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Jerry Remy on a brutal night for Alfredo Aceves

Apr 24, 2013|

The Remdog joined the show to discuss an ugly night at Fenway and an even uglier performance by Alfredo Aceves. Jerry said that he does not anticipate it being the last time we see Aceves in a Boston uniform but that he has to turn it around quickly.

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Our weekly conversation with -- Jerry Remy has brought to you by Lexus of Watertown new England's number one volume Lexus dealership online at Lexus of watered down dot com and by Newton Wellesley hospital and as always Jerry joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE good morning Jerry how are you -- how heartbroken were you last night we needed to get to play all nine innings of a -- go home after seven. Well Mattel is the one that got him on the field my -- was passing -- was on. Who is gonna be less than thirty minutes -- and then and away we go. Is not a bottom as brutal night as you can have the ballpark. Yeah that was awful and and you know that it's that they've they have almost half the pledge because of the way the schedule is now. You know what -- played almost every night and you know he comes in once just once I mean it would have been a look at the -- it. And it was nice to see that they gave away tickets for the right here right -- -- those people let it sit there at that. Pathetic game last night so you know it's it's what is that the what in the schedule. That that make you play games you probably wouldn't -- played in the first place. Is -- worth the trouble in your opinion Rem dog. AA in my opinion India's you know but world the other Red Sox feel about that you know in the -- -- -- -- and -- -- everything comes unglued forum. You know the first -- that he made with good you know he's a viable guy because -- -- can pitch out of the bullpen. You're what does he would -- will move in Mexico Lackey coming back on the weekend. And we'll see -- -- what stepping on the back of the bullpen I mean that's that's the only option may have more of they make a move maybe make a trade I don't know but. It -- -- all get -- move very quickly last night -- there's no question about that and it was pretty ugly. After the game he said actually said this after that pitching performance why did we -- tonight as -- but it made a difference but my question to you is -- will he be on a short. This a leash. In terms of his of his behavior because we know above all else this team was constructed having certain personality I don't think they wanna have one bad apple kind of spoil the -- -- I agree with you and I think he's been on that you release in spring training and all of that episode where he went to throw batting practice run out of my if you -- -- on the ball and I think that the you know he got a good -- do that I have to take them -- been a good citizen I mean. I've watched him to do but in the starting rotation he's been to the ballpark will lead to work and hard. You know doing the things that he spoke to be going you know acted like -- -- that result I don't know if you've got to be the -- look at the -- out he really has been. You know but he's got talent that's the thing that the reason the red psychological you know because. You know with some of the side stuff that goes on. You pretty count the picture and then you know. Is kind of guy that you're. Just don't want to let go you'd like to get some of forum if you could but you know I don't know that's going to be possible. -- did look very talented last -- just loses his mind and I'm in -- and an error and and Darryl called lack of focus and Rick question earlier around and maybe can help us. 23 players went to dinner last week one night and Ferrell was very impressed by that some of the players talked about it. Didn't go was it -- save -- and somebody else. I I I don't know I I have no idea who was done on a road trip. Yes I don't know I I have no idea who didn't go but for whatever reason you know. You feel the you feel that camaraderie don't you don't do it. And what it's a bit of -- -- to -- around it really had them and and you know they've been scrappy. It did one door in the game that I love the way they play. -- -- does that you know economists in the clubhouse that we didn't see all of last year. The of the confidence in the clubhouse -- know it certainly helped the big a couple of good -- It has been appointing to be a lot of pointing to watches and I'll watch play and I think they're gonna do fine. You know you would look at all the American League it was an all American League east teams. And that with the exception of the Yankees who would not help we saw our communal issue that everybody else -- gut. And I don't see any reason why this team can't be competitive with that there -- in the division all season -- so. -- -- got to continue to get the good starting pitching in the -- you know they'll they'll they'll be leaks at times but you know -- that the -- of that. And the same thing with the bullpen in the offense is gonna get better once -- get an error on a daily basis so. You know they get all the ingredients they really do it and being around them has been a pleasure. Which is closer to a legitimate controversy Iglesias drew -- him -- Whom. I don't I don't think -- glitches -- a big deal to be honest with the idea I I think that it was going to be fine. I've been impressed with the way played shortstop you know like I -- I don't didn't know very well. Until you know we -- watched some places spring training and the thing that impressed me. About a missed you know he's not as flashy as the glaciers as well but the fact is that he's. You know he makes all the ladies spoke to make. Good decent range and I think he's gonna hit that I know that it. It better about it back in the seaside initial signs that a couple of days ago we had a long -- -- -- looked like it was going to be a home run and -- a line drive base. So I don't have a problem with the -- stop at all and it's my understanding of the glitches of negative about it AAA right now. You have faith. This time around the John Ferrell we'll straighten out Daniel Bard as you can and would not be the the ultimately became apparent to started -- and it just fixed right away I don't. So you know it started in spring training. And it was clearly better in spring training and what we saw a year ago but it was not quite there yet. The end you know I think they made the decision and they did you know instead haven't been stopped the season here and maybe struggle the Madonna get some confidence in the minor league level which you know apparently he's done I just. Just reading some quote about I was working with a pitching coach -- he's got