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A tremendous show of support for Sean Collier

Apr 25, 2013|

The guys discussed the remarkable memorial yesterday for Sean Collier at MIT. They were amazed by the show of force displayed by members of law enforcement that arrived from all over the country.

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Well I was wrong. About the Sean -- your memorial. Over -- MIT. A lot that I thought yeah and a bottles and -- It was a lot of thought yeah what a show what a display what -- what kills me to say it but even button yes good -- Elizabeth Warren -- even Biden was good and the literally lost oh. But just to show me and more -- -- visual and -- illegally after a little low. Here's thousand. Tones could get a rob a bank of -- the store anybody do that anyone run and crimes. I don't know. But -- here's the simple. Take away. He's your -- -- from this when you watch this we got him out numbered in now I know there was little doubt about that but to look at that you say. These maggots killed. One -- movement and they killed. Other innocent people child and just. This stuff though like -- hurt a lot of people they killed one cop. And we get that kind of show of force yeah it's like. There really is a band of Brothers and I don't know how many of those guys again time half. May be some of them did maybe this post can be. On on duty or desk -- yourself but I don't think they care for the most part I don't care. It is a really cool shall force like think well they probably don't read the stories they've seen the pictures. The page one of the goal. -- on page one of The Herald. Every news channel it was a visual helicopter shots the -- just the pictures alone of those making it to the caves of of clipped a -- clipped the stand. It's they they probably are and and even beyond the fact that you know that show on the physical number 15161000. People symbolically that's said to me yesterday. There are a lot more good guys is the bad guys and jurors talk about the ability to execute these mag it's where they belong and and and arrest the men killed -- shoot him put him in jail or whatever -- talking about the overall. Make up of our world here and does that indicate a lot more good people the bad people. There are of course look at that picture. Page on the globe and I mean every every -- it's just. It's just they would call shall force its show of camaraderie brotherhood all on Saturday for those guys are all armed right yeah. That's the kicker than that just does. No I -- -- they kill you but I'm trying to -- you know carefully here. They could even get -- -- the -- for his gun right couldn't open the fruit and whole studio. Didn't even get his guy a nice enough about the -- and get this big kid and I -- police officer -- -- 7-Eleven no idea for five days a week later whatever it is. 151000. People are gonna be there for you when you die its roots in the middle of the day on Wednesday. To Cambridge yeah artist and a place is the only part we get that I could I was coming through Boston and was -- ago like an idiot -- -- -- mass that was gonna go Mort it's the bridge was blocked the could -- coverage yeah but even go to Cambridge Cambridge was blocked off for -- us. Ceremony and you know what if that were open to public. -- -- Harvard stadium that holds thirty years now you filled Gillette but he would be banging out -- if you. -- -- -- -- Could you imagine that I mean these cuts could all go to Angela sure they get 50000 cops family friends we saw a lot of family -- in Wilmington people right. What does he did open up to a. We what you indication when asked about the moment of silence when nobody organize this and -- Austin street just filled up with thousands and bows out people what they just came out of the buildings they came from Newbury Street in Dartmouth to Gloucester and and Hereford all the places and they just gathered as close as they could the spot obviously there were held back by the barricade but some plant there -- -- -- -- -- sent out that says at this particular moment at ten minutes to three -- big -- open -- street -- just. Yeah I mean Edison. And then how many terrorist candidates like show to remember. Speed bump if they had likened clip domains are truly. From Nazarbayev was everybody provided in yes or both -- and yet you get a couple MIT professor at Columbia through Columbia dean. That -- -- to be some MSNBC people and added that -- right here is Rob Rogers Sean call his brother at the MIT's service yesterday talking about a brother. He blows and ask me if Sean were here what would think. -- and me he would love this. -- sirens. Flash alliance formations. People saluting. Bag pipes. Taps the American flag if you lose -- loved and he was. He was born to be a police officer. He lived out his dreams. That the brother was great and you know amid archer convinced. That it's not just. Flowery. Rhetoric -- often I'm always wrestling guys can talk like that -- how do you convince -- that he really was a great -- I mean didn't after all the cement initially saying yeah -- to say when a guy gets shot and killed and you say was a great boredom and -- convinced that he was the real deal yes -- you heard from a number definitely -- photograph yet of course right give money the Jimmy Fund. It's she fed the -- from the Watertown please joining us online too -- and chief how aria. Why Garrett you all we're doing fine impressive yesterday to say the least would you agree. All it just incredible you know. We all come together is no law enforcement don't doubt that it was occupant -- very very very well against the a lot. Every more good guys and bad guys pretty clearly chief. Sure. That every day I see one time cops league dance and on the days ago -- black to ever achieve their belt they invite you. -- court struck but it did Jerry gave it. It's -- that there are my guys are men and women and I would of done a tremendous job -- -- they deserve all the credit they -- you know Perry generate a little out of them. We're finding out today that no shots were fired and then mega number two in the boat I mean obviously I don't think. Which was intent and to the tension was to deceive but this did this surprise you that that that I didn't have a gun. I you know who that I hate crime unit still down your own report and getting out -- -- Weird doesn't it doesn't live report yet so Libby will -- concede that -- in case you open up Larry -- really not been -- -- week. Figure everything well. -- how does yesterday's gathering work how to lead the government. The police chiefs assigned these guys as anybody -- in the store back home exits seem like all the cops in New England weather yesterday. Know that we are obviously we've got to protect our communities and -- You know we were lucky enough that everybody's treat. Or how police are also well. Most of our guys -- Margaret -- beat your -- -- the state police. You know do more Altria Belmont and Geisel so we could -- It uniter you guys talk in the open earlier that. What I want equality and you achieve your trip that -- that some obstacle. In in the transit. Bus driver he wanted it. I'm gonna see Pete came in -- just to be part of well like I don't want older you know some horse partnership but. You know we would -- it like six or seven guys it and -- probably. You know at least 37 of cumulative -- You know so. So don't go to make apart yes it would be -- a tribute to that are. It felt like it it did it felt like -- chief I want to know chief. John drove a hundred miles an hour yesterday because he didn't think the independent he would have anyone left for speed trap -- a -- -- a little I was hoping you might be like pick a picture of his license plate asylum. Chief of all thanks for the ball -- appreciate it estimates chief devote -- Kelly at 61777979. -- 37. I want to know what bars that would crypto because they're all hanging -- together -- You know go -- -- low for a couple pops that and to be raise a glass for Iran would -- -- cool that that if I were. You know like a columnist on the sit beside go to somebody where they'll -- itself it's too little too well. And since it be somewhere convenient wouldn't impeach him and you -- monitor what the traffic -- and -- -- the whole city was. Was was a mess at that point the Red Sox game start when these guys would get now when somewhere where they were doing exactly do you say he has to show. We'll take your phone calls next at 6177797937. Larry Lucchino joins us in the 8 o'clock hour and some other guests after that.

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