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John Farrell's immediate impact with the Red Sox

Apr 25, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss the way John Farrell has handled situations in the clubhouse that had the potential to blow up and compare his style to that of Bobby Valentine last year.

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I feel so bad sometimes for Stephanie Maloney ideal. Is that surround around how. You must be an absolute disaster. Certainly all admit that you came in the year. And I don't I -- she need the plug your iPad that fair varied even my battery life was loam soil floods. Something will because basically we usually don't always know what you're playing here you -- like negligible it used to be. I could do go wherever along but -- of the big show and like salt isn't found that apparel computers and the all these new monitors that that. They're only turn on -- that we can even use. So now I think it's full so I was unplug the one use this monitor that he can use it to have the plug and later a lot more I am the wrong one. Nauert -- dark in here. We're in the dark world we'll get -- we have double F four screens known. Today. You of one of your you'd you'd leave it there I am well wanna look at 20 there it is iPad -- the matter of fact I have no -- no text line that that is better battery now. I work at call screener tournament. Texting is out the big one but I -- moment like that your son is still fine flow is okay and lines -- captain Nicholas take -- notes oh let's go capitol our over there whatever it takes its -- daily almost hectic few hours off let's do this thing. I'm good. Thankfully. John -- letter John -- bettered his job annual -- unplugging. It monitors. Will proceed dealt with yesterday last 24 hours. Alfredo sevenths. Disaster on the mound not focus. Sent down -- Tripoli. Andrew Bailey -- is -- game in six cents. And looking great with the real -- that they are closed the team Joel Hanrahan you back here maybe -- this weekend because he's going to. I have read about it particles controversy when. Well I can only imagine how -- last year. Bobby Valentine if this what happened at this Red Sox team last 24 hours apple with Bobby Valentine. Would have gotten from Bob. Middle Brooks is not emotionally and physically engaged. It was last year. No kidding aside this disease. -- of the big things last year we talked about drama and and cutting it off and dealing with things internally. And being up front and communicating with players. This is what you see the treatment -- -- -- -- the call bailing he's closer. To the eighth inning guy and done. You know trade for Stephen Drew -- -- he's starting shortstop. You -- good spring training. Gets government from injuring even when he comes back it's his job. Done that doesn't mean we can't talk about the decision making process year ago we do. Be adjusting the scene and this -- Closer -- controversy in and who's gonna close it be in company. Will be handled it be communicating. Differently than maybe things were last year there's no question about it. Here's what alternatives in no drama Carl -- not hitting today up TV camera pick Carl Crawford up hitting in the -- at Fort Myers that was the first day. Down there where a little thing became a major story. John Ferrell because the way handles things. Doesn't allow it to the blow up EUU -- on this more than anyone -- -- -- said Bobby Valentine was going to be fill it with apple that quote. With the UN -- and show on a baseball show last year beat the EB failure but your concern was little things become every -- things you're having to answer questions. For other guys in your manager on a daily basis in the Red Sox clubhouse. This whole entire season so far fourteen and seven. Everybody huge stories but there's been things that last year flare ups that would have become. Back page Boston Herald stories for our topics Ross and this is just a couple of but -- the year Jackie Bradley -- think about it. Could become a huge major flare up. I think was handled beautifully by Ferrell the Boston writes I think -- -- mistake I can start the year AAA. But that didn't become a huge issue a glaze is to grow. Because they never let it become an issue didn't become an issue the -- at the latest a lot of things last year would have been -- headlines for Red Sox fans that are just okay that's how it's handled I have confidence. They're -- at a certain things. As fan doesn't mean you wanna know but to run an organization. Or managing team for a 162. Don't necessarily need to get out in. Now. You look at the season so far you know what. But when you look it's a -- Victor Reno doubleheader. You know what's going -- no big deal just kind of its early years -- can be called the look tweaking his back I'm gonna sit him. -- comes out game last night maybe it was more than that. Maybe last year maybe we get all this information about what changed doing it and go down Shane Victorino it's a manager just said this about you and any looks at electoral. -- -- the -- seventh -- we are handling this different and we're going media yep David Ortiz scheduled day off. Again today is he is he heard he banged up moments on public and second no no he's fine just -- -- And we wanna give a day off any fine I don't know maybe is public. But we don't need to know that you play the man if he can play player period. And a story. You know there's there's just. Don't need the drama it's it's every day thing and it just creates bad bad atmosphere. I don't think you have that here we give you an example because yesterday. Alfredo -- will we talked about a lot we talk baseball. Eighty -- -- -- and Hollywood bring up Alfredo -- When the he joined them part of the game yesterday he was the way to John Ferrell Handel was. It's always kind of a ticking time bomb when it comes the Red Sox who would have been last year this is your manager this year. The perspective outwardly in what people's vision or perception might be is one thing this again it's you know he's a diligent worker. I can say that he's a very competitive guy. And yet there are situations like national last night they come on. Come on done before us that. You know we need to sit down and talk through some things in the -- find out exactly what's going on and and in that discussion today. That's where some of that I continue to feel like there was a lack of focus and there was some distractions that started to creep in Alpharetta