the pass them. You know and help them simplify things and if he's coming up in a good frame of mind. You know -- getting here what you have visited and -- can only help that. And we saw that -- and -- planning resource -- match between that we saw a year ago when a guy that bill. It was looking to regain his confidence and his stuff that he had a couple years ago itself. You know let that only adds to the bullpen if we get him back pitching the way that you know he pitched a couple of years ago and you know hopefully that'll happen but. I was so surprised to see I didn't I didn't really expect it to happen this soon. But apparently the reports have been very good over the last four or five outings or a result. -- becomes. Speaking -- the bullpen Andrew Miller. Who has struggled recently -- control is the only left hander in the bullpen how much does that handicap or Taiwan arm behind. The managers back. -- their ideal situation they had hoped to have great -- elevate -- front row would be there at Doral was. We forget about morality but he did a good job forum last year. And it does handicap him because especially an image in the earlier -- the sixth and seventh you know when you're. You'd like to maybe you have match up a little bit he can't really do it because you got to try to save them but those key situations and those lefties come up later on in the ball game. So it would help to get one of those guys back and have at least two guys out there. That she didn't you can go to and it seems like Brussels the closest because he's huge he's -- -- rehab assignment. Where morality who was canceled from one B because he's not quite ready yet so. You know together another one out there I think I would love that you know in a perfect world we would love to have the -- -- -- -- But the obvious that that could happen so blood now he's dealing with. Just one guy that he -- to bring in in certain situations -- when they have -- tough but he's coming up late in the game. So but but a bit you know the good part about it is for the most but you know 90% of the time the right -- to get the job done guys like his power. Did you read our I just was stopped -- -- -- run but these -- the out right because that's what they -- about also. You know they've kind of made -- difference. And her hand is eligible I think Monday to come off the DL if you're Farrell Jerry do you put him back where it was before do you have -- continue. To close as well as he's been doing here the past week or so yeah. That I I had that you let a regular daily continue. In the in the role and Gambill and and back up. You know I'd I'd I'd I don't have any doubt that before the -- out he's going to be the closer. And M and close as well he did in the National League but I think he's gonna have to probably wait that role I think that try to get him into a couple of games. To see exactly where he is physically and -- -- -- -- you know how he performs. In those roles which would probably be a setup role. And then go from Marion you know things crazy things happen guys get hurt. We all know how quickly things can change in his game insult. But if you know nobody stays healthy I would be surprised if Bailey was removed from the from the closing role. And -- what happened what if for a couple 234 appearances. To show that he helped the insure that he get out. The most -- the Sox have lost three of -- Jerry and one of the definitions of an ace is. A guy couldn't while there and take the ball stop the bleeding I guess we'll get to see -- -- -- Lester. Yeah I would you know we've seen it all these long I mean he and buckle of the Catholic and Catholic and you know they need that tonight -- -- the series from Oakland and actually -- this -- 4 o'clock we play and then end. You know while he's he's been outstanding he really had any cease. -- -- tell he's in the good frame of mind. You know like I think getting up good for everybody you know that the pitch is. Big -- is the way they've played is is that such a positive influence on everybody. Because the last two years that they've they could win a game early this. And as the vehicle play the way they have put it put everybody in a good frame of -- and that it does look this is good that he's god you know and a long time you know his frame of mind in the -- pitching. And he's the guy after what they'd like last night he's the kind of guy you want to go out there and in the end you know -- -- thought it could have been expect. They are who would be in your mind after a twenty games here the most pleasant surprise has been a few. Most pleasant surprise that the winning games that's good question. Victory you know I would it would be in that category. Now. Only -- Napoli with the. -- Napoli. There's a bunch of guys you know but you know the big question about big -- could he play right field not only played right field. He played great he's already got a couple of assists out there you know he's been moved up to number two spot in the batting brought up. Not because of the you know has got clutch hit itself the clutch hit so he's in that category it has been a few guys. Better have -- you know been a pleasant surprise -- I think we that you expect certain things out of people but to see them you know happen on the field. Like -- -- -- -- with not for a minute and a guy like that the -- I think is you know been a very pleasant surprise. Our Gerri we're not gonna let you go -- we asked two very very difficult questions first of ball. Tell the truth who pays for the delivered hot dogs. -- -- I had been paying for him until. This year I don't know I don't know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- them. -- you're not right. I have been yet and -- probably will be be you know before the season's over OK and which hairstyle did you ultimate excuse but I think slick back. I don't know why you guys you know you you get these fluently wanna make it changes though but that you see the change in eagle yeah you know I don't know again you know what what -- like -- -- -- -- an ugly guy. You know it just that. -- -- -- -- Dog out will enjoy the game this afternoon much better weather early start at Fenway Park our -- -- -- Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- LT Buick are covered but new theme just the ugly just like him I'm on a job here. Our conversation but Jerry has brought you by Lexus of watered down to England's number one volume Lexus dealership online at Lexus of watered down dot com. -- -- -- Wellesley class public that our new theme Scioscia was different and he's part of our show anyway just a gallon and Japan and man yeah. Just -- this -- Outlawed Karen -- and tenant bill thanks for your -- we will get to you next.

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