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Celtics play-by-play man Sean Grande with Salk and Holley

Apr 23, 2013|

We preview game two and the rest of this first round series Knicks and Celtics with the voice of the Celtics, Sean Grande.

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Text message. AT&T tax line. Hey Michael -- induced -- guy. -- please let me know or I don't catch on Macs called tonight. Writer -- right here -- 937 WE that's right. Game two of that series tonight -- and Johnson justice -- just a second but I before you degraded just -- understand what's happening. And John saw CA's like the sauce -- sauce on the side. Sauce I follow you on Twitter. Saw was very surprised to see this tweet from you. Way way if you follow me on Twitter surprise on any of the tweets I do come. But this is that this is surprising. It is from you. I picked a woman up but the breast. In holders tradable over my head this weekend. So cross that went off the old bucket list. Ash tag true story. Pollsters story. Are you more surprised or not it are you more surprised that actually have a bucket list. I'm not surprised you have a bucket with you said you'll be lucky to 35. So I'm not surprised by that. What does that mean that you were you mean it was this is at a wedding in New Jersey went in short skirts high heels and fig wrestled the ones do. Wendell came up to me bridesmaid when new and said hey during the dance floral embark. Wrought up can I jump in your arms elected look straight up and then and -- that those girls -- the world at work with you know the wedding. And she said well I also wanna take -- central coast there. So she runs -- today. And I just couldn't help myself lots on ovals that -- gave her the moral light time and senator or -- -- and killed by the way. 611 and that's a long way to -- -- for anybody was way up our news in -- as an -- was not a big deal pace off thanking Oscar for your man. You know any any follow -- that now regulator that's a good only about -- -- weakened from the -- them -- While in New Jersey racing high heels shorts skirts and they proved they are the ones who he says John Brody joins us talk back to follow their shot gritty outline I grant. Or thank you could lead in guys. It's good stuff right there -- -- I put my biggest concern now. Is trying to call the game wondering what the one who is. I'll get a B 611 in New Jersey and lifting girls up overhead by their brass are very say if you're not that don't -- it doesn't apply -- you don't worry about it. About a -- got another solution to already have people calling asking with a game on tweeting a week where the games are because switch in the playoffs. The Celtics are on that you are on the -- side of the -- tusk clearly inside the depleted. Baseball today with there's no reason we can't do bulk of the playing time. I'm illicit usage -- facing a ground ball to shortstop in the through the first one out and they enacted called an export there's no reason. In this day and -- we want everything at the same time that we can't do the -- -- -- Basketball based your ball with a bad movie and I think it would be a bad heart -- -- high and it just vaguely owns the idea how bad Aurelio Karbala don't know. I disagree I disagree dramatic and there. You know Carol Baxter you know so we we have to say this we after we have to get our answers before we ask you this big question -- -- saw before the show. -- impose a guy who has to step up tonight for the Celtics to win game two and he said he was gonna ask you but before we get your answer. We have to give our own answers I think it's Paul Pierce you think it I think he's Jeff Green in the defense of that and jogger and he thinks it's too. I'll throw in the Vegas you know -- took a different kind of used to -- Eric. Com and and the bench I honestly think it's funny I was on the now to understand the New York today and they were talking about Pol Pot Paul Pierce. Have you -- -- we turnovers obviously but you know Paul Pierce is not a problem. He had basically two or three guys have had strong games like today. Is that not so with that needs to step up but the offense seems to want to Kevin Garnett a lot more you know many many many things went wrong. On Saturday which is why you couldn't have four days to discuss. Who the one guy is left to step up good there's no shortage of things ultimately. I don't think Paul Pierce was a problem I just think for them shot as a relic of the Celtics now without Rondo. They may not have one guy who can win a series for them. They're gonna have to have it man of the match. As they say. In in the Ryder Cup. You know you got to have somebody who can do it on on. Every other night bases in some nights is gonna be -- some nights can be Paulson nights can be Jeff Green I just think. For them avoid going down 02 and it hasn't happened much in this new Big Three era. I think Paul Pierce is gonna have to have one of those Paul -- games. And I think there will be built those Paul Pierce games the difference is. If let's say that the -- is seven game series Mike it's suitable here in the old vision 45. What you're going to be one or two countries to -- one half. After Jeffrey gonna have to have an entire game like that you're gonna have to -- advantage -- game. Like the game he had closing -- Atlanta last year in the first round one of those games six gigabyte game. Everybody's gonna have to have a game like that to go into the seventh fleet. And beat to -- without home court advantage in the public Allen situation where. There and an 80% -- you know team to win the game board failed home court goes on to winning 80% of the time. So that is legal -- -- via -- that coming in obviously didn't you didn't play well in game one I think that the bad news. Celtics standpoint if I don't think the next play terribly well in game one I expect they will be better. Talking a shocker India here on WEEI get ready to call game two of the Celtics and knicks tonight 730 right here in 937 but. We talked yesterday shy about the about the identity of these two teams of Michael and I had a disagreement but my point was at the end of the game the knicks knew exactly who they were and where they needed to get the ball how they wanted to score. I'm not entirely sure the Celtics are are confident in what they want to do when they really need points. What what do they do in that situation what is that I -- Without -- though if stuff and that's when the search for the entire what avenue Rondo goes down. You figure out. How are you going to -- and how you win regular season games and you cobble together a new combination and it happens we have. Defense and -- Bradley making a big difference -- -- to accommodation near baker Bradley Kevin Garnett out there even thinking should lose in the playoff like Saturday. -- public 85 point confirmed for the record. So you can lose a game this year when -- give -- 85 point or twelve little this year it's like 373. Over the last two years obviously played well enough defense -- to went. But you're you're getting to the point at which there are certain teams that struggle