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Apr 23, 2013|

On today's Daily Planet, Mikey talks Red Sox, NBA playoffs, Shakespeare and Shirley Temple.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- for yawkey way that's where the Red Sox are home it's home sweet home for you both sides boys and Mike Napoli shares seems to like get a lot Napster leads the American League in runs batted in -- And the Sox. Lead the American League east much to the surprise of skeptics. Mike Napoli says he's just tried it. Get the job done and try to stay within himself and you know we're not waste an aspect. We're gonna get a job done. -- -- -- -- This isn't always -- Napoli Grand Slam and drove in five runs were a little -- busted out of his slump with three run home run the Red Sox rebounded from -- dollars we've by radio athletics 96 Monday night. Tonight's game. -- way in which the weather permitting it will be played at is going to be played Boston itself radio service. These El Toro loco I'd wanna know slated to face the -- big fat bag of us Bartolo Cologne. It's -- window dateline the Big Apple. And -- And here's a quote -- called for you from the always quotable Carmelo Anthony. And I quote. As long as we do what we have to do we have a shot. And we have a chance of winning the game we can't be too concerned about what them guys are going to do. Game time 8 PM -- WT -- guys Celtics radio and Edward dateline Brooklyn where a nod and a grunt is just as good as a -- The nets still kind of -- despite the new digs. No home court advantage against. Ebbs and those rose list polls the series even at one if -- bulls. Wind and I -- it 82 last night Carlos Boozer had a double double thirteen and twelve. Deng had a double double fifteen and demand and -- can't know what had a double double with -- Levin and -- They did the only way they don't have those balls would be crushing defense. Severino says -- playoff basketball. We have to play for 48 minutes welcomes Williams play forty minutes. Brook Lopez scored 21 for the -- they shot 35%. From the field star point guard Deron Williams one of nine. Dateline Los Angeles, California thanks to Chris Paul came up with a big job -- a second left. Against the grizzlies Monday night while running jumper against Tony Allen's defense. If the clippers in 95 and 9391 victory and a two games to none lead in their first. Playoff series -- agree weren't and Steve Mills are -- you perform especially PO church grew old game but we can't put America situation. Mike Griffin he's got -- here. Santa Cruz California the cops have confiscated a two pound joint of marijuana at the University of California. What little Santa Cruz campus on Saturday a recent video was posted online showing the authorities on the school campus carrying away. What is said to be a massive marijuana joint. The incident took place on April 20 what a coincidence that is. The video which is now gone viral shows the -- Carrie Lee joined dozens of students walking alongside of him amazed at the size of his joint. You do a small window of -- video one student can be heard saying -- -- -- -- or go to court -- we're totally going to court. It's been reported to police decided to confiscate drugs have violated the legal limit for carrying pot which is one ounce. Keep that mind friends Bradenton Florida. You've got a lot of trouble for blowing someone's third leg. Like -- via sure rail Wallace aged forty to arrested Tuesday in Manatee County Florida. After she violently pulled on her ex boyfriend's penis according to a police report a -- not a smoking pot according to the report. Wallace to go under X. Correct his house in Bradenton to pick up their daughter. And when the -- invited -- inside they got into an argument because Wallace wanted to start another dating relationship with him. You don't want a part of that and deputies say the argument escalated until Wallace quote. Grabbed his penis with a right hand and began pulling on it which caused pain. File that under -- yankees. Date back and Vicksburg Mississippi lived a fire under it not only admits to past life and prostitution she says her husband was one -- Johns. He says I was a working girl legal brothel over thirty years ago it's true my husband was my client. My husband I've been married for 28 year she told WL BT TV. She's I know what surface I just don't think it would service IB singer during an interview we use today that alleged he runs for mayor. She tried to hold off making the admission for weeks even vote dispute she dismissed reporters who brought -- the possible I would be sagebrush ranch in legal. Nevada brothel that's that's chump change. Vote for me. This stay in history William Shakespeare you might have heard of them. John Ryder reads Shakespeare all the time I do between gigs here on Sports Radio -- do that born in 1564. On this day. Died in 1616. On this very day that it's kind of weird. Shirley Temple is 84 years old. Yeah. Yeah yeah. And -- job. 84 god lover Valerie bird Nelly 52 today Lee Majors the six million dollar man who doesn't hear well. -- -- is 73. That big fat greasy bag pos Michael Moore is 58 today now what about Joyce DeWitt seems the uglier of the through checks on three's company. She is 63. Years old today she's the one that nobody wanted to -- including mr. firmly and Andrew. Andruw jones' 35 today distance you seem like he should be older than that I'd say 38 that was -- so washed up but he's only 35 every starter -- twelve and big leagues. Warrants on nine be -- today. Net debt this Roy Orbison 77 today dead dead. And thankfully Timothy McVeigh he there at Oklahoma City by he's dead they'd been dead for twelve years thank god I hope he's in hell. On this day in 1969 Serb hands cern and sentenced to death penalty after being convicted in the assassination of Robert F Kennedy. In 19720. California abolished the death penalty so there he sits and on April 23 1954. 59. Years ago today Hank Aaron hit his very first home run out of 755. He became a home run king when he beat babe Ruth's record 1974. I he still has a home run -- because we all know. Barry Bonds is a fraud. Daily planet brought you by Mike Adams -- back to the one and only doctor Robert Leonard look younger feel younger get your hair back for crying out loud call -- -- 800. -- --

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