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A 3 loss night, a night of excuse making?

Apr 24, 2013|

We discuss the heavy-handed losses the Sox, Bruins and Celtics suffered on Tuesday night, and listen to how members of each team made excuses in their own different ways. Excuse making, not what fans are looking for.

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He -- it can't. And just walk again. There -- hopes that. -- -- It started to stop. And moving to third is ready to watch in this city. Nothing like it to block giving. To endear yourself to everybody who's shown up in the freezing rain to watch your team thank you Alfredo Davis thank. Who's more bothered. By last night's result. Alfredo with service or you mean get you out there you know Mike's up you're listening. You guys. Us where more bothered than he is Kelly Regis the inning that Alfredo save his hat in the third and we're gonna get to -- To get to explode because apparently it's excuse making day. In the city of Boston everybody is either making excuses are going back on their excuses we'll get to that the second -- John -- at 230. To weigh in on what's gonna happen next for the donkey that's Alfredo sub's gonna go -- -- -- I'm just gonna go donkey because I think it fits him perfectly he's a donkey. After what I saw last night but he donkeys and argues can be -- so when you watch wreck you know -- -- -- -- -- wash -- Did you you've never -- I thought about it like that try to do like I track that's right I'm Melissa don't have an interim got a call them walk around. Single. Walk. Walk. Strike out. Single. Balk. Sacrifice fly. Infield single where he fails to cover first base and then the -- an. The -- for -- it's cool. Because after the one of the worst -- ever see where the pitcher forgets to cover first and that makes -- -- ray bought a second time in the same inning. Then. -- But not just because of that Michael. I mean that's OK you know what we all have bad innings. Occasionally I guess in the freezing rain maybe we lose focus I guessed right although when -- being paid a lot of money because that's your profession. I guess I expect a little more -- -- people in that spot. But after all of that. He goes back into the clubhouse and other than owning up to the fact that he just had one of the worst beatings with a couple mental collapses. Any of us have ever seen. He proceeds to blame the weather blame the umpire and yes the -- with teammates under the bus listen cooperate with that is the donkey after. Also they've got good to have. You know more than we've only hit. So I think veneman is just about today and it. In advance work but just thin don't matter or whether we're escorted us you know -- gonna gonna bark bear him in this. And to where and give whatever we have -- Why don't we hit. Well I just get up I just gave up you know one of the worst innings of -- we you know -- -- there's a great thing about this are yesterday we're talking about the the feel good Red Sox in. How is just a great atmosphere in the team is exceeding expectations and give John -- credit and give bench Harrington credit. All these guys chipping in. We don't. Ignored conveniently ignored. The angry out liar and that would be or the angry yes they have whatever you wanna call it and that beat Alfredo severance -- we kind of yeah yeah I had a good note it's no atmosphere great chemistry nice clubhouse but yet over there. The service. The man I don't know America play within the weather. And then if there's slippery where there were about to put -- end -- day you get it to me. Taylor -- -- -- like -- got an I had a political lever on the table about the weather is a good plan you know party strike zone. I'm not complaining anyway and score runs -- -- -- little slippery out there I don't think you don't small you know units no way. Only one thing is couples face him. And noon. For whatever reason to have a small Republicans -- at a minimum through our. It well I I think if you if you look at what the Red Sox have done this year. And our buster only on earlier would not Lou they say they got a great bingo. So did the Red Sox have a great thing going with their with their clubhouse chemistry and their team the talent level of the team performance of the team. If you if you put everything together with the Red Sox are trying to establish. Where they've been through twenty games in the American League east. It's pretty obvious that. By this time tomorrow. We start the show tomorrow. We're gonna have another conversation about a Prado -- that is probably that he's been designated for. What should be he should be I would prefer if you were -- fate today. I don't think you can't I don't you can do it quickly enough for Michael I don't I don't call play I don't call players out call them names or anything for having a bad inning -- what happens. A Fred -- -- -- as the bad inning give the budget runs while the -- to take into Miller had a bad inning the other night costs in the game right. Walked in the winning run which I think is an awful thing to -- -- a common name. I mean he took it hard he was miserable he was sick over it he sat in the dugout. Afterwards what everybody else went back in the clubhouse because Andrew Miller took it so personally. That he