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Salk and Holley's Miked Up - 04/23/13

Apr 23, 2013|

FreeJahar? What the f*#% planet are you people from?

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Mean it's so rude I can't believe that sets so -- -- things now this is around. You are friends. -- -- In life unfortunately all good things come to an end -- -- job with -- can holly I. I have been unduly influence. OK okay -- -- Mountain View high right now you guys. Elmo yeah dial 6177793535. In that no I don't -- I don't. Of sorts for birth certificate in now Mike Dunn yeah problems wealthiest nation it along with socket. And Mike -- -- by AT&T WEEI lie is available on your iPhone or android device brought to you by AT&T. -- also setup a text to donate line to benefit the victims of Boston Marathon bombing just text the word Boston. 28010880108. Donate ten dollars to one on Boston message data rates may apply full terms -- India dot org. Any area. Very solid last week you know we don't always like we -- -- -- make it. I think we -- you know that would -- -- And this message. Of my board Julio Franco. Paul Simon's usually -- -- it's great great art can you imagine. -- political Franco. I was a fan of his and I was twelve or thirteen. Any stopped playing when -- because my -- President Clinton. Stated you have to draw the first round draft picks and NFL draft. Do -- not hard rock it's doubtful he -- not flat and not enough to help you at all. Outside to drop -- that later in the year it's apple from a book expecting about a Olivetti pocket. You can they wanted me to drop -- of like your big girl credit our favorite number particular. -- question he holds on for a long time to Rogers is initiating knows. He did he got let go the first the number one over how much money -- -- Or five or six million dollars like that right for her first. Will Roger -- be wearing clothing. Watch everything we are entering the will it cost more or class in the first round exit. You notice like I suits watch watched. It on the number one pick up talking about -- now we're giving Roger you. He's gotten high school where some expensive doesn't blow I know -- -- count how long. But let's average for Roger Goodell lately long eight -- and oh yeah -- It's like in the first round dispute with pat you know vote your -- give a -- him up around there nice job. Until last week. Unfortunate event did not get up you mourn the loss Pat Summerall. I would like Q on -- with the invitation. Coming up -- -- -- -- -- You heard it well. And -- but. Hey why didn't daddy some holes and then. So sixty minutes has been on forever -- on CBS CBS's head football. Formal my entire life there's a couple years right where they did have before no. You know when they went from in between it right NBC still the AFC and fox CBS didn't have it now. What here. Yeah when fox first took 94 -- 97. -- inept football for three years. Other than that they remember that football -- are alive yet. Sixty minutes has always been violating every single Sunday they got to make the announcement your tunic and looking for sixty minutes it will be delayed but no -- Who doesn't know that by now people more football fan I just wrote to an interest if you read -- -- like every week during the football season they too and you know what what sixty -- you're not a football prevail if you're not a football you -- understand why LA they still don't know. -- -- this game's supposed to be over it's like a Red Sox in cubicles she became rain down -- but we're keeping. So it's prevent police vehicle. Is a game -- -- and my. Oldest son. But -- a federal ladies and -- CBS evening sixteen actually. On the start calling CBS every Sunday and demanding to know why they have to run that -- six blog. My diplomats believe while point 85 RBIs but not. So it could imagine how many will have to be debated so -- from back to alert new -- is good looks that it Napoli it didn't view. And that message that's a hard one year deal nice conservative. Conservative contractors rev rest what is -- -- Liza with a few -- the -- -- ankle OC it's fun to play a light -- things on the lives. Typical type open about. The. -- know everyone had a mixed emotions I've thought I've broken. Patriotic. But overwhelmingly. Picked off. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All the Orioles she's great stars and rocket the other videos on -- Because that's how you doing the national -- with eerie feeling in the back. It's not your personal page fighting off they're right. Second if you have an issue of complaints about I'd -- in the police board. And the incredible job they did their bit unprecedented. Public safety -- -- Called them go all the -- that god created them but we don't want to hear that both. -- the media. Well we -- headlined a week after like good for America stretch of the battle like New York. -- suspect widow profile of the CNN. How about big step. Cool did he do dropped out of college and marriage go bad terrorists. The fact that this couldn't immediately people -- reading and believe in this crap because it did jobs felt story. I was a lot abrupt and as salon and it went on at Alitalia free jars hash tag need to get it the old what what's what's his problem -- People calling this station. Publicizing. Their their appreciation. Well it or what's wrong that he's tired of people criticizing respect so critical is that a couple of we have file -- I think that they -- in the it can't focus on. I two people out of 100 who have critical thing -- I think most people overwhelmingly. Regardless of political standing have looked at the response. From the police force and the leaders in the city. And have been extremely grateful appreciative. Free free -- Twitter account 6000 votes. Just insane r.'s 6000. As opposed to millions and millions of people that -- 500000 plus that follow the FCC right. Still five to. -- in Brussels. I'd rather read Bob what a great big big sport -- and -- warrant. But -- these bags. And that message. You're Callahan column today. That was. Callahan described him with -- -- It's pretty accurate it is. Hey guys I'm a member -- our opinion that -- Red. Now have a great time. Ford. Appreciated. While the spot and that's. Our state that you. The -- they did get a base. I don't have to -- and that's what that is that it could handle and I think they. Think it's somewhat quote big oil audience he -- bird medical. Wanna break. Spoke about. Or worse than what is and just let it. That was great you know what you mentioned Indy. The 6000 people or following their region hard thing to our. A -- says those 6000 people being followed by the idea that that's a good point. But didn't go that Rosenblatt say about this I would I -- at the Bob is that debt immediately. Connect ballot. I've definitely incredible. And that message for Oscar to jump into his arms -- -- -- the CEO Jamie beamed from those brazile really hasn't yet. She was really happy very problem is that she's gonna click to -- people throwing grows on inherited roses you know I don't know what she's got -- into. God damn well but that. Very real. Cat. And then I'm not so I don't -- not just have a sweaty armpit there was something else that happens -- -- that much. That's ever. I'd get out of here Peoria -- I would. It's like is you. Doctors that I problem is -- -- that leads in his bid to go. And now. -- just Obama allergic to that often looked at a piper care steer clear it clears up chlamydia and syphilis -- Goes out again. Empty -- dangerous. -- -- children. In a box. The quality you'd pretty quick. Great it's always use it I didn't that is not enough. The allergy that's the problem allergic to most about the -- -- if the commercial for the woman's what's excessively. The prescriptions for him one. I've seen a commercial break but -- -- these bears -- -- public because of what we're we're -- and you watch. Like what is it what's the one of the New Hampshire without a brilliant that night the media -- go -- -- Going to be a problem. Gotta let it I would predict. To make. And I'm not diligent as. -- -- not guerrilla that they can pick and really don't do vacant senate a unit. I go that is today's Mike to -- powered by AT&T. The official wireless provider the Boston Bruins at most four G coverage. In doing. I appreciate everybody offer me some advise that helpful I like that could or some like it but I'm sure there -- -- as gives an example dislike you know. -- talk around the one that stands out view that could make the airborne and then he called exhibition. Fecal matter. To helping my arm yes -- that doesn't -- -- -- -- your art. What they're trying to say it was stopped using that and the master now. Well but it's my arm and a yeah him maybe -- -- -- -- got to explain it to me here a moment we'll do it to the question jerk next any question you got lancer it. 3793 sevenths alcoholic WB.

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