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Larry Lucchino on the Sox hot start and Neil Diamond

Apr 25, 2013|

Red Sox President Larry Lucchino joined the show and discussed the teams good start. He said that while it is too early to say the team will make a deep playoff run it is ok to say the team has great chemistry. Lastly he told the guys how Neil Diamond paid his way to Fenway for the ceremony last Saturday.

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Red Sox fourteen and seven record is the second best record in all of baseball well. Joining us I knew it I -- -- -- college yeah yeah all the back as spring training a joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- He LTE. The president and CEO the Boston Red Sox Larry -- good morning Larry how are you. The -- gets the record in the play all the stuff is going on with that baseball team and ask you question that I started Peter Gammons off with last week and that was. You've seen a lot of things you see a lot of events that baseball a baseball stadiums baseball parks Fenway park's a team situations individual situations celebrations as well. Where -- last Saturday's event. Because that will call an event ranking your list of -- notable things you've seen in baseball. Well it bright -- at the top of -- city. We talked a lot about. The importance of Fenway Park in the -- community the place and the importance of baseball team and bring communities together. Sense of unity in connection connected this. And all of that to. To. Came together. Last last Saturday. In -- it beautifully you know orchestrated event. On the ceremony because I think it was. The celebration of those who passed away yesterday at least the recognition of that moment but people could. -- could remember them. And and also less. And also celebrate the first responders and the attendees action it did is we don't talk so much pride and the parties -- it's Friday. -- take away it was that he was impressed with what was the apparent. And and real genuineness of the empathy that players in the sorrow and the anger in just the emotional involvement but the players genuinely felt for the -- vet these people were affected. Well I certainly saw -- of that. Solid done. A little bit behind the scene as well on well when the. Law enforcement officials and the politicians who came to -- to the game Saturday. Met with some of the players before and the players are rarely asks for the opportunity. To us specifically. Meet with with people that they eat they did ask him out cases to and hang out and and shaking hands and congratulates. The law enforcement people and politicians who who epic game. And and certainly help their -- in the way they behave in the way that he completed Italy today. Just carried themselves there was the sense that these players bill. So that's -- pathetically and that they weren't there were part of this community in the ones the they reacted accordingly. -- -- you to step out of the way and let Charles take over on days like that and he had tried on Neil Diamond you guys have tried to get him in the past like pay him pay his own way and he declined. And on the stage showed up Richard -- Yes believe it not that is exactly. What happened to Tahiti. Diamond on his -- Chose to come he didn't actually paid as fairly tend to perform. You wanted to be in Fenway Park this originally told us -- just the matter to before. The event was to be in on Saturday. People are running around -- frantically trying to get into place to make sure that the call me any less than arrangement would take care of. There's switchboard operator says and Neil diamond's voice on the fault and they wanna come defense -- right now. And there McKenna who this some nickel producer with Charles of these events. That I don't have a minute to deal with them and then so it was. Do switchboard operator just invited prices of the command and it's and then Charles Serbs took it from there I think. Sarah didn't have time to talk to Neil Diamond tipped it right. Did you think it was a crank call. Which port operators that -- a minute that's. They would talk to that's gonna cost -- detective. You know violence like that I don't have lamented the sorry. Larry would you agree that for all the the pain and suffering that all the death and damage is caused it to all these people in and around -- -- were better town now probably world a week and a half ago a more unified do. I -- -- this -- -- reversals such and it does sort of guided my life and some of the worst possible moments. Something positive has been as a result from that a composite seed was planted. And -- yet also the ability of most positive experiences I've had in my life. Conversely something negative has developed from that -- -- out of that and it's it's. Precisely what happened here in one of the worst possible atrocities. Some incredibly positive things -- I've been here now for twelve years I've never been more. Proud to be from Boston and of course greater connectedness of the people I've never seen again specific. Responses that that I have seen in the pride in virtually. Several almost impossible like you can begin with -- Marek fires in the event itself has a sense of pride at that. And then you go to -- to the volunteers and the people who ran into the to the bombing scene and you go to the first responders and then you go to the medical community is that you go to law enforcement community. There it is so there are some different levels positive things that does that -- emerge from. And then over the weekend it was our turn -- some of the way we felt about it. Our returns in baseball are turning Fenway Park is we make ourselves available to do to make what did. Little constitution we -- identity and community some progress and well being. And we were proud to work so well of course. Provided. To area. The event with the idea which is a dramatic and so. That was one of the most holy wouldn't that mean that was. Almost surreal almost too much to believe that day hey just I think I know the answer. Doctor Charles and you already but. Just to confirm that you wanna get Jeff Bowman and Carlos -- Condo and it together when the ball. Yes yes absolutely did see the the response. -- the government just this picture was supposed flash -- in the show you video that we showed. Thursday. He's come to symbolize. The the two of the folks who just does threw themselves into what was the sense selflessness. That is really you know one of the major sources of -- real feel. Turning our attention to baseball you must be pretty happy about what's happening over their -- fourteen and 72 best record in baseball. I know American to gloat because there's a long season to go but in terms of the specificity Larry. Must you and you organization resist the urge to gloat a little bit. Over the idea that changing the culture in this clubhouse something that was talked about in the offseason. A lot of people were skeptical of a lot of people scoffed would actually have a positive impact on wins and losses. Well. Yeah it is as it did in substance -- -- -- and at an early victory -- early indication of often approached. That attention you guys before we were never trying to get the the coolest guys in the class the former fraternity and. It in the club possible we try to do is get to good teammates. Who could -- perform in the crucible that is Boston. And in and make it seem. A likable lead but also good. You know it just it did did that while there's always a part of its. But -- Carrington. And his staff made a concerted