had lost the game for the team that he he had he epic. The deal would it. Yet to find a way to do it to bring it all together. What does Alfredo with -- still I -- you -- Does that mean then he gets you good you don't have to throw a ball in the middle in they've been. They're new -- from the good pitcher threw the pitch through. Similar recent school -- delivered their -- How good was that how good does that -- you made to home plate that was seven. Yards away from the catcher how good was it when when there was an easy ground ball -- first the -- got you out of the inning. And your space -- getting around rather than heading over to first base doing your job. Maybe during the spring training time where he was lobbing balls into the -- yeah -- go to worked on pitchers fielding practice over first base when it's your turn to do well. Unfortunately for a hour before I played with stuff like I can I can hear that unfortunately for operate -- -- They didn't have options -- have options on him. Or options. -- to go with someone better in 2011. When he was the same guys and character. Same problems behind the scenes in 2012. Despite the fact that. He went at the manager and was suspended for a for a few games because I guess he slammed the door a little too hard and he had some words for the previous manager don't want it to its name. They still felt like we got to bring them back because these personal one fortunately for him. It's when he thirteen. They've got options. They don't have the -- and operate it was said that he's not a guy who's relied on heavily in the bullpen and as far as rotation is concerned we saw mr. Webster the other night. I'd like to see more of. Alan Webster. And I told Russert yesterday I wanna see more about it sooner rather than later or tomorrow or pork I knew that Alfredo severance was gonna go -- -- great about this first of all yes I totally agree -- you and second of all I'd rather see some guy who's on the street right now. Come in and favorable for those things I'd always got good stuff in theory W shares held -- -- last night. And we only see that occasionally this year so another something there I know there's a reason they wanted to keep the swing man -- would worries about your fifth starters helped champion John Lackey. I understand why you -- have somebody who can be junior and the but also have the ability to start I do I like the idea of a swing man. But the but the swing man is not so important that you binge your rules for him that you allow him to be the donkey who doesn't pay attention. That you allow him to be the guy who looked like -- have John -- to talk about this -- a few well let me just let me play -- from last night. Saying OK -- just wanted to question the effort instead he just goes after the mentality. -- I don't know but go into the -- level there seemed to be here. A lack of focus. Given the way operator was pitched this year force -- -- his last start coming in in Cleveland so. If it wasn't a good night. Limited -- Nokia and you're you're a donkey for not like insurer could've understood that blip. I mean how do you not like she overrated you not like I'm -- you know apple -- alert now and like I like an apple Chris more than Malkin I don't want to go up. I like apple I don't like guys -- I don't bowl. -- -- -- -- He won gold and ice cream bar here's the thing about a seven and everybody else you say. The swing man is. Is important but not so important where he can be Barlow if you got a slider and great but I think -- this is. This is part of it when at any time you talk about me in terms like utility players. Or you know long guy -- -- bullpen guys got versatility. And you look at his talent level and talent to -- he'd be great was not a talent level thing I think it's a mentality is remembered it was a guy. Jay -- averaging patent. It was 20020066. Aren't. So you look at the talent level of Jay Payton -- it started before he'd be a great sport popular for the Red Sox and perish or. He didn't think of himself that way so was a terrible mix and he wound up being thrown off the team by team thought it was Barry Bonds right. The same thing without a service if it's not it's at the right mentality -- be exactly what they needed. A guy who can give -- -- spot start or spot starts a guy who could be who can come to your rescue in the third or fourth inning if things break down. He can be setup man if you need it if you need if things break down magical he can close putting games. But he can't because he's not thinking that way are so long -- Don't understand why. Why he's at this point because he's gotten several passes from the Red Sox where is it okay we'll let that go OK we'll let that while ago. How many times cumulative I think they've reached a point where they cannot -- this and there's no reason to he's not so important you don't get to you don't get to be -- -- when -- the swing man I think that's exactly what -- that you don't get to be -- you don't get to not pay attention you don't get to not cover first you don't get up balked twice in an inning if you don't get to throw your teammates and the umpire and the weather and anything else you can find under the bus. After the game when your swing men maybe when your -- Martinez you can do you can