last night. So he gives you something there that he's concerned with the player. That there was some that he was unfocused the mound and I sat down and talk with him today. And I guess I still think he was unfocused. He's not. Airing out the player all that publicly he's giving you his feeling and and letting you know the what he did last night on the mound and cover first base. That's just not going to be tolerated. But he didn't do in a way that major goal now he's ripping the player destroying the player. Publicly. That that's what I like about John Ferrell that he gives you an answer there's some substance to what he's not gonna rip a guy -- so far public. Kind of free -- her internal discussions on what edit what potential roster moves may take place. You know before we sit downs -- -- Alfredo I think it's probably. You know not right to him not right to the remainder of this club to handle it that way so. You know that they'll be some ongoing discussions I think. Here at the right well that after the game they announced that afraid of Davis who has options. As an option at the docket. Now. You took usual culprit that -- has been the good soldier and go down there and no it was -- now. Me neither I eager to see him down their -- they are saying is enjoy the rotation so. Maybe they promised him or let you start talking -- we're gonna find a team they'll want you to be a starter for what's the Astros are angels. We're gonna showcase -- as the starter AAA. We're gonna treat -- If that's the case that I take back the no -- yet he will be good soldier because they told him. This is the end game long term not going to be with the steam you wanna start -- -- start here start to talk at Morgan a movie. If that's the case yes it shall soldier if it's just. Slap on the wrist Alfredo out roster crunch the pretrial of our way you know you're you're exactly right and that's the only way they can handle this I think. Is to tell him. That we're gonna trade you come. Out the TUU. Go down a productive. And showed teams. You can start the can be consistent -- you can perform. Because. We keep talking about you know he's a good pitchers good pitcher is a little bit removed from being a good pitcher now you know I mean this is not falling to 2011 season. He he had a tough year last year really struggled down the stretch. Got the reputation. It's an issue -- spring training people know about. No -- out here this year struggle -- -- to good starts. The show that you know he gets -- he -- something. With your -- you gonna get anything -- Bruce Davis is by telling him I think. That you're going down there right now to show all the teams that you can still pitch. You will not be on this team we will trade you. As we sit down there. And work hard and you'll be back up OSHA no chance that we don't 84 all 586 you can not covered person thrown balls busy sticking -- -- backed up for what. You -- rotation -- bootable. Now you need to. Let him know that he is doing this insult them now. The veteran pitches the quicker and go. The quicker summary order Dexter makes good points not fair to the loss of space and announcers released him outright. -- the pos -- from now they deal with them now. How long it is and -- he's not going to be here in there there's -- -- and an injury crunch aides say they lost two or three guys and some freak. Incident in next couple days he's going to be back there's no shot and he knows that and they can use that is the care -- good soldier in the -- it. Make 45 starts their teams that are -- and you but it wants to -- -- consistently wants -- can stretch out. Oprah guess what they wanna give you your wish -- -- be a starter until etiquette s.'s. There's no other scenario where he goes down there is its dignity if it if they did do that. One that I need to it's gonna blow open and you're gonna have a guy it's going to be bitch in the media and not to be -- this. -- and you move on but just think about that you well I outlined some things have happened this year you give a couple more. And then yesterday. And the way Ferrell with handled it has been. It's a 180 from last year and this is why people still you guys get too much Bobby Valentine. Use the first 21 games not just on the field but off the field as your example of -- Ferrell is such 88 different animal why these guys feel so much better about themselves but they did a year ago because they're not concerned their manager. Is gonna say something. Where animosity and Bradford and Abraham. Their locker talk about it it's professionally which for all we strikes. Elegant professionally I thought was not. Knowing you know when you get down to the closure thing. Looks like there has -- a joint Duckett. Is Bobby can just be a couple of outings he's gonna come back. But it's before. The game. Before the two individuals. You know -- hitter and walk -- bullpen. They're gonna know with a closer -- They're gonna now and that's important. That needs to be done that's the way it all it's always done I think Alfredo C Davis has -- issues. You can't figure amount. He's a look raising. Okay. But what happened to him last year I didn't agree with one bit by no means -- -- handle it the way he handled that. He walks on the ball at being closer. And struggled here and there are no question about it but it really goes out there. Also in the ninth inning he's get ready to go up close in the like no. Really billion -- needs to close tonight that's how he finds out. That's always finds though no. That's not that's not the way you do not in this game you need to communicate. And that will be the case when Hendrick comes back some they will now. So we start there with the way this was handled here -- -- like the way -- Ferrell went about it you know -- AAA. And you think that works out in the long term for this team 617779. 79837. The phone a beacon text this on the eighteenth -- text went 379 -- 37 in addition your phone calls in ninety seconds. We gotta talk about Hanrahan and drew really because -- Tomas rights and he wants Phillies closer. All the talk about Lester I -- -- last night Hanrahan. And get all your baseball calls this not just -- baseball today because 11 o'clock we're talking draft Mike Reese at noon we're going to be talking with Jack McMullen. And Ryan Dempster member of the Red Sox -- pretty funny guy himself or join us at 1 o'clock but your phone calls and some other sort of Red Sox items not exactly.

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