out he said well he's yes I'm not trying to be evasive but he in the never really felt. I don't want to speculate what's going on there but it did. It's a little curious no question and it's. Probably not great. How to be great and what it was -- -- an appointment in the middle class come on I can't be right. And knows right personal committing further. And you know I'll cut it regretted the fact there's no indication at that I've seen not one iota. That this this kid is a slacker that he doesn't take his. Responsibilities seriously none of that maybe it would that children -- -- surgically repaired although it may want others given him trouble I don't know some of the answer. Articulate the first two games now eight quarters two of them have been awful. The fourth quarter game 13 quarter game to bulls' second half. What would you put your finger on in the first two games is is just running out of gas is an execution by the next what is. Well a combination of things done but let's start with the fact that they'll have a point on their roster and it's the playoffs and definitely the -- -- three. And that's a problem depression all over the floor and you know what they're doing let's and the Celtics let's stick safety -- what's been -- safety valve for over a decade it's Paul Pierce. You watch what happens they gave him the ball and he's now getting two -- three guys converging on him. And now they're asking appears to be too much he cannot be the facilitator the ball handler of the scorer. And ten Carmelo Anthony and his age you're you're asking too much so what becomes a problem and you've got to move the ball interstate one pass ahead. I'm on op -- in Manhattan and are able to do that because they don't have somebody that can. -- your options so offensively I think that's your big problem and that the knicks now it. -- -- -- You know him coming back in game two. McNamee was very significant that record it's it's him -- -- starting -- -- I don't haven't from the but it it's pretty pretty dead it's like eighteen to force something pretty. And that's because again the pressure that he can put on on your ball -- And it's not you know Avery Bradley at that point guard I think we know that -- and I think it will aren't very fast and all the sudden be one now when you're in the last. -- that's one of the questions I have at the look at the first to his. The starting lineup looks good on paper I'm not so sure it's good against this knicks team a little surprised to come bouncing Courtney Lee is out of the rotation. I actually think the European Bradley at the backcourt I I would actually like that starting lineup even better. Then birdied W take out well you take out -- green. Well green if it's if it's greener bass I don't wanna see Paul Pierce covering you know Raymond Felton these -- read crime attempts. Yes now I understand now listener in a quandary and you know I have -- point blank today. In retrospect it would there's no point Carney said Jacqui upset at all long. It was wanting during the regular season would be different and plant syndicate -- credit when all looking to retain -- better without rotten he kept saying not in the playoffs and he's right. Well to that end when you hear him say today. That Courtney Lee is out of rotation and the Jordan Crawford is passed them I mean. -- -- good thing I liked Jordan Crawford we have discovered station he's gonna win in the game -- lose -- two. -- but that seems like a pretty drastic move for -- played over twenty minutes a game to say again this playoff series corny. You gonna help us out but it's going to be limited limited minutes I'm surprised -- that drastic of a move Jack. Well -- I'm almost quite got to get -- make an -- not because remember he had some injuries and he lost some time in the rotation. When he came back there yet you know that you American -- and after he had those injuries. And and guys let's look at the first two games OK a disaster and everybody agrees right. OK but -- the knicks scored ninety points yet. I don't think they have what it Courtney -- better at defending the perimeter for shooting three. He's the unit detective he -- better defense of perimeter defender right now is the three point shooter. Crawford or better or -- and boy it can be both in the game in saint play for crying out loud. The one thing that you hoped for and it -- it catches fire and can score points because they can't score. I think Garnett being up all over the place Paul Pierce's triple team. And -- said it all on those two guys. Are you go to guy yet greens has disappeared in the second half but he's one for eleven in the second half of -- to gain. Combined you meet somebody that can put the ball in the basket. And maybe Jordan Crawford and maybe he can't. I think the Celtics are gonna find out. -- -- struggled Garnett and haven't given the ball have to go the offense through Kevin Garnett you know you look at the have to play nine half minutes but yet you know they're up. You know there will win the next game 48 to 42. I mean the plex the -- -- with him is what plus a 112 when he's on the floor minus eighteen when he is not something crazy like that. But let Lou I don't think Kevin Garnett at Chelsea and I think he's got -- What is going at demonstrating that were looked like the other day. I don't -- dominated talk about that I think those you know when I heard bone spurs from -- and he told me on Easter Sunday. That Nick Cage at some kind of -- -- -- it but don't worry he'll be back in and I -- that my -- here. There we go and I don't think he's moving well and you know this hip pointer and they downplay that today. You know we can believe him or not. I don't think it is Islamic -- -- on his way to say it was and it's probably the hip thing KJ of course said he I'm gonna play -- no doubt that he will. But I don't think he'd eat anywhere near a 100% and and I think it's hurt him it's -- on the -- sentiment. I think that's -- you see that he didn't foul trouble that he rotating a little later. That you wrote in a little late and I don't think that's the -- Well and look at a lot on turn this into the Celtics have failed these two games because -- not give the knicks credit for the way Carmelo is one of the four. Often a team basketball that that's not fair the knicks have played. Pretty well these first two games but I'd be remiss Jack committed point out that in game one. Jeff green was everything you want to be every single thing go to the basket be aggressive play defense and in game two. He was back to floating Jeff Green and that has got to infuriate back coaching staff and that team the no land that you -- in game one and -- in game two. He was taken out of his game completely. Yeah yeah. And I think I get green one of the people I think it's gonna have to take some pressure off Avery Bradley in terms of handling the ball and making things happening acknowledges much today here. In practice but you know you. Good point you gotta realize how good -- New York Knicks defense has been costs. Mart they aren't we hear that word and it's true that guys like it and Kenyon Martin's. Agitated they've made a difference on that ended and you do that in the next. And credit I mean that we knew they could score we knew they could do things we knew that now at 71 of those great years. By but they've really they've been excellent on the defense again. And those two guys in particular approach Yani I think he gives -- problems I think he bought it. A great deal. Are you mentioned in -- moving the basketball more. We look at the first -- to get back into this to come out and win game three -- adjustments do you see other than that there anything strategically you -- Well I. I think they've got to get I do think that still KG can do they start to try to get the ball to him deep in the post as I do I still do believe that good at Martin's band and and go to Tyson Chandler as though he's been struggling in the series. I I still think KG can score over those guys but it's just a question of whether. He's healthy enough to do that. They have to move the ball I have to make the extra pat sounds simple rate. What do I do think it it'll make a difference -- -- that defensively. I think they've done really well I really do. If you you know -- the Celtics he'd keep them under ninety points or both for the first two games. And the shooting percentage as -- you know it as -- Come -- pretty imprint on the game. But it -- interest and it hasn't been eye popping by any stretch. So I really think it's offensive adjustment -- I just don't know what they have enough. Killing -- entry I look at our right now because they're just super out all the. The last tiger to win a game here particularly when -- -- -- I just don't see how and I I would I don't think they could win the series. Series before all that got to step up. -- I'm with you but -- to your point you know when you give up 85 -- -- seven in New York in games one and two. Yeah it probably -- come out there one and one sack and it didn't happen. Right. Be interesting Jack a couple of games this weekend -- get back in this series Jack McMullen ESPN boston.com we'll see at the garden for game three Jacqui thanks incredibly well. Jack McMullen joining us on the eighteenth the outline its AT&T forgy LTE was speeds. But the ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible as a reminder go to game three tomorrow night. I get there early doors open at 630 but the Celtics and TD gonna wanna remind you that extra security cautions. Are placed in -- wanna make sure that you're going to be safe so. No bags in the building could take some extra time just be aware that I atop the Al Ryan Dempster Red Sox pitcher will join us -- --

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