get away with some of that. I may be definitely -- affirmative they're great aren't they were there when -- paid erected in order value your fine. But when Alfredo Savvis being gone please. Be gone please I get no interest in continuing to watch him. Here in -- we'll open up a little that we don't have a lot of time today John Farrell will join us at 230 we're done at 320 to turn over a Red Sox baseball Jon Lester Brian Anderson the -- a pitching matchup at -- today for the early for clock game. 6177797937. Is the number at and obviously we'll take some of these service calls but. Just looking a little bit more broadly at last night Michael because it was a bad night obviously for all three teams and in town. The Red Sox and Bruins made it very easy to choose to watch the Celtics who at least hung in in the first half before having one of the worst -- you've ever seen that. In the second massage Saturday except but I guzzlers or worse they shot 19%. In the second half. Still bad programs like that you look at you look at Saturday. The second half in Saturday's game in the second half last night. And they were both atrocious they were seven for 36 in the field last night in the first game they were -- combined for the 22 -- 23%. Shooting eighty they were outscored 81 to 48. 81 to 48 in the two -- As I said they haven't gone down 02 often. It in the Big Three era. So yeah there's a win win last night vs the next not even close I thought in the first half -- okay. This prediction is looking pretty good. Looks like they've they've made some adjustments. Jason Terry was hitting some shots that the key -- three -- -- -- the first three threes you've seen you've been down first shot I've seen it since I've been in town Tommy said it was the first time he's had three threes and a game. Since Clinton early march. -- it's been a -- Yeah it's it's it's been a little while and I think the question is. No where where did they go from here are you thinking. I think most people after seeing these these 22 halves most people think this is going to be a sweep I think that's almost equally I don't think it's gonna be as we can you -- you yet again. I had a 41 I don't know you don't think they're -- Celtics I don't know again about how well maybe a game great are still one game but it but it I got to watch Jason Terry try to guard -- again. I don't think winning game about I don't watch Paul Pierce try to guard Carmelo again with nobody in the back line to -- to save -- -- well blows by him. I don't know that they can winning gain -- those things -- to let him join join the club join the club and trying to guard Kamal Carmelo and -- -- -- I mean he doesn't help you winning game and certainly -- -- pierced its just they can't do it well. I mean I think Carmelo is you can you you have to give him this point -- -- that way. Give him his point but you've got to control units in Felton got control felt and you've got to control. Kenyon Martin. Having a terrific clearly courts got -- -- -- -- off the street -- -- good player he did not talk mammoth I don't -- the end of the first quarter. It looked like deals shake rattle and roll on -- I don't think that's what he had in mind I think maybe you use it now -- honky tonk man and I doubt it I think that's what he did not shake rattle all. Not maybe that's what you saw I. Something that looked akin to be on keep on his shots up and urged Ottawa -- underline. And your calls as well soccer ball at Fenway Park and WB. -- -- -- no I think all on the book written. Was playing pretty well authority got a little tired. The second after you start trying to just. Do we everything force you know let's about the -- religion -- rather horrendous. And certainly I thought they had a huge effect on us. Germans have been at -- found that. I was I mean in that in on the floor. You know plant when informants and never did you read them where you could see it look like who's gonna happen today. It hurt us. And you know that's just the way it goes in that I can do about it now. But I thought that is you know if you could have gone either way -- -- -- all when it Kevin. Think that's tough. Doc Rivers. Apparently the referees -- the problem last night. You know what I thought about I heard docs say that mom I -- first thing to Iowa. And listen to it again. Understand exactly what he's doing first time -- -- like vintage Tommy hides -- and you gotta be cured me Tommy was -- -- this guy. We're not always an Italian foul last night. Army so when I first heard it as they -- -- making fewer excuses and I don't think this came down to the officiating. But he knows it and come out the officiating to. What he's doing is setting up game through our coach in the game three he wanted to. He's got to pay though that the fine for criticizing officials when he said it was atrocious to pay that money coming out of his pocket or or. Or taxes or -- prospects somebody's. If anyone to talk about Kevin particularly how important -- for the team. So the next game it will be in the back of the mind of the officials that you need to leave Kevin Garnett alone art and -- I mean may be that and I'm not Killen -- today the way were -- afraid it was said the certainly but it it was a weird culture of excuse making last night with a Savvis