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Andy Brickley, NESN, on the struggling Bruins

Apr 24, 2013|

Brickley joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the Bruins struggles of late and if there is hope for the team to turn it around before the playoffs begin.

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Really poor puck management tonight and poor decision making and that's to me as a reflection going to be replaced and that one point -- we just got to take accountability -- be ready if we do a lot of work to prepare the certainly reflects on us as well as a whole team. I'm angry Claude Julien after the game last night it's not -- 93 point seven WEEI Bruins 52 losers against Philly. Joining us every Wednesday. Our friend Andy brick -- Andy brought to you by Toyota of -- is the only Toyota of national megaplex during their ongoing spring saving habits sales event comes C. What the buzz is all about -- the expectation brick for me last night was Phillies out of that there's down this a chance that. It builds a moment of final four games surprised by the outcome especially there in the second period where you. Surprised by the lack. -- complete game effort by Boston and maybe that's not the right word so. Almost the difference -- this -- not an equal part. The the turnovers were just. Way too many and not just by one player in fourth place. Everybody. You know when they get could truly -- that I'll click here at school that your I'll label literally true. Seemed all by the -- that would mean either save and close game hasn't -- that lately. Our source and it has been about everything and Eric you're looking for that early. Mean that we got so used to light into the -- cocky swagger to a because they're tremendous confidence that the he. You know it's just not there's -- supports its parent and if you take a look at the numbers -- at the conference which is the limit that the Asia. Could goals -- -- -- hurt -- -- then. We look. -- -- directly facilities as ever pretty -- year the all that says though though this. Team that Nevada where they finished their second for the coffers. Because he let it slide I. Eight but it worried. Weigh the pros don't have the reservations because of those appeared to be very -- right now. You'll regret that -- this team and and the struggles I just. I think turnovers and I know what's her seat from the defenseman but also the -- how -- -- -- play it because is that the one thing in its solar characteristic of what we've seen now for some time is turning the puck over. Yeah that's the civil war and here that you're at right now -- paternal and all three zones -- -- and it comes from everybody -- Italy. Who want to jump value of the defenseman you know -- over -- -- -- instant scoring at her -- after -- -- they -- -- -- like turtle as he could be offensive so bad action in Iraq and say why they keep these aches and usually when you make mistakes like that its decision making is that a result of that sort physical fatigue. Well he told me that maybe in the middle of the third week of march with a look at seventeen games and that -- such they OK I get that. -- not now this is where he can not be part of the equation. That you have to really as that leaps and -- are penalized. Totally focused on the job but it's is at what the public really equal right now guys is that it leaders believe -- are pleased to war. It looked sharp in -- that a player Bergeron has been awesome all year -- up and ask him to do you reform watched Eric this is outside Burkle the that really play an advantage in all -- -- played in a lot of ways that they can lead. And go to the -- have the lead the way and I know -- -- -- which featured heavily -- they can be way better than they did but it's it's that the year that you one of those situations where. The TV to repeal -- And go to the guys you. What they started doing here is not just injury brick because of this I guess wanna get some rest they. They rotated guys in and out of that lineup and specifically -- that's resulted in. A bunch different line combinations and and we learned anything about what lines are gonna work come playoff nominal mode. The defensive pairings thereto because they've tried a million different combos behind Charen and Soderberg last couple games and and they gained anything by doing that you think. -- hope to gain their -- -- -- She is what gives the pro -- instantly -- is that. There could be Garrity and it lies that at well there this year in the past and it's everybody healthy. I would expect her Nicaragua and it's with -- -- I would expect. You Tikrit UDP. Between one -- in court. I would expect what like to see as it should you choose -- between. -- -- -- If you want to incorporate sort of -- your line up big sport has to promote heavily goes all of that of that war or it. I have such as it soderbergh's -- billion yarder in and I think that is the best leaders that the flight ops that gives you the best just to win. A that a decision because you want for you talked well. Other probably -- thirteen or as part of that back here. We think back to what it was great -- -- You have Chara Seidenberg together after a couple of games and that first round against Montreal great viewers shut out here. Well Peter has been right he's in the lineup on the back in the -- -- to really play the -- that limits what you can do what what Sharon's side -- yes and are you getting a left right let's play left right. Little less TP beautifully written aired a lot of the right. Almost planes also who'd they play in that first round with a beat Chara Seidenberg together you know if you got it. Dominating line that we saw like down at Tampa Bay a few years back missed that one line. But if there's not to -- do this animal. I think they do I think they do especially when playing on the road last change coach the whole team you don't want -- to answer that. Constantly quick changes just to get match -- to explain it out of the -- over the case. You put too much emphasis on that is not a good stable for a also. It is split up Chara Seidenberg keep. -- -- on what appears that you -- forward and you don't worry shall collection policy holders trying to get a top flight away from one or -- Do you think that the healthy benching of -- each has gotten the the desired result here do you feel like you've seen. A better guy will you see a better got a playoff Burke. I don't. I'd like to see that I'd like this is obscene and try to go back to basics and if he gets -- -- -- -- -- he's there with the appropriate people in the organization. They're addressed what his game is or not. -- what you need to do in order to get back to fear productive player oxidant that doesn't necessarily mean points it means being that intimidating. A really hard for checked physical kinda -- that's still up with the -- system -- -- like that gets the front of the net. You to be an effective player. You try to really look at culture go to one play alone you realize that gave -- doing all of our. Probably a little bit more