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3rd Man Out Ep. 2: More Mad Men and Mut the draft maven

Apr 25, 2013|

Kirk Minihane ducked out of the studio during D&C's interview with Doc Rivers to lovingly craft this podcast for you with the help of Mut. In this episode you'll find plenty of Mad Men talk, as well as Kirk questioning Mut's credentials as an NFL Draft Expert. And of course, some NSFW language.

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Beats third man out when the interview and only just walked home with -- minute I don't actually say something Indio let us off one W. Yeah -- dot com. You'll get -- count it's down. Here so we're back. What's that member name the podcast with third ran out. Gerry Callahan John Dennis are interviewing dockers we speak actually the red light on right now as to why -- cherries are back with Mike and Nancy. Tackle -- Last episode sexes in the if you think it was also. A penny under the door from the DNC office it was a -- I understand that win. My wife and I don't come here with there with you in your life the way you offered to swap -- I Ted McGinley and his wife primary -- or I thought I was very nice about it said dessert first rocket knew before dessert so. You know -- bread mix it's mixed critical years so format I -- the first episode was our of the -- the last -- it's finally getting in this sort of character. In a year everybody kind it is where they're going to be this year pizza mess. Did you sort of an alpha dog now Harry crane made his print you know guys are kind of forming you know with authority away your radio ago. Yet nationally and locally site error -- locally today exit ways is bad season man -- I say if you are getting Don Draper. Self hate the way we're getting Don Draper still -- how can it be. A bad -- this guy that has cheated on multiple wives multiple women. And then flips his shipped. Because you've got his wife now acting by the way very. Lightly in some soap opera back -- that well there is Annie flips out and it's just. To see him flip out like that and be that angry not hurt himself. Out about us and. Just mad himself Megan's -- -- soap -- she's doing better she's on their soap opera watcher knock down this water happy he wants her not happy with their career he gets jealous he did to Matt himself. It's all this weird stuff he's gonna get Boston with a rod he's lived in the same what she's a couple floors below. -- have an affair with yeah. She puts the -- and the poor husband don's friend with a doctor. They did the blizzard episode guide Australia after the -- -- the data does -- is he's going cross country skiing because it's too much track how much they'll skis the huskies' way to give us a little (%expletive) your wife now he goes upstairs that's that's what's going on right now it Draper and Draper is. -- -- Draper -- dangerous. You got a self hate more athletically he had he had he sort of you know it goes back to his child then all of that and a whole lot sidecar YouTube set off the -- this is not a podcast comedy you'll find. -- all that attractive like her teeth -- EU are so just -- it's unbelievable body go to great face that she is. Look past that she is a nine and a half the idea the all things attractive that leads to questions about not a great not a tight stomach. The boobs and I huge. Rescue I think you see cottage cheese on the IQ are moderating the front court now I think Joan you can -- undercooked mad -- draft of the -- -- for the other night at dinner -- -- Mac address that actually happened. Hey Howard -- right Bradford is you sit there like eats that's pretty much what you -- out the equipment -- actually does the eagle which the -- let me ask you this question we're doing a -- draft right now the women of -- okay. I meg on the given the choice you get one the first pick. Or get a second or third which one thing is in deep -- eagle and Joan let me make a mess -- the rest of the that take evil. You know one -- off to jail OK I'll come back negative at two. And howl we'll back. -- Campbell's wife at theory were true something about Trudy Campbell. You know why I like via Internet for what the teacher. Salaries teacher that trip at the fair number. Number Dave's apartment -- there running member outside 1 morning he picked her up you talk about right -- yet just. -- won four 23 guy at your. Some maturity can't always -- reprimands Pete the pilot to beat the -- -- finished up about that that she's trying to com ticker as a community. The what's what's the big things can happen this year madmen and we don't know what you think what's the big you know this obviously. -- opens. -- season ends this year Peggy who had a big win the Heinz -- -- -- the other day usually huge knocked out over devastate -- -- -- the fair at the scene of that episode was. Draper leading in listening real -- lost just -- a minute you start talking to the person he built. And she is straight road she treats them like Draper she goes in the pitches like Draper. Is she going to be with. Sterling price Campbell. Draper after him somebody at the end of the year. I think she probably. Be -- -- -- I don't you think that's that's the big thing got a mortgage becomes. You think she becomes a partner some. She and the series with a different bit mad men that we may be issue I thought she should come back. I think that somehow some way Rodgers out for at least part of the show. But that he is somehow out either he feels completely marginalized now that's -- is the last couple years I can be tough on ordinary -- -- something phone ownership. LB shock and he's that your declares regular PowerPoint now. Sen Harry walk and say listen I did this and you know I know you've talked wolf and Jeff Brown is about the idea maybe you know. Sort of an infomercial with