blaming anybody under the sun. Doc in -- making the excuse of the rep for reasons. Other area over there and connect but I went out -- at this -- a -- on that's an hour ago. It is a -- culture expecting an excuse making will get an actor and second as when -- this -- -- For the Celtics. They're down 02 and most people. Including U sounds like think they're gonna get swept in this series what will change. In Boston -- label change embossed. Most of the time. Championship teams can win on the road. Championship level team to win on the road we talked about this before eight teams had winning records on the road this year the Celtics were not one of the eight in fact the Celtics. Weren't just a mediocre team on the road this year there -- a bad team they are bad road team in -- good home team so what will change. They'll play better at the garden -- it and give you any confidence about them. Going. A long way in the post season but for the short term if you wanna say how this Celtics avoid getting swept the play a couple of games at home. That's how they do I guess I Jon -- gonna join us here in ten minutes we'll get his thoughts on the future for offering to a status but. -- -- I don't know I I don't feel coming home fixes their biggest problem I don't think series here at home. But I don't see how it fixes their bigger problem the bigger issue which we talked about one on Monday. Which is their identity. And I watch a team I don't think they know what to go acidity the other day they don't know who did go to in the in the clutch they don't know who to give the ball to when they really need points or how they wanna score that big moment and I thought it was interesting hearing JR Smith last night. Who apparently was feeling his -- after doing the honky tonk man -- every -- -- good about it and college taught well he whatever he calls that he did it I'd be disappointed if JR Smith called it a -- talk dance does that mean as -- -- -- -- shake rattle and roll down right regardless he was feeling -- -- last night and said this about the Celtics in -- big -- Two hole goes of their maternal and -- flow always present that they really don't know. Surface -- situation room knows those who don't know pleasure run and this person who's a great point parlor runs. Where he's in the game and pretty much knows. This seems like in those two please please at a time -- wants to boot. Pope quoted a run -- -- -- of course those fortunately for us. -- We'll Fazio all we weren't due to our and it was we're doing a great job -- -- -- I know something about it. Yet he wants a credit Rondo but all he did say that he's he's playing right has no idea what to Holler -- to do at the end of the game a little -- a couple of -- description not let us think about this respect. It if you're in Boston in your view are united and an amateur basketball coach figured -- casual basketball fan. At the end of the game. In I think we love basketball on -- end of the game the Celtics need points the sort -- three point I think -- go to. Would you go to. I mean in theory I would want to go to Paul is exactly so I don't -- bye -- now JR Smith I like the way he plays like you game. I am not sure I agree with his analysis and indeed -- you agree with your analysis the other day either when the Celtics need points. Their first option very clearly is Paul -- there's no doubt about that's a first option. In their second option is Kevin Garnett their third option is Jeff Green. That's how adults now if if those guys are shut down they'll pass it around in any of if if Courtney leads in the game if Avery Bradley is in the game Jason Terry that go to the open man but that's what they wanted to do I think he made the better point when he said. -- -- not allowing them to do what they want. Because here's the real problem they don't have a point guard and we are taking advantage of their lack of a point guard play that got them to -- out there. With the ball but just -- they have the ball doesn't make a point guard and. Saw once again we talked about the flip side of that the defensive side which is whoever Avery Bradley's not guarding has a big night and you saw from lymphoma and he was he was fantastic. And any time you looked over whoever was guarding him and often it was Jason Terry was watching him drive by watching -- take a jumper watching ball felt was fantastic so. I don't know Mike I I know what you're saying. I know what you mean that that they know that they wanna go to pierce I guess maybe what JR Smith the -- agree with them is that. They don't know how they wanna do it even though they know the guy they wanna give the ball to they don't really haven't been a good plan or an effective plan to get him the ball in the right spot in a position that in this. This version this Egypt Paul Pierce that he can convert on because clearly they've been miserable. Second half both of these game averages just a -- thousand astounding. How bad they've been up. In the second half and then it just it just the bottom just hit it drops out so quickly -- minutes it's it's amazing to see. When you think about -- you think about. This series before it started in going through the matchups in music and -- the knicks are the better team but this is what the Celtics need to