effort. To work to consider the personality the the team that the footage should be exempt now for talking to chip but the that they they kind of people that that we were getting. And we were we we that's proven to be successful at least part of -- very successful started. A total of players talk about the chemistry quite freely and and we scores that you can't sit -- minute ago we saw earlier in the day. The way they reacted to this sort of crisis there are some agent not that disconnect that policy these guys feel. Feel private plane -- -- being in Boston. -- you know what Larry we were so as construct twenty games is it too early to say. You know -- -- this team's gonna contend and we said yep that's too early but is it too early to say chemistry matters. That the effort you made -- put you know put the good guys are good people of good character guys. Together in the clubhouse and open all blends. That that effort is paying off. No I think yeah I think you can ancestor. To Portland game you can't say too much more about the ultimate success as a team because of the situation. Were reversed we would be talking. But how early it is this season and houses. -- that it 93%. Of the season remain deeply leader order that percentage might be. So I don't think he's got too many conclusions but one conclusion you can draw is that the people. Who aren't that club social sector and -- to each other and and it's not just the players the other guys in uniform to. They coaching staff and of course John Farrell manager has done a. The terrific good job and in bringing these personalities together and and. And showing a sense of community themselves and I'll -- -- -- Larry Jordan won that game last year would you of one last night's game yesterday afternoon's game last year. Besides. President at this point that we hit it had taken out of relief pitching it was a necessary to win that game. The need to Foster and nurture that that. What are you wanna call it in the clubhouse is that one of the reasons this -- is not here was purely baseball move Larry because I'm I'm I'm thinking if there was one guy that Michael off the rails and breaks from the for from the pack. And in and bring some negativity in there it might have been Alfredo. Well I don't want to talk to. Publicly about personnel decision like that adventure John Carroll spoke with him privately. Yesterday in the clubhouse about the the movie that was being made -- reasons. Reasons for it and I think it should just leave it there. I'll bottle so one thing that is that this is that game -- performance. Measurement. And you look at what do we have people -- And so they're performing and not just by one example but over. -- period there's trends. To suggest that perhaps some kind of intervention or. Or midcourse correction record. And at when David Ortiz went off script. Is that the first time you heard that word around the ball part of it is it. Well the way we here we understood that. By giving a -- microphone. -- David Ortiz and emotionally charged moments. Or any taxes. That is the high possibility or probability of the best bomb being dropped. But we did think it was. Something that he wanted to do it and and something that there's. Someone would -- uniform -- to do. I'm not gonna ask you who or what surprises you most about the steam but I will ask the CEO and president. What do you think is the most notable most significant from contributions so far. To this point in the season novice play. David's immediate hitting the ground literally and figuratively. Running. Buchholz -- Lester Napoli or something -- -- sticks out in my. Let's just sort of SAT like course that John Bennett comes up with AB CT -- all of you Barak. Yeah it's -- wanna look at the next day. Of that that's certainly the obvious answer but for me it starts with -- pitching. The key to this team. This year was going to be pitching we New Year's Day -- a ball up bullpen. We knew we had some depth and talent. In that did that pulpit and of course that's one of the keys to winning baseball and they modern -- And you've got to have a bit deeper bullpen -- a couple of guys to close you've got to have a couple of guys. Who -- -- -- perfect setup and it just too many important moments in the latter innings of the game. But but does it please. Revival of this starting rotation. Is really I think probably. Most most important factor among those -- I did. The the leadership they provided to sensible and it that they provide the dignity of just the the quality of their of this stuff it's. It's a disease this stuff and not be contagious but the winning is contagious and examples that they says -- -- -- -- -- is contagious and. And that baseball is after all a game -- pitching. -- question for me Larry you know all works around here we're not happy some of us aren't happy lust of some sort of controversy brewing is there one growing ultimately -- Hanrahan comes back. And Bailey assessed either stay -- is go somewhere else go to negate. Well I think that there will be a catcher so yes I think the the of the fans and the media rule be fascinated by this question. But they just said a minute ago with you -- you pose the question is that it. If that's not such a bad thing to have a couple of closers is not the ever and goes Bailey is ready to step in without missing them beat the it's these guys like each other. They have a lot of similarities. So like I do think -- it is likely to be played its -- customers here or at least conversation. About it but we need both of them. Are you are grounds are they didn't know we need both. You have a picture you walk around the house -- your life is good T shirt have a Larry. No no not really it's been a draining. Homestand. To be sure with the atrocity you right of all the last week it. Is it possible that only last week. That all of this one down and it's. We have been. I say this someone in the last week I think it has experienced every possible human emotion. And and it ended with the excitement and expectation -- Saturday. Certainly turns the ball back -- that that could be headed demonstrating with a baseball team has helped. My spirits and I hope it's like -- -- community. If you got -- off the field yet. He still that way Evan -- is he still hanging around. Now he was actually. It just -- and going to the hospital. -- if -- -- -- -- -- after the -- to -- -- -- He was trying to schedule quality hospital visit. He feels a sense of identity was just. Then they controversial sound sweet Caroline hasn't yet. It's not so controversial anymore safe to say it's here to stay that dignitaries -- -- -- you get invited to the interface service Larry. Our home boy that many Obama's gonna be in the. -- Very pleased to to be there was it was city that was the beginning of the -- of healing process. It did visit the talks were cast touching it defiant done -- you know they purple boats. Governor Patrick has the and inspiring. President it was. It was it was very touching and it was. What was also touching and suffering on here are assembled by that event the people lined up outside the spontaneously erupting in the national and so are American the beautiful it. It was it was the beginning -- these. The community. Visually coming together. Ice for the time where we'll talk to down the road early you know what -- talent on the AT&T -- AT&T forgy LTT done it's done when when when. Obama is up for his upper he and Carlos he and Carlos together. Drawn out first picked up a cooler -- will grip.

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