the singing cowboy quarterback Brady like if I -- admit it. Brands out -- the can use that and a lot of money. On that company cut a 23000 dollar check it's a strong partnership. He brings it -- like guys like how. Like Roger like he's having money maker for the -- to keep him -- that's -- the next thing right that he becomes so important at the have to decide to keep it and the Ortiz. Kind of do she attitude keep him around you like him what -- you liked Harry got to like -- does a better among your body to be good that's a great I like -- and his office last year we sort of stuck behind like the assembly -- sometimes he had at the office house. We're good to be inevitable in 1968. Because of the super bull Mattingly content figure torrid year close to the assassinations and wonder how they're -- handle. What are they didn't touch it there we would like -- -- -- jump around in the all over the place that I thought that -- character secretaries there for a reason I do wonders with sixty. Martin Luther King that she states she -- she more. From her last episode and albeit their -- has been appointed she got -- run and Campbell. Mean that's a big move for them to have a -- Q in the first part of -- now think that cute. Just do from now. I would say. She sometimes at this like the witty snuck in the suitable match on the -- excellence -- TV news there watching it they could treat the assassination like that it is at two big event. To marginalize on that show you -- Kennedy. Peggy and dock at a hotel or them that's anymore duck Phillips -- -- don't think I draft. We see -- again hopes he's good comically -- Freddie again. -- -- -- He working now frank. Docs -- -- will not get back again hope we did the draft amendment would draft real quick. You want to draft tonight. -- into it but. Not as much as I used to be I I don't know if this is your tweets to Twitter frauds isn't really are signing bonus -- -- I don't title. -- we felt like an hour ago we're doing this at nine. I'm fourteen yeah Wright -- -- stolen deals into 172 question about the backcourt the next -- for ducks. -- you. Tweet about what you want the pictures that take Tina Allen what he told him the other -- of -- ago that it afford to ignore technical policies not sure all that. Picnic in the drafts I watch play highlights key talent not see I've looked at the specs you've never I don't play one polish -- -- every mocked and now I'm not sure he was are a little bit last year. I can tell you that. Let me it's -- place. I watched him play one of these guys acts and -- and help me like it's your likeness salts gonna be like this to be a fraud meal okay. I'm not saying that I'm an expert on the draft I -- retreat -- like out your -- think you know stuff that's just iPad now let's read that tweet ever to set I'd like it to keep it out why he only about him because he's any global equal dignity she so I pick it serves you right doesn't get any -- you -- want -- that's what it's great that that's better. Outreach that forty character it's available today said the journey to the people didn't legacies one slash two into the second one now. I do plus one and re tweet people have a that help you tell us RT. People. Like that's a good way to. Problem is a problem assured the draft. No sex at the top. 94 tackles in the first giants expects Johnson. Patriots picking late you know you know -- gonna get that a -- picture the patriots and you know pulled us obviously what's gone on the last couple weeks is is diminished lots of sports wise. It's just not a sense of urgency and the strapped around here. All that hand. They're gonna -- Right -- that can enable -- -- the first rounding up three guaranteeing that I get. The patriots. With -- being -- -- being a prime -- note the NFL's trying to do you but first round tonight. Andy out we backed tomorrow -- I I I love that Saturday afternoon draft and you put that first round back -- And you -- bill Judeo around -- for what first three rounds back in the day on Saturday. I love that graduate but I look I long to Saturday afternoon draft also bad because you know before every now two Wheeler who did it before it yet before injury you don't -- said the NFL network ESPN they're actually going to. Not tweet pics but Jason -- fourth -- -- Screw that between these picks left and right at Charlotte you want. There's follow me what are you gonna do. Don't watch it without. About quarter to be surprised you don't expect -- care. The drama like nick you know not knowing who's going to be picked a -- watch a sporting events now percentage wise do you watch out. We Tuesday night. Altria reported 2003. Players -- that's what you're listening now give a (%expletive) about. Not the gulf were a Twitter. Your right you always have -- up so -- might sit there watch the draft tonight at six -- wants you to pics -- turn it would I can't it makes. It makes it's more interest for this but here's the thing tweeting out my analysis -- here's the here's the thing. You really need to watch yet where basketball -- have to watch a couple of you have to watch each -- don't watch. What drew and I love the guy puts that that's I mean it's not it's -- release sporting goods by two guys -- -- -- work its Orkut social now with Twitter and two networks covering it and have. That have on network these two red carpet which is yet too much for me but I watch it we begin tonight what's obvious no it where's the PGA this week. -- new world to watch and I've television tonight folks a lot of stuff going so you know why did you that was a B 630 or ten rebuke the draft party with salt and hall. No my son's first day daycare on the pick and not -- -- rather be. Sweatshop. You can defeat of the gonna -- -- two until midnight -- you.

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