Apr 25, 2013|

ortiz is the latest to have done it, but he is not the first and will not be the last.

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A Boston athlete swore in public yeah. And he. -- okay. It's not the first time Celtics legends have done it. -- yeah if you want they have different files on season. Moses throws the. Covering the Celtics do it all the time. Patriots coach does it. -- -- -- -- yeah again I just -- the even the patriots owner doesn't you said. The patriots quarterback doesn't always seems the cleanest of language to. Well I'm sorry for -- that's within our defense. And his wife -- even more of a bloody nose. It's okay. The bruins' Shawn Thornton uses strong language inappropriate times. Twelve and 31 helped -- my plans already minutes sliding. Bring it up you just have to -- -- -- that's -- year old Gonzaga dog and. How even the Boston come -- leaders have been known to hardly any sort of looks. Never mind that overhead -- and we got. He goes after old news he's in Boston Holmgren balls -- -- -- America. And lose peek -- how we. -- -- -- --

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