do. I don't think anybody saw playing out like this even if he thought the knicks would be up to zip it didn't think they'd be up like this. So convincingly -- and the second halves of these games about you brought up a point about -- and this is an important one from game one I know. The knicks didn't have the opposite game they wanted to game one -- that the Celtics for obvious reasons. But it could have been a lot worse for the Celtics because I count it. I don't have that the fifty film worked at the Celtics have. Counted five missed layups from Raymond Felton in game one. He was missing that you think about it he's converting the layups so the good news is he missed the bad news is I was able to penetrate and not get into the playing. In gets several layups. And last night I wasn't -- them much. Jason Terry can't -- would you agree. Duplicate defensively -- almost no I don't want to duplicate or you can stay with him. And I know we want again by about it yet not a not a -- to -- if he can't stay with them and if he's not hitting three after three after three and fortunately in the first -- yesterday he had a few of them to kind of sparked them for awhile and they actually got up on top when he was. Without that he's not a player that helps them. But he had that kind of week your lineup that they had at the end of the game with pierce and Garnett and Marc Crawford Bradley. And and green it was a really story it just it didn't work because you yeah exactly so whatever you want but it was on again. Of Bosnia to hopeful we before -- bring John Maryland will be here in less than ten minutes I want to ask him about the future for his his swing man. Alfredo Cecil takes your calls on that -- that we got a caller named Julian who wants to talk about -- Before we get to Julian I wanna talk about coach quote. Julian who seems to be not quite on the excuse bandwagon but going back now on its previous excuses that he made a couple of weeks ago this was slowed after last night's abysmal loss -- And poor puck management tonight and poor decision making and that's to me as a reflection -- not be replaced. And that one point you know we have. And they got to take accountability. -- be ready if we do a lot of work to prepare and you know it's certainly reflects on us as well as a whole team. He also went on to say these last three games we need a wake up call mentally we need to be willing to do the stuff that given a successful willing to do it some of the time. But we're not willing to do would all the time. Let's stay away from excuses because it's not gonna work excuses. -- a lot of BS right now we have to take the responsible. We have to take the responsibility. -- quit hiding behind those excuses because talking about fatigue. Is a load of crap. We got here. On here say that I think we we we we got that's -- we'll get that will will be after John -- will come back there again because that. Is the strongest language I've heard from from. Claude -- all year. Now he's called guy's not in it and then as they. Anybody in particular -- but just his tone right in the in the -- that's the strongest. He has as the strongest rebuke of the team we've heard all. As -- champion at times and a -- throws a puck in front of the net who don't we just knocks it back into his own goals or it was a bad game last night. But isn't kind of go back -- -- sort of created the excuse monster a few weeks ago by saying over and over again how tired they were hot off the schedule was. And -- we can disagree with them but once you open yourself up to that kind of an excuse. Will I can't think no excuses. You were just excuses are here. -- -- -- What is that what it is today or somebody asked the leg Elijah move into the second line of power lines that connect there are on the coach but but so yes again the -- hand but the problem is. That the work the same way you've created the culture where excuses are going to be okay and now but they're making excuses you're gonna start screaming and cursing -- damaged. Appointment I think in the in the other case. He was being asked about a particular set of games series of games where they played -- it was three and four nights something like that and he said. We ran out of gas I think you want to take a shot at the schedule around to talk about that but I don't you open the -- yet but open the door just for that. You -- or if they asked him a question why did you why didn't play well tonight you can either tell the truth. You're tired. Or you can -- So what would you prefer that he -- and say all right well. Just confuse this with a couple things weren't ready for it we gotta be better next time Wear it or we're told her. I have no problem telling the truth I think the problem is the opened up this excuse making a couple of weeks ago and now you're seeing it. Once the doors open everybody walk their way through what Rick Pitino saying if you lie. All right we got we got afraid it was -- in the cross hairs I used the phrase donkey earlier because I think it -- what happened last night the way he behaved. John Ferrell used the phrase lack of focus what happens next. For his beleaguered swing man we will last skipper coming up just moments -- Ali a W media.

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