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Stephen Drew postgame with Joe and Dave

Apr 24, 2013|

Joe Castiglione & Dave O'Brien caught up with Stephen Drew after today's 6-5 victory over the A's at Fenway Park

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Red Sox would be 65 win over the athletics here at Fenway Park Stephen -- -- with a big hit keys with Joseph and days. I've thanks this David you've been hitting the ball hard of late to top mark the ball the other night it was. Like typical big gain a couple of others like that want to center field but. You found that right field corner with a big triple that was critical ways game went because the -- are well behind three nothing. Yeah you know just you know balance trying to get things going in like you said I think it's both good and just try to get back to you know -- count for me and you know they're good swing and I had a good you know benefits elevated and you know just they're good swing in and you know I'm glad it went a corner. Still what's your game plan against a guy like Anderson he's been very tough against the Red Sox in the past and you know one in three so far this season -- in and out but he can be very tough. Yeah I you know he is tough you know get to play behind him last hearing and now facing that your you know I know always tough on lefties in the always tough on varieties and you know just going into it just got to have your game plan and you know with the -- it is not trying to pick the ball up his soon as possible because you know effective curve -- it's -- It was headed to see -- comes in and out so you know what that kind of Garrett there he's. If it's Jesus mixes his pitches up really well and you know like this have we got to him and you know -- it matters. Lesser. Leah you played the a's last year as you know what -- grinding games they play at this was still want album a little different than National League stuff -- Yeah you know that team over there -- mean they got a good bunch of guys over there as well and they never give up and you know artists we're we're glad that we came out with a victory in. You know we we had a game plan and -- and sat with him who worked out. It seems like the Red Sox have been very good about that sticking with game plans and it's turned into. Of fourteen and seven record you surprised at all by how quickly this team has come together. No not at all I mean like this in spring training I saw -- -- it's. Is it good group of guys here in Italy it's political leadership in the clubhouse and you know it's just fun to be a part of still marvel at what advice did your brother get it JB about that playing here at Fenway their regular base tolerates you know for me yet there's. You know trying to get a piece because I think that's you know that was the toughest part of talked to him a little bit. You know every day hear me -- as it is for me it's exciting because of the fans here and always gonna -- fan base and you know -- a little differently you know from the can't compare fairly I mean you demeanor stuff is a little different bad. You know he you know looking at doing mine. You know coming here and knew it ever -- kind of try to compare me and we were totally different and you know -- -- -- a bit older brother looked up humans you know he had a good career and you know just trying to we do here. And then a final question about the shot by Lowry down that. That right field line Stephen. Yeah back you know I mean Qassam plaintiff over there and you know voters' hands in my heater and as a lefty get on the top and the ball source -- so. From my point of view that I've really can't help it you know are -- advocate you know a good view and you know I caught it felt so that's just the way it went down stuff to read on the replay -- in -- answered from our angle so we were like -- you know he made the right call up. Exactly right right call thanks to appreciate very current chase guys are right -- think it is David Joseph thank you to John raced -- wishing the best we do indeed John congratulations on your new career going to be -- very very much. Thank you guys I appreciate him.

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