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John Farrell: Unfair to Aceves to discuss roster moves before they happen

Apr 24, 2013|

We check in with Red Sox Manager John Farrell for our weekly state of the Sox review. We talk about the Aceves implosion and a possible roster move because of it. Plus thought on Victorino, Ortiz and some of the younger members of the pitching staff.

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John -- kind enough as he does every single Wednesday to join us here on 937 WEEI and let's start here last night. Obviously not what the team has been going to recently something completely different. What happened when you're starting pitcher us. You know obviously the way things turned out the -- you look up and there's a rounds on the border after three plus innings and particularly -- the first two innings where you know the Alpharetta results seem to have the strikes on somewhat in control and and in check. In that third inning things really got ugly -- not only the walks combined with a hit split. Couple -- mixed in which are very uncharacteristic. Failure to cover first base so things went from from OK to have to bad quickly. It in the -- -- almost all the baseball. In those conditions the elements aren't an excuse. -- because of the way Bartolo was thrown so -- things did not. Turn on our way obviously you used the word. Unfocused. After the game moral lack of focus. Other people it thinks that lack of effort you downplayed that. How how do you react to pitcher having the kind of inning with a lot of lack of focus that he well. And the reason -- the term focus was used because of the things just mentioned typically you don't see. Up to balk that. Many times to potentially three times I think it was another possibility of a balk that could have been called inside that in that wasn't. And in meeting with Alfredo here earlier today. You know we talked of the things that transpired in that third and fourth inning. It may and I think there was some. You know some distraction in their you know he talked about in the balk situation where he was caught in between pitches and started to get into his set position and then changed. With the with a pitch selection that was different. So those things add up to me to be outside -- are cowardly thing that. And this doesn't just look like he was not in focus last night particularly the third and -- -- his teammates react I mean it we've we've seen a team and you mentioned 2224. Guys going out to dinner together. How did they react to one guy who at least from a fan's perspective does not appear to be in the same. Well you know from the perspective outwardly and what people's vision or or perception might be is one thing this again it's you know he's a diligent worker. I can say that he's a very competitive guy. And yet there are situations like national last night they come on. Come on done before us that. You know we need to sit down and talk through some things in the -- find out exactly what's going on and and in that discussion today. That's where some of that I continue to feel like there was a lack of focus and there was some distractions that started to creep in -- last night. John are you confident in saying that he's going to be a a member of this team. Even even through the end of the week. You have further internal discussions on what -- what potential roster moves may take place. You know before we sit downs -- -- Alfredo I think it's probably. You know not right to him not right to remain in this club to handle it that way so. You -- mean that they'll be some ongoing discussions I think. Does the emergence or what you saw from Alan Webster. Last week does that. Does that help to keep you more options is he somebody who could be here in Mercury instead of somebody -- He thought that I probably not the way the rotation falls out that John -- return -- who who could slot in on Sunday. You know the fact is he committed his rehab start it feels good -- -- bullpen tomorrow. But I don't Webster's outing the other night certainly bodes well for not only the current. It in the near term but certainly the long term and that doesn't suggest that by the end of this week we would have Webster slotted into our rotation. We also feel like -- his. Adapt to a readiness to step into the rotation is here now. But I don't I don't see Webster taking the spot and Alfredo. Before the end of the weekend. John I heard I've heard you -- -- -- the pictures. And this year and in the past talk about. The focus on the game in the preparation for the game in the guy looked good in the bullpen. How are you guys talk much about the meeting the meetings before the games I -- you know. He leaves that up focus with Alfredo -- you know in a meeting before bullpen session that a guy doesn't have a proper focus or is that. And does that translate sometimes aren't. Well I feel I can say this is to speak -- of the process in which we go through there's a meeting before -- series and advance scouting meeting. There's a meeting between the pitcher in the stars starting pitcher and catcher nightly. Though those are to outline our game plan make any adjustments that we might have seen in previous games inside the series. But until you get into the game. That's where some of the things start to creep in that you're not going to see inside of giving meeting American she someone's disposition in the meeting be different. And -- with CNN the other day before start. But in that third inning things started to creep in there that. You know and there's some in at the root of what we talked about the earlier today -- Alfredo is apparently there was some. Indecision on his part on pit selection that led to some early movement and stopped to think you go back to the approach election that's where the a three feels like the balks were called. But you know the lack of covering first base there was an assumption that ball went through. Napoli