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Jon Rish signs off the Red Sox Radio Network for the final time

Apr 24, 2013|

Jon Rish has decided to pursue a career path outside of broadcasting...here's his heartfelt final sign-off after today's Red Sox/A's game. We'll all miss your dedication, talent and Jon Rish the person in the booth!!!

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Six W. -- behind the took the -- and then hung on to beat the Oakland Athletics 65 today at Fenway as they take two games out of three. Taking this series and winning their fourteenth game this season your -- insurance foundation. There's a proud partner of the WEEI -- Jimmy Fund radio telethon this season does make. Any extra effort to drive out cancer. This evening Red Sox batters have five extra base hits that means another 250 dollars to the Jimmy Fund radio telethon. Check out the umbrella insurance tote board at WEEI dot com slash extra. And follow our progress all season long. -- -- insurance. Here for the Jimmy Fund it. Here for good the homestand continues on Thursday with the first of four against the Houston Astros now on the American League first pitch tomorrow night. Scheduled for 635. Which means our pregame show begins at 550 and the pitching match -- features a pair of right handers. Philip Humber on the hill for the Astros Clay Buchholz will get the ball for Boston -- thank those who make. This one possible to -- are statistician here at Fenway Park Katie Morrison. Our on site technician Doug -- Red Sox baseball produced this evening by the executive producer of Red Sox baseball. John Albert says many of you listeners know tonight is my final broadcast as a member of the Red Sox radio crew and I hope you'll indulge me just a moment. -- I say thank you to a few people there will make it as brief as possible for one thing I hope it's been conveyed over all these years is that this has never been. About me nor will be nor should -- ever be for any announcer I've always was and always will be. About the game on the field but having said all that I'd like to thank Jason Walsh who was instrumental. In creating this opportunity for me -- in the Booth John -- he's our executive producer who has done so much for me and everybody else. On this broadcast started playing our on site technician of another chance to work we -- for many many years and his help. Has been hard to describe -- so much of course Dave O'Brien in -- to -- we own you could not ask for two better people. To learn from and work -- -- in any situation let alone a Major League Baseball broadcasting Booth. Almost most of all all view of the listeners who have listened over the years I am deeply appreciative. And of course the most important person my wife Christina who. Would never have -- let any of this be possible and broadcasting Ned had not been for her support throughout all these years. So once again everyone thank you from the bottom of my heart. The Red Sox win this one final score once again Boston six in Oakland side. For more be sure to log on the Sox Booth dot com. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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