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Buster Olney, ESPN, on Sox exploring trade for Aceves

Apr 24, 2013|

Buster Olney joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the possibility of the Red Sox trading Aceves and talks about the call up of Daniel Bard.

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Launched on our Butler got a three point seven WEEI every Wednesday at this time we talked ESPN's buster only on all things baseball buster. He's brought to you by cola space by Toyota Nashua. And by ARS restoration specialists. So any rain soaked game yesterday buster that was just atrocious the point -- Red Sox. Red Sox are giving people tickets to today's game or two morals and actually sat through yesterday's game that's how bad the weather wasn't Fenway. Alfredo Savvis threw up all over himself I had an awful third inning and had some comments after the game and if he's traded what's the market for a guy like that who can start who can close you can pitch middle relief is there any market offers services out there and beat trade. I'd be surprised after he had an incident spring training a bad you guys remember that -- BP session. In which she wasn't giving a 100% effort his name was talked about. Among other executives and I asked one general manager you know what -- get only -- not than. Basically because his reputation. As eighteen made it so bad. Now that's not to do rule out the possibility that he would go someplace else and actually pitched okay. But I think all the personality stuff we've seen in the last few years. Either certainly is going to mitigate some keen interest in adding them well giving something up that they consider to be worthwhile. So maybe the read the best thing the -- side and hope for would be some degree of salary relief and there are certainly seemed out there. We take a shot Adam. Because they're struggling for pitching and you think about it seemed like the angels who were actually star right now you know maybe they would take a shot Adam. -- but I again I don't think they're gonna get anything series in -- base -- whatever from rival general managers. Over your bench Eric didn't buster and done such a nice job of kind of changing the culture the attitude with this team. And you know what's all about controlling players right maybe not this guy comes back. City kid down as you have options even -- Davis has options at what point does it throw his hands up and say you know he is not exactly. What where we wanna move forward with what the team that we put together it's not gonna work and just move on from immunity can't deal. Yeah I agree review and I think -- you know a lot of it depends on what the internal conversation was last night after the game I thought John Ferrell quotes about. Lack of focus in and I I was flipping back and forth between games to I didn't see all the samples that were written about today. But the fact that they let them and take that beating. Made me wonder okay. There's some kind of push pull thing going on here. In it in the meeting -- last night you know like he basically just. It stopped competing on the -- that's what they -- -- you got to move Madison as possible because they got a great thing going. You know I had Jonny -- I don't podcast that they do. Yesterday and he was talking about. It would great atmosphere it is with the Red Sox in the and he was well aware like players all around baseball work. And hell I talked to do was last year within the -- that's about where they move past that. And that David is one of those guys do you know adding she's last year and he's still around you got to turn the page and it's not like week. They don't have other options especially being -- comes up. In really establishes itself I think -- Davis values really wrapped up in his versatility. But he had. You know the distractions. That question to that is effort outweigh. Well he's actually producing on the field more than just move on and I think that they may have reached that point last night. If they were saying and their internal meetings that they thought except competed. They were really good thing going the bull pens have pretty good year to couple hiccups but for the most part it's been great Hanrahan goes down Bailey has stepped in. Buster what should John Ferrell do when Hanrahan comes back is Billy early in the closer role back the eagle Hanrahan how's the best way to handle that. I would. Probably. It can't keep hammering and that role because that's what he's done in recent years. That's what you that you require him to do I think Billy is demonstrated that he can be an effective set up and. And I noticed that there are general managers managers who believe that when you take a guy out of the closer role during the year. That theory is that sense of failure that doesn't go away and so that's why sometimes they're reluctant. To do that in this strain you know they have to wait for the repeated so intimate look at the cubs with Marmol. You know look at this situation a few years ago that the cardinal said with Ryan Franklin. They -- keeping the guys at the back and they plan on because he keeps the structure together but I do think. Because the division competitive and because they do have a lot of options. After awhile it all comes down to who's throwing the best. -- -- let's go to spring training talk about Alan Webster said one of the better younger arms. They saw even in spring training now we get a look at him in the big leagues and I thought was extremely impressive stroke drone strikes with three different pitchers the changeup was devastating. What is the talk around baseball what Alan Webster can be and basically what the Red Sox got returned for such a trade that changed -- organization. People that it came to worse screaming about that trade last year after it was made because they felt like it would the Dodgers could have done. What did tell the Red Sox look we know you want did the other us that we know we want. Webster but there's no chance you're getting those got to be -- in my particular and all -- dead money up your payroll. When they gave up -- to their best pitching prospects. Executive doesn't he use scratching their head because they looked at both of those guys could be potential impact type guy. And I I've heard the same stuff through spring training you guys did about from scouts about Webster and how good he could be. I wish I get a chance to see that start of the night but that was played something he would start game. And I know that everything he did. Confirm what people believe about what -- potential could be and that's why when that trade was made people are saying it. It cheaper bench Harrington it was one of the best trade that seen in recent years. Talking to buster only BSP and we do reduce every every week at this time Mike Napoli got 25 RBIs at last check he was right there at the top and he led the league. In that category he signs a one year deal -- -- after the three and 39 a -- buster. Let me go way way ahead NC has a year like he seven right now it's