Nixon held -- play at a diving stop. And it just looks bad as we saw one -- doesn't go recoverable bidder a routine now. From your perspective. A picture. Has those struggles in the third inning. The got a game today. And you're thinking all right it's the third inning I really can't exhaust my bullpen or lose this game and probably lose tomorrow -- was at the thought process. My bedtime whether to keep a manner -- to replace him. Well we're we're trying to get there as much because at that point you know call was probable while we knew that getting it didn't give up six runs and in the third inning. Trying to get you know one possibly two more innings. Because the long man behind him had not even step on a Major League mound yet and there was some unknown. Oh with Stephen Wright he gives everything he had. Coming off Leo where were -- -- try to play a little ketchup coming off the the day night doubleheader and and the way the bullpen has been used interest trying to. You know conserve as much as possible with today being right -- the corner for so. It got away from slashed by. What you see from David Ortiz so far. Very good timing no hesitation on the base pass relative for David. And you know driving the ball all fields did you use. Certainly stepped in the middle of the order in -- to think that he's had eight months often come back in with the kind of timing that he's had has been pretty impressive. What do you expect today from from your guys visit the same lineup. Do you have any adjustments. Some adjustments that -- game that well aware that with Anderson going against a left hander who who's coming off a turned ankle -- -- last start a little bit earlier but. Will go a little bit more right handed lineup -- will be in left field know that that's six sparked. In from the middle -- behind Napoli Ortiz in the lineup today. -- victory must find this no no issues with the low back their Ross will be behind the plate drew was a shortstop so. That you know the bottom third bottom four guys -- a lot of will be a little bit more right handed than we've had the last couple days. But I asked about Victor -- and made a great catch the other night in right field look like the ball is gonna get over his head he got factor pretty quickly. And may catch he's been center fielder primarily. Pretty exceptional center fielder throughout his career. Did you have any questions at all that he be able to make the adjustment to right field. No because he's got a right fielder is in his career at the Major League level early on when he was San Diego played right field some. And even played right to live in Philly when when -- was in center field with the -- so. We didn't feel like he's shifting over to right field would be much of the transition if at all for him the only -- we can or constant spring training was his working relationship and communication with Jacoby and in center field and I think to Kobe is not used to a guy with that much range in right field being able to get the syllables of the otherwise is gonna run down so. Machines and -- pleasant surprise he's been a heck of a player force and defensively there's probably three games. That -- had catches in that much like you mention of the right there was a base vote situation over Cleveland off Cabrera practically ran down that was a game up in Toronto similar. Impact into the game defensively so he's done an outstanding job force. Red Sox manager John Ferrell with -- -- brought you by our -- insurance town fair tire and also by celebrity cruises. Dustin Pedroia has not necessarily -- for a lot of power you look at his slugging numbers they're not where they've been in the past even though is that is batting average is high. Mike Napoli has been hitting like the phrase what was -- the camera for. That was used to describe the bat that he -- and right now. Do you expect some of that to even out over the course of the season. Without a doubt you know the one thing that it's the very clear with with. Is going all the dust in there and their pension primarily away when they do come and it's more acute among the sustain them up off the plate. -- he's gotten some breaking balls in the middle was no more typically we've seen that all be the one driven off the wall here Fenway. He's popped up a couple of those so I think it's more circumstance more than anything but. There's at a very distinct game plan that opposing coaches who use them against him and that's to stay away from his poll approach and the fact that he is still had over 300 says it you know what he'll take his base it's the other way when when he asked him. -- about victory in -- defensively and maybe think of Pedroia defensively which made me think of defensive metrics you pay attention to. And there's still like an evolving process with evaluating how guys how good guys are defensively -- prejudge that award or do you digest so. More than I -- -- from me that there might be others that you'll get more data more specific data that's concrete with a -- decision making but. You know I think the one thing people see is or the use of the of the shift and that comes from. Information that's readily available through all our. A tracking system that every team has. You look at the spreads you know the spray charts in individual hitters where their tendencies -- we part we try to protect against those. Lanes that have a high number of balls -- through the -- And there are some guys that are very clear with their approach and -- and mostly that left handers a dead pull hitter. I think you'll see middle books from over the other side of the infield but that's probably the extent to war goes forests are. Maybe an advanced approach toward defense and shift that -- use. John Farrell he joins us every single Wednesday when their home from Fenway Park early game today thanks so much realism talking next week OK talk to some guys targeted John --

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