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An update on Jeff Bauman from Gerry

Apr 25, 2013|

Gerry discussed his hospital visit of Jeff Bauman. He said that Jeff is in good spirits and that his health continues to improve. Gerry commented on how he met Shawn Thornton at the hospital and how the Bruin enforcer was at his fourth hospital of the day.

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Uninteresting day yes -- Jerry would you like to share sure went over. After the show yesterday and visited. American hero Jeff Bowman who is just so impressive. Everyone asks me every day you know every day as you do when you can succeed to a great. Am a much exaggerating. I was amazed how well known showed up the majority in the wheelchair in the wee or I'm always an open window and -- lot of people around a lot of patience a lot of victims. You know there where he was. Who in the port Corcoran from the wall. Mother suffered similar injuries. And Cindy the daughter. I'm Sidney -- the one who turned eighteen in the days and it and priceless photographed the winner around the globe went viral. Jeff Bowman in Rome we although Ehrlich ever present her birthday gift you know nobody knows this was in the bag. You -- -- -- -- was CDs and speakers that you welcome to a iPad and iPod yeah Colonia. In a little speakers and so she -- and it's music or music and that in Rome. But it's just the cool picture -- it took the time to give -- -- -- eighteenth birthday so people around in his wheelchair that that would indicate to me he's not hooked up calls to picnic and house level. Well when I was there was pretty good nominees. Talk to say you don't picture how -- -- and right. Buddies to remarkably well -- you know look look good to me you know looked into those guys than it was -- I could not believe what was -- and that was there was this mothers aunts and uncle and they all said the same thing about attitude great yeah great. Boy it's hard to believe me assure you that this might have been a good day and credit and a good day and -- trumping an asset -- you should have cheered yeah etc. Well thanks Sean showed up to -- it and -- like I can't say enough good things about him again favored -- and then he shows up and they're all -- there. It would be nice if they all right every -- -- regrets like every -- one. One Bruin made the round just in Hancock in -- he's not -- and -- even column in the park but this on the air I'm not there. With the media I didn't have to get the PR person funny the guy at the front desk hospitals I have to get public relations that come with. Am and I was was with his uncle on. And it with them yeah yeah this was not in I didn't have that appear person score but I wasn't. Making the rounds shake hands right Ehrlich like the athlete in one room as you want I went to one Rome -- out there anyway shot -- shows up and he's -- hand hurts he punched one of the flies in the hand and held in the in the fight. He's hurt he's tired they're all tired -- always talk about tiring season is. He was on its fourth hospital. It was noon. And he had made the rounds and he could not have been nicer to pick him read Tweeter right here just to retrieve the picture of Jeff -- and -- of course. -- Jones camera so. That's not me that's one of these one of the chips -- and that's pretty department. That's -- this Belgian -- early and work but you have spell check in there who would work on names anyway. John Gordon hung out and talked to -- and problem I'm sure her hat habit thank. Could not denies it just in the guys -- what is the what is the scene like there are a lot of patients victims. Injured on the same floor -- -- -- kept together. I think so there were a lot on the floor and you're. Waiting room for blows them him from California. And that is waiting most them waiting for news waiting for updates. And summer doing better than others it is any timetable on. When you out of this next step is next opens a rehab right now and it's long. Painful process we have learned via use the prosthesis. -- prosthetics prosthetics and their their -- on the all gone through that has the story. In -- globe as a little girl that today about it you know it is and and I didn't know like a lot of people asking with the world saw some people. War in -- is in warm missing limbs you. Options. If if your job for somebody who lost their licks in terms of the kind of prosthetics you use an amateur and when you do it the timing with the do some people choose not to use him in and confined themselves to a wheelchair got Maria that. Well lieutenant Dan did yeah for awhile and then you get the titanium limit potential shooter the girl won and I do think terrorists. There is that the -- I don't mind pivot chose to have the ball and view things yes but blade runner stuff I mean I don't know if you saw the visit the military guy made two -- and -- girls and it was very emotional and you have real mixed emotions if you're one of the patients and a guy comes in and he says. You can do anything look at me in Nam I lost my legs in Iraq and look at medium Walken and that they can. At that point I think if that in this some hope you know that that -- and up like that it's is the hardest thing about the hardest thing. Hardest think psychologically mentally for a lot of these patients is that day that they'll gather around say. They're gone I mean your instinct is to think hope for the best right in don't think. Maybe this'll work -- to have that like remove the whole lower leg in and mean that psychologically is a brutal. That's a brutal revelation that you're not gonna have your legs your your feet and legs are gone. But what you get past that you're alive man your lives and our -- -- -- Martin Richard is not you know crystal Campbell is not. It's very intense mean there there's there's TVs in every room and -- wonder and I don't watch and so latest of the Watson themselves and -- -- and -- in the coverage of closet just seeing the person who did ST yeah everyday and we are in the wind -- Rome. There are people very emotional to struggle people you know their lives thrown upside down there are runners who. Have to deal with the world guilt but. They drivers the survivors or their running and their relatives their loved one was at the finish line. Late -- and you know could have gone faster could've done differently. Mr. Richard field beyond the loss effective he is alive and well in his kids and his wife -- or. So damage yet I can't grasped how difficult that is his daughter lost leg she's news I overstepped its seven. His wife's son is -- player is injured. Is to get up every day and you know go on with -- life and we haven't even seen that is going to be a public memorial for Martin. He won't be as blue as the one for -- -- but it will be more emotional and be more painful and that's why we're keeping the more on watch list. -- what these people that are on our -- analyst people who. Think you know that mark Richard is blowback or he's out you know. And there that deserve a canary or is it's our fault because you know where and whatever -- for Afghanistan mean. These idiots do they forget about the victims -- -- game. Maybe they should take a walked on the whole NC people trying to learn to live with a put a face on what it is are talking about lands on Douglas the carpet Portland. -- -- -- -- -- They I'm fairly new deputy mayor settled the guys to -- north on TV people from the bombing that is it still influence felt. And it's just gets better every week and actually go through better video than a week before and it doesn't get better and better than being. -- -- that I you know our hearts and prayers and it would commend I just wanted to comment or you do arbitrary sort of purpose so that you need and what to beat. -- -- political vacuum during the slowdown -- I'm betting he could also there's a clip it already from the knee down its sister. Ago or patched it comes off so there -- matured a bit start to the prosthetic -- and got what they want to know what you know would there. What -- Cote spoke to them. You have to learn to walk again -- Audio out pink polo well orchestrated it's better expert he'll. The advances if this happened before. You know on 9/11 before -- only. Twenty years or 3050 years ago right. You're right there and we'll sheer presence there -- if they lose one like to be on crutches right right they -- they are in a wheelchair for ever and there's just such hope has such incredible advancements. I think rehab is more important than ever because she gonna learn you know like a lot of psychological -- that well sure. That this is your new life but they all every single person -- said there either on the family members are running again the victims are gonna go to the finish line again. I can't imagine next. Most terrible next Boston Marathon there will be people runners who lost their legs we're gonna run -- -- -- your wheelchair and do this real candidate might not to -- 26 miles but some might come out and maybe not next year you know people are gonna there and that finish line is going to be just the most heart wrenching emotional. Triumphant. Seen. Ever we've ever seen in I can't think of anything in sports that would compare.

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