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Doc Rivers on what he expects to be an emotional Friday night

Apr 25, 2013|

Doc talked with the guys about what he expects to be a very emotional night this Friday as the team returns home for the first time since the bombing. He said that Rondo has been a great influence around the team and that they need a big performance from KG in game 3.

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The final hour Dennis and Callahan on a Thursday our conversation with Doc Rivers is brought to -- northern bank and trust global space and by Mercedes-Benz and has always Doc -- joins us on the AT&T hotline. AT&T forgy LT eat good morning doc are you. We're gonna find. If I have a solution to all your problems to -- Just tell the guys. -- the score more in the second half. So that's good that erotic or reverse you sort. -- he could do that scoreless in the first is what is wrong with your basketball team as witness in the first two games fixable -- -- He thinks about out -- you won't be simple. I would love position is simple words play harder play better. But we do a lot of I mean. He broke into a completely different except for the scorer. As far as the score. You know on the second day in the third quarter we did have -- four point which meant that we played. You know picking the ball out of bounds of their pressure affected us will there are determined. That would have been good. This dual touch or altered but there in the third quarter that was a big part of. It's a tempo issue is that not. Or activists remained we we have to play -- -- certain -- To be effective but we have played better -- even if there's no terrible week it was Tim. The acorn being able to push the ball up and played great place every single time down the floor. I mean. If they're making shots of -- go to apologize. You imagine being able to have a place right. Lou we have to be better in -- court but we clearly wanna play with more. So. You you -- completely controlled temple they have something to say about that as well what specifically do they do beside making shots and where the free throw line due to disrupt you. You're telling that that's simple that's what they do that in and you score -- And like it did and the third quarter or about to the world there are allowed -- vision and our sport is important as well. But we still have to be able to explore. And I think we will. I know you YouTube made the case that the scoring is linked to play defense you've you've combined for 482 half points in this series does that also indicate an older. Higher team -- in the second half. It kept I don't think it is because Douglas -- among the first quarter flat toys and you get tired of tortured. -- later quarters. You know it's it's still -- that you -- hear about are used to timeout. In both games. And sort with it and you know three minutes of of that. So that has -- the new entity you know I brought. Nobody attacked us and we didn't have much better world group to be court. You haven't played at home since. In the bombing let. Them -- have a name practice at home since the bombing are you worried. When you -- the court is going to be very emotional -- it's going to be a big night and Boston for you guys for the fans for everybody. Could that be emotionally draining couldn't hurt you guys who do you think is gonna give you -- -- -- in -- -- -- obviously it's going to be emotional and and in part actually should be you know. And I hope that we channel it in the right way. -- -- and I think we will I really do. You know it will be emotional for the sort of who we -- most of the players. You know it's just a -- one of those things that's what it should be. Do you know of anything spent my plan special mean. We were so with the Red Sox did we saw what the knicks did and other teams opposing -- just kind of talk to the crowd some kind of salute some kind of tribute you know what's planned tomorrow. No they're still talking about those men made evident in the -- and him but I don't right now. -- status com you can afford another game with him at blow apart. Status -- I suspect. Now. You'll be -- -- LP. You know he'll part of a little bit today -- Olympic or world government appropriate but we'll -- five by tomorrow. It's always more disruptive to what you're trying to do out their -- Carmelo JR Smith or Felton. Really which resulted in -- as far -- ball pressure. Been junior -- could build two guys. You know Carmelo -- and then just miss Buchanan account for what they can do in and steal one has been initiative to beat them. -- tell -- -- his dribble penetration and ball person too hard and Richard in this series. Millwood just is because of energy's ability to switch. He's he's just been a different record so far. It's almost as you talk about signing him with you in favor of it do you remember. You know we talked about it. You know and at the end of the day we were still trying look at the -- and other. Option and then you know he just didn't couldn't wait drug that I on this that. When you carefully choose your words in the post game talking about Kevin Garnett early three files changed everything. Are you setting not only a message to the people were listening and fans of the Boston Celtics but you want the officials to