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Doc Rivers postgame press conference

Apr 24, 2013|

Doc Rivers postgame press conference

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By about what happened that second half again last game -- just one victory that event that is taxes. We are well. Which stuff I mean look we have to do better. -- the what's what we're doing wrong. Beginning of third quarter but we'd go back victories -- -- huge for them the confidence. -- were broken did you symington. Got their competence. Into us. -- -- to advocate for -- ran our stuff. Do -- in this six they reversed it and did the same so this morning for. I'll post some it's a difficult as of right now do you guys really not have -- wants to consistently facilitate the options. Well as -- are so don't worry about it listen. We are who we are we can apologize for that that's what we were we've been left with. I think it's good enough to win and so far. I haven't gotten. The right spots and sort of do that but. We we can play better and we have to play that. -- and it was a lot different ways this district go for you guys but you know and in pastor's obviously you know Paul's been such the the catalyst for you guys within the -- of clay making can he still carries you guys that network. Yeah but he's -- you know I think all along the book written. Went pretty well authority got to -- tired. The second after you start trying to just. Do everything force you know let's the file an engine -- -- and and certainly I thought they had a huge effect on us. -- cabinet three -- I was I mean in that been on the floor. You know plant when informants and never did your rhythm where you can see it look like who's gonna happen today. It hurt us. And you know that's just the way it goes in that I can do about it now. But I thought you know if we could have gone the way -- -- all when it Kevin. That's tough. Accurate. We're gonna look at the third quarter and talk about office again and all that kind of stuff but keep -- with just the defense. She's and you need to get it was our defense in the third quarter. Clearly we again we give up threes that we said that. In this series. And in three -- -- at least we're us. You know and -- about an -- really didn't think we came out with the same. Mentality that we had the first I don't know why have to find that out with in the next few days. And that's totally into the office is contributing to the fast break where you can't exactly I mean that's we don't get stops that's one notes that with. What -- -- are facilitators we don't get stuff that we can't play because we don't have. The ability to walk the ball up the -- under pressure -- -- often you know. Our office today was to let. Me. To our bed lesions in the third quarter. And -- the day. Hot topic from Ohio obviously act KG and -- peace with tremendous net for a sentencing court so efficient hit -- shots. During the Gagarin met him before the guy who were you thinking on that bench and you say that costs my bench guys you gonna win me -- and we mean I'm. -- you honestly think and who -- hyping that oil. Open and jet jet did. Did play great first so he's one of our guys we really wanted to -- garbage you know we know that. And Jordan Crawford's the other guys that can score force. He did that the Versa. Our imports in the -- No one that it. Coach down 20 it's a tall held a climb what do you say to your team now and back to Boston. Robert Boston. That's it. And it's the truth. Right so I guess they say the series doesn't start. -- for this quarter in -- a million times. You know until the road team wins but. -- positive series started. You know. Because we're down 20 but. It. -- right. -- Coach what was the biggest difference in the next in the second half to about their intensity and thought they -- you know I -- again I thought we attacked them. In the first half but they hung in there you know they didn't. They didn't let us when knockout punch. And I thought the second half they turned out on and they threw narco you know several. I connection to Boston for game victory. How important is I -- to -- it happened to the marathon. How Paul important this -- it's game three win not only fifteen but for the people -- or. That's -- -- -- there I can do that that is I don't I don't do that on the huge. Tragedy. For us sports. Just don't think it's right. We wanna win for the city it would be terrific. Is not anything I'm gonna use in press conference or or with our players. We should wanna win because we wanna win. And then the rest apart if we win would be great for the city. And this is it would be. That's as far as I'll -- Post here talk about the presence of canyon mine in the middle of his however it. He's he's he's been fantastic. Don't just present in the middle. Mean he's she's just been really do what is hands these switches -- guards. You know he's another veteran again we talked about it for a series. Every time they bring in another guy the guy gets older and older and better and better you know they're just Smart they're playing great all of. Thanks guys.

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