a hundred RBIs is 282930. Home runs is he -- command big money is a free agent again or did the hip conservatives the Red Sox. Uncovered here -- that dog in the rest of his career financial. I think it'll hurt him. And you know a lot of it's gonna come down to exactly what doctors -- -- that condition. In the year -- year now they're there they have enough pictures that that they have where they can determine exactly where he's physically -- he regrets thing. But it actually surprised me that it -- is much of an impact it is that it has much of an impact did because they know the Rangers. We're aware of it you know that that issue was worth hanging on him and he actually. Played a lot of the last two years with that and I you know that's why. I thought for sure someone might -- didn't try to rest him away from the red -- when that deal wasn't getting done. But it may have made it might just decided look I like the situation like this park. I can establish myself as more the first baseman is opposed to someone whose values built -- the catcher. And that's what he's doing this year and if you -- -- there's no park better made for him the netbook and Fenway Park. Both are watching his game last night to the time that I -- -- -- -- Bartolo caloric amount. Any any -- pretty much 90% fastballs from day one all year long it's a good run on it put. I know he's suspended for fifty games they make this -- in a cup pretty much every single day take blood from every single day because. After doing the right in front of us respect you fools that everybody. Well and and I can tell you that's what executive felt the last two years that made them angry that he would have been six at. But all you can do is -- -- much you can. And and you know continue the investigation in Miami PD saying. And that's being done but beyond that. They did not like he can do what I can tell you guys. That there are definitely current players who have not been busted in the last year. Where exactly -- and out -- the changes -- and and you believe that garbage you know blows me look at least change physically. Look at different you look at his production I'm not buying an attitude GOP. You know they're they're certainly players who I think is some of their. The free agent offers they got were affected by day and the trade offers that involve them. Really affected by the perception these guys are not plan a level that they are cheating but there's nothing you can deal which is why. I fully understand. And agree with the fact that Oakland even after he got busted play to them last year. When he became afraid to like you know what we're gonna sign him because. We don't have any control over this didn't and Major League Baseball does the testing and -- it telling us the players considerate he's been really effective pitcher in the them. We mentioned the trade that brought the Red Sox Al web streets and call Crawford LA your colleague Jerry crass nick has a column today with Carl Crawford and Crawford is quoted as saying buster I'll always carry with -- talking about. His time in Boston because it did so much emotional about the time in Boston and I guess this go back to prior to resigning here with time -- Tampa Bay. Was always that emotional of a player buster was that a part of his rap because the Red Sox apparently scouted for six months the private investigator to. And it realized that he can be -- Affected by his surroundings here in Boston. Well I know that there are people the -- organization who were concerned. About how he would adapt to their organization. Did the Red Sox organization and I can tell you. That there are -- of the people that there were folks within the Yankees organization. Who had questions about him playing in New York. Even though Brian Cashman played out that poker game by eight. You're going to be having dinner with talk cropper which probably you probably if you look at the Red -- perspective might have been a forty million dollar dinner. Because it was all that bad news that did leak out I think strategically. That the Yankees you're meeting where it would Crawford that the Red Sox are so aggressive and and one -- 142 million dollar deal. I'd say one thing and lose you can absolutely speak to this YouTube -- You've been today you know it'll lead athlete. I think a lot of what you're reading from Carl needs him. Finding and developing and Austrian. Eight chip on the shoulder and I you know I was -- Carl before a good number of days when he's with a Red Sox. I -- think he was mistreated at all I thought it would -- great. And I it indeed a relative to what how he was performing -- get a little bit telling the media was really that tough on him. But I think it would you haven't been calling the guy who when he talked to me to tell you about you know people back in high school didn't believe in me. You know I had doubters people wondered and I just think -- did they wait for him. To motivate himself on a daily basis -- any of the motivated guys that -- habit for 35 o'clock every day to work out. You know I agree because I do think that that. -- -- a free pass but really a lot of the talk was -- call Crawford's performance people looked at on the still worked hard. They were disappointing in the money that they gave there was more Adrian Gonzales was actually performing. Maybe up to expectations I also think it was. Wait for him to tell himself and try to convince himself that this was the reason why he wasn't a great player for two years and that's not him. And it's wicket taking negative and put blame on something. To try to get back to the player that he wants -- He it's like he's playing and reminding yourself and I can tell you you know when the Dodgers called. To tell call at this threats such deal had gotten done. He was in -- he was so happy and I think he invested in his mind. He was ready to Milan and he just didn't think it was gonna work but I after all the reason that you just laid out that I really. I think this is it is someone who is arming himself for a reason to move on and to be motivated looking ahead. Buster is always great stuff I'll look for talking next Wednesday at the -- Austral -- SP and joining us on the AT&T hotline. If you have missed it our friends at AT&T. Have set up a line we can help you can set up and text to donate. The benefit the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing text the word Boston. 8010. Wait that's text the word Boston 80108. To donate ten dollars to one fund Boston. Message and data rates may apply full terms and give dot org back slash T. I'm ninety seconds we will get more to the -- and let's have a situation and I also wanna -- club people texted in order to deet tails the Red Sox did realist not a joke. They really did. Announced last night during the game that if he went to the gamer -- tickets the last night's game. They'll let you use those tickets again or for the first time either Ted or are either today. Or Thursday we'll give you those details and get -- Red Sox schools next.

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