hear that too. Now I know brewer responded to a question right and there are a lot of basically says are absolutely Kevin Garnett not on the floor you're affected by and then we were. A dark we ask you this every week and in it it it's still question. Why can't you get more it's more consistency from Jeff Green he's drives everybody nuts does he drive you nuts. Yeah at times because I know how good Camby and nobody will be. You know. Yeah he was -- -- game -- just go pride total numbers and obviously. He's not going to have to have that he had the first Panetta to be led to. You know that's the point damage if that's possible but but that's hard to do. In game two are pretty bad -- to our place to put any single guy is different. And without the place that we wanted to play I thought we heard him as much as Jeff. So that will -- is it really is on me it's on our our group our guys and -- the importance of that. If you want him to be effective. We have to give him -- in open court over what -- just load Melbourne. Coaches generally hate discussing guys who were not available whether it's for injury or personal problems -- what are the case may be so like I preface this question with that. But would this be different with this looked different would you be playing different if Rondo were healthy and a 100% thought. Well I madam I can add to that. You know Rondo is the great player is an all star you know. You can go back to. So many games with Rondo and improve that can also goalie back in history. And so if we -- guys the minute. Kevin had have been healthy. In the Europe we want it won't get wanted to do it. It's safe to say Rondo would improve the pace portion of this basketball team correct. A lot of -- gardening. We're. Also -- will we're we're playing well point guard and always read the good. Gore is not a point guard and so literally if you ever die attitude make it to run your -- You know it would make a big difference. What changes basically in the playoffs I mean something basic the -- gotta be better in the half court ever want plays tough. You guys played tough. Yeah you do about it it's easier to play typically when their portable. Know when you have time to prepare. It's so difficult to prepare for each individual -- and doing the regular season. And if so you do to prepare for doing -- play golf because you have to. They'd torture revenue -- they're running. You what you need to achieve better so you know about what you can look so tough. You wouldn't why do you prepare for a guy like JR Smith did you say he's gonna shoot he's gonna launch from whenever he gets -- and and -- You you're supposed to be right. Now right there. But you wanna stay in front of you have to drive. To stay and -- a moment make him pick up -- because we'll. Didn't force him to do you know obviously he's a tough shot maker. You know. Most of the first quarter the other night he made every -- And a lot of those are difficult shot I don't Oklahoma back you can just -- -- -- shot. When you don't want in the -- -- open three one of those. Try to the best know what you have to do it was. Do you have anybody other than Paul Pierce and I guess Jeff Green who can create his own shot. And what does that mean to you create your Russia. Well it is in the playoff to take another meeting. Because of the give people gonna pitch W -- up for the most part. Are you gonna get away where run -- a couple -- But the second and third option a lot of ball swings and a pedicure and -- need guys that are able to do that. Doctor I'm now for the coach's question of the week brought to you by your local authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer -- the scheduled a test drive today on the web at MB USA dot com. This week's question is we're seeing a lot more Rondo around the team two part question is he on schedule ahead of schedule or behind and how if at all is he contributing to what you guys are doing here in the postseason. Well the first course and I have no idea of the -- You know. To -- anymore and we'll know for quite awhile and where we're -- as far as side and I know he's doing an amazing amount of world and that's all you can ask. You have to -- a great value. In the round because he's in the point guard again and you can help the darts. He can help the coaches and what you -- -- -- more. So yeah he's been very very good for. The morale is as good. How come I come Courtney Lee's minutes and so -- down is it just. A bad matchup for him. No honestly. I think Jordan Crawford -- -- -- Because we were five. You know week Courtney is a great spot up shooter and him -- we may need in this series. But we need guys you can catch in the attack against New York I did Jordan do better opportunity to do that. Good luck tomorrow night -- we'll talk to down the road. Our Doc Rivers doesn't Callahan on AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. We should point out that AT&T our friends at AT&T a set a date text to donate line a text to donate line. The benefit the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing the were Boston BO ST -- at Boston. 80108. The donate ten dollars to be one fund Boston message and data rates may apply full terms that M give dot org slash T. Text Boston 280108.

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