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Looking at past Patriots drafts

Apr 25, 2013|

Mut and Merloni analyze past Patriots drafts and what trades/selections worked for them and which ones did not.

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Patriots will be on the clock at about 1045 according to their PR department what you wanna do. Play dirty want there -- okay with a trade trading first round 6177797. 93 sevens the phone a -- Texas on the AT&T text line. At 37937. I tweeted out this morning -- WEEI said -- and -- the guy they make them pay accuracy on the response I got. Not Craig on Twitter tonight like Alan. But he can't lift off the top like a draft raised Jason Hunter a Justin -- excuse me on the other hand he wants just an honor. -- says can't wait to step till midnight watch the path straight for first round pick that's a possibility. -- says all of the pats again Justin hunter another guy. On that's who once there. Derek says what about trading ballot that's a possibility to. And Davidson -- for Robert Woods at a USC -- it would response and -- Maloney and it mutt WEEI. The the fact that radio the first round and that's what history tells if you go back and look at what the fifty some odd trades that he's made. In the draft day air for the patriots Belichick history of the first round. I think you look at a round like 2009. And you say that that trade scenario. As being the reason why maybe you don't drown in the first round at a -- that first round. That they and a -- the Baltimore. Michael war they took Michael board there as part of that deal. You've got a 2009. Period -- first round pick and a fifty came back and got eight to a three and a seven. As part of that and in there you got Darius Butler Brandon Tate. And I see is seven A came back is to it and it is but did he got a bunch of picks for. And except they got some guys some players that worked out. They could have taken in 2000 and a first round Clay Matthews was taken a couple of picks later I don't care how many pick you accumulate. When I see they passed on Clay Matthews and trade back a couple of times out of the first round altogether. And had one Q3 42. Round picks that year. That would in my argument -- for not trading out of the first round that in that case all that value bid would be word bailout to use that value value value. In that case the the sum of the parts that you got back. Would -- is good it's sticking around where you were traded back a couple and taking Clay Matthews putting money outside cutting attack quarterbacks. -- year after year after year he started to an elite pass rusher on the outside and you missed them be like them indeed did. He wanted to accumulate picks and he did that and -- yankees the detriment of your team. -- be a reason why you wouldn't trade out what happened in 2009. In my opinion. Any issue. Where that long trying to figure out because I also think that that. In that one as well they received at the 44 pick and second on the following year. I think that was picked actually traded up to get Rob Gronkowski for it to you. These things is so in -- -- like it's it's actually ridiculous. Let's look at 2010 -- to trade at first picked when he second overall. Due Denver in exchange for a point for the drop down to. And he 20104. Round pick a 113 overall which we'll get to that player awards tonight -- point four. And you trade that pick with Dallas. In this third round on the -- exchange. For that pick and then he dropped back. 27. We got Devin according. That ninetieth pick turned up the retail price. 113 originally from Denver -- beer and Hernandez out so. You got according price in Hernandez. You traded to Denver they -- the mayor stopped at sign ups and drafted the -- Thomas. Dallas. Went after the beast. Would then there's Bryant -- was a beast yeah so you've got. Who extremely tell the Bible as interest and as Brian we all know is an absolute you know nut case may but still the talent is unbelievable held them according but the off the field -- has got to -- Thomas -- As a great wide receiver. McKinney according. You know Lewis showed his first year will go to safety and now it's finally has its safety. -- to -- Aaron Hernandez and a deal as well seeking -- back and forth -- that -- according like Hernandez is -- receiver. We lean on that. That one is I -- end up being fairly even -- the when he put -- in -- in the mix that I elect but the patriots got returned if he's healthy you know you've been a huge. At that point he felt he he was available and you plug -- I don't think you -- say either way without and that feels pretty even to be the -- to slam dunk we say boy it worked out their favor was 2011. Where they had the pick of notes twentieth overall they have couple first round pick the -- sold or seventeen minutes seventieth -- was from Oakland -- -- that was the Seymour -- as holiday two picks overalls and again -- sold early who's now he -- -- bill going for with him -- -- That second pick late. They traded that pick that new war they traded at 28 pick overall in 2011 to New Orleans. For first round pick. In 2012. And 20112. Round pick was number 56 overall sleep train out of 28. They go back to 56. The big Shane -- -- account. Now a year rim and you'd say at. When he Sasha and every play at the end of last year would you think you've got something here you know let anyone had walked -- -- gonna play more. That's got to -- to build on going for you got him at 56. And then you go ahead but the first round pick the following year. You get Chandler Jones. Sold that trade and a nutshell I think in and tell it from being too simplistic with this. You traded Mark Ingram at twenty patent. For Shane Vereen and Chandler Jones and then you took that victory typical spots -- veteran Jones a can be following -- and yeah additional -- -- up there. Of course that is they slam. Don't. Worked out in your -- That that's example but but overall -- say you there's one really good 11 really bad one and the one you mentioned. Feels like it worked out OK. I wouldn't say it's a slam dunk now warning you mentioned the wide receivers there at 2011 was nice too because after the draft marine. As 56. You pick again four picks later rated sixteenth. You trade that pick. For a third round choice you drop back again -- you trade the second round sixty at the overall to Houston. For a third seven -- third overall. And a fifth round pick 138 the world. Let's second round pick it sixty FD just drafted Jane bring you drop back at 73. In you draft Steven Ridley. The second pick that you got the fifth -- -- thirty it was Marcus can't. I think to kill that they're here because additionally they get that extra pick in 2012. Which was you know the Jim Jones what was that Houston -- they traded up for the doctor hightower was as originally been treated for. The -- last year -- trade up for two people and for those two guys up again it would disappoint with that at all. Is pretty good now the defense of the patriots that we get on the AT&T Tex lines. But. You get caught for PD in the next year to okay Clay Matthews has passed on by -- -- to -- forty pounds and a year them. All the patriots haven't had guys on to -- A -- -- the last couple years excerpts. Your right. I surrogates got the next year were too many years to get of -- a very high level. You would take its four game suspension for games in Adelaide and despite a sport games this year -- isn't it busted for. Admiral a so -- -- medicine you -- three. X. OK with the criticizing the take on what -- on the first round. But if your argument is he adds that really concerns -- eight or he's going to be bang for PD's. The mere. Patriot players per sub substance the last 24 months have been suspended. It's a couple of guys. Don't bring them up all awful claim. That's patriots and take these race. He's a -- outside linebacker and you morons want assailants lights. Yeah thought oh my god I think that it ultimate fan boy right there up next our shall go across -- -- stopped at a lot of attacks background. You're about steroids -- -- when you look at you as and. And 2011. You know you've you've traded away some picks. A first round pick. And I think it's worked out not only -- those drafts outstanding as far as impact players they've got the the movement they did on draft day really paid off. And put them to position trader Jim Jones. And at the dress that last year. Which is little different as they trade up. So you know. Move people around doesn't it -- eleventh great moves great deals great draft -- -- worked out 2012. Again. The humans -- upset with that either. So will be instance the other maneuver this. But you know we we live in the now. You know he's got a trader for first round pick next year. Who cares or -- up next year who cares well when that second part pick the following -- is your patient. Turns out to be eight other small did look to spot to get Rob Gronkowski. Orchards another small deal to move up a few spots -- did your intelligence. Yeah I don't want it now. But -- worked up pretty well last three years we'll come back and get your phone calls and Greg Bedard. Has posted a piece. The navy Ryan mallet is not just wanted to buy one teamed up multiple teams part of the draft tonight that's next don't -- --

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