bit. But he could still see that it gave it a long way to go city doesn't have a whole lot of time to get -- here that's going to be terrific you know experience to be ready -- I think they work these last three games three and four days currently tied with Montreal. -- rest you know. The fatigue thing this late need -- they had had a couple of and unscheduled days off I guess you could say but what do you think -- does with a. I think you'll use the next two games to rest a couple of guys to feel really mean that the ego you know in the post season. I think you see the final game or one of the final -- games where you actually use it play out or not. Intact because. He's got to get so -- Billy. He's got a really try to get this means that the -- you least expect it to council evidence and I don't like using an LG because you know he cheers here in -- numbers here for you will be quote are all pretty much the same. Brodeur eight aired over the last eighteen gave it to outlook or anybody look at first game of the orchard also. So apparently. Is that that's -- -- the ball better than believability. Cartridge guessed it one being. In a playoff situation making free market obviously. Because who would gain or -- or are we. Think about what could have happened that year throughout incorrectly. What was the Bruins played like going into the postseason without a look at what they want Stanley Cup if you look back and let. When the doubles were still up. The -- is -- -- Saturday that 48 in schedule there are actually what 22 billion up 48. The legal analyst -- well ultimately so. You know there's no real guaranteed formula. In the final weeks regular season that's -- its -- what you would -- street and I feel you'd like to get better but it's a great hockey. Feel good about not knowing that you all -- -- you know this Erica but as well. Britney and police feel that a slap -- down from wrong about this book is in the tie between the 95 gavels and the eleven Bruins the goaltending Miette Brodeur and you had Tim Thomas guys who. Or epic in their runs can you expect out that it's fair to expect. Rask to be that good I think government they got to be better terms of turning the puck over not be at the reliant they're goaltending on the play. Well you know very Erica in insert don't have spectacular -- you know that there are these two that you point that we can sort that -- the bulk of the didn't really need to be in the best player most nights but most NHL. Still -- at eighteen cents goaltending again. Right. At all Brodeur always reliable illegal allegedly approved. But it still collecting what you eat you he's. You gotta be played in return are you -- league during the playoffs. Then your quote Peter peak performer as a doctor people turned their. The -- the Eagles need to do immediate act happened. In world war. -- always -- philosophy that you know who you treat to play in the playoffs and whoever that is I wanted to round. In Ottawa Montreal about the limit of one of -- the ground was because the Bruins need to up that that attitude that spirit. You know everything that it takes to win of the season but lacking right now -- May be good if you're really act the first true. -- is gonna ask you these bottom five teams this could be any one of them. And I don't know there's one team you just look sensing not a good matchup but is it really that or -- -- about this -- just finding themselves as -- really matter -- Yeah and I like this got all aspects that Lou and then yeah it is all about this team in there where their act where they go and -- capable of doing it. It's hard so what team skiers hero looks back at that might be a little dangerous city it will go to -- point when you -- vocal critic. I think Lundqvist is the areas of the nineteen that you might match up with the postseason he could be -- particular art and be the model they've cut into this year early in the ill in the greens it was just. You look at the broad -- like the first three games. Maybe what a great place but he's the guy all the hold -- -- the actions side through your -- right now I think this. The fought that your little that we talk about match. You mentioned that Soderbergh line -- Soderbergh Kelly younger state the -- together too early to get. A brick scouting report on what you -- for Carl -- so far. Yeah rights don't like too early oh. On you'd like obviously the senate. And I'd like to -- -- skating get a little bit better at least 27 years old and he's he's quite a -- are your I don't know how much more outside period. You could just into the side of the rink we had a little fun little Blackberry will be back to the board at all. Saying that there were a little -- forum. It used to the physical play very used to the system. -- when you try to look at that what you're praying. They'll think it's a little. Undeterred and what you gonna be like in the postseason because the minute -- -- -- I play it. It's going to be different takes it happens every -- their first trip. In the NHL for regular season game and their first playoff game it's a totally different. We'll get John on this I know before the game you played Friday ball ball teams but it. Did you really believe Philadelphia was that nice of a group to put together that sort of I thought a a really nice response -- a fan base now think of what I think the -- nice brick it's not that Philadelphia fan base there. Well no you're right aired yeah. Believe their claws and everything else that well occupiers and their behavior and -- I think the party organization and mr. Snider looking organizations all voted basically hit and supporting the organizations. Support well. So that makes a little bit more irritable but these two organizations in the NHL what violence a young. Teenager. Aspiring to be a professional athlete but I didn't get close Montreal Philadelphia like a draft -- Philadelphia. Then I was exposed to Montreal. To my potential career outside yeah. Unbelievable. Class organizations that tool. To the art at -- -- but they really shall not surprise me with their actions. Rick great stuff is always. I guess by next week we'll that it come the playoffs could start the next time we talked the general the schedules gonna look like general the NHL's. Police that yet but they play that game Sunday and up pushes them back -- -- but pro playoff some opponent next week before talked with the about it throughout the post season. -- we could be tucked right up to do what so look forward to. A brick thank our lucky next week any -- of NASA and joining us. On the AT&T hot on a reminder AT&T. Has set up -- text to donate line to benefit the victims of the Boston Marathon -- can text the word Boston. 80108. That's text the word Boston. 8010. -- to donate ten dollars to one fund Boston message and data rates apply full terms at and give dot org. Backs last letter T. 92 break come back your phone calls a what you saw the Bruins last night this what 141 stretch and LB when a barge and studio as well look when you're.

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