and half court situations and that is everything. If you don't have Carmelo Anthony hitting great shots -- -- and great shot. What is your best option not to like about it welcome I want to Kevin Garnett has the ball more even if he doesn't shoot even if they double down on him. The public percentage of -- their efficiency rating goes dramatically up when the offense runs and Kevin Garnett. Your guy and we asked you who's going to be the -- tonight who -- to play better step up whatever we. Whatever we said who knows what we said you make you picked Jason Terry picked he missed all of his shots in game one. Picked -- because we have to be better. I'd I'd do -- -- -- still holding up the hope that we're gonna -- Jason Terry that was brought here to be a playoff. No playoff experienced player knows how to score. In the playoffs it was pretty stunning I think made you know everything started to turn on Jason -- because he -- largely given that Rasheed Wallace. Regular season -- That's public -- -- -- three years ago because that wasn't why he was brought he was brought here for games like Saturday. So obviously now -- a big backlash against them because on in his first playoff game obviously completely but I I think. If you gave it much better to be very short series anyway but you got to give him he certainly that -- -- and I I don't. Expect the -- you know percentage lot historically can't expect they'll portrait win tonight automatically but I'll be shocked Jason Terry of the. Hard eight guys played that game and we know with a three guys were out off the bench and -- that's the way it is in the playoffs you shorten your rotation. But let's say we have the same type of game that we had in game one where it's close down the stretch you know five minutes to play it's a four point game. You expected to be the same eight guys ready thing doc will start to look at other places on the bench -- yes -- options but we look at another guy or two. I don't think you look at -- guy down stretch I think we're gonna see is Shavlik Randolph for Chris Wilcox may be even that Eric Williams playing some minutes. So that Jeff Green. Who tutored in the fourth quarter. Jeff -- remember -- like a weakening the venture capital to shouldn't get single shot off the bench. Took income off that bench all year and they are two factors that one -- -- the -- considerably by moving Jeff Green into the starting line at the other. What did you screenplay during the year 2728. Minutes a game and I -- -- to play 45. In game one carry the load offensively and spent a lot of time on Carmel on the defense -- Brandon -- instrument and that. Regarding game -- all the sudden that factors into it not just. You're not thinking about adding different got the rotation for the final few minutes you're thinking about adding guys in the middle of the game. So that a guy like Jeff Green if you are still restrictions on basketball finished with forty minute -- Let me ask you about that is that to me that's why I went with Jeff green is my guys is because to me it all starts with stopping the best player in the series. Carmelo Anthony is the best player on either team objectively. He's playing great bass -- had a very good game one although I'm not treat possible more than twice in the whole game. How do they stop him it is it is it -- is doing and in the inciting green and the outside as he. It is he good enough to sort of collect each of their their weaknesses how to they stop. You do you economic development. Throw a lot of different guys that Jeff Green had a lot of success against them in the regular season I thought you would you you would have seen more than game one if. Basically it's like you know that's on any given night it's like having different pitchers that you could control and it would -- the good stuff. And you kind of stop number in the basket he had the most success. What happened -- and he's going to be better tonight too because Carmelo for guys scored 36 point that was not a great -- -- And think that you get the final test until that that was his first step on the big bucket to -- and at the end of the game he forgot. What is made in the third best player in the league he's gonna finish third. And the MVP voting and he was thank god because this -- -- -- -- figure out how to move the ball and not try to do little Celtic team to forget that after he may be forced to. Force shot he just. He snapped back like the old old rocky against corporal Lang and we snaps back in The -- rocky again. After -- accomplish out there that's what -- -- you can old old -- and that's what this opportunity to win and so. You know he's he's going to be better is going to be tough to figure -- -- the map maybe they'll figure opera about that he gonna get some Paul Pierce on the -- gonna get -- Jeff Green on what works best. Somebody's been on demand. There is coverage and a lot of people go to Milwaukee want to tour anymore and I don't I don't hear a lot of rocky three quoting you get a lot of four with the Russians not -- -- Iraqi. -- interest I think for the did better by it was a huge box office movies but isn't that interstate four which is generally considered. You know it's probably if eight -- independent -- -- war and where you came in almost the age I was too young for the first two movies of three was my for a public. You know a teenager at a high school rock -- came out and that would of the mine entry point that it is much. I would argue that three is better now than it was my first first movies obviously is you know like an Oscar winning movie second movie is the sequel the third movie's ridiculous because it's got mister T and it's a silly. But then the fourth movie is so ridiculous that you start to love it. There when you go back and watched three it's more laughable. We all are we all in agreement to -- agreement -- didn't happen. Yes and now nothing after four happened -- -- or will let me ask you about it. You weren't you weren't happy group with six with a Burkle would. Got five happened. At -- asked about the Segway about another number five start -- them. With with Kevin Garnett why don't thank you very much thank you don't try this on the radio tonight Brady. You know you said the ball needs to go through him office to run through him you agree that he's got. He and pierce I think have favorable matchups with the guys whoever you put on Kevin Garnett I think Garnett win that matchup you America. And it's so. I don't understand why it was -- part of it was a turnovers. I don't understand why he struggled so much considering that I think them the matchups are extremely favorable form. I think he's got a rhythm a little bit just watching him as much as I have over the years he's played two or three games the last six weeks. You know that sort of takes time because he's only so much. Practiced fully get you back -- them. So much either you're -- practiced -- there's there's a rhythm to defeat of playing two or three games a week and this is the stretch -- not only -- he shut down. He was hurt then sat out games that we have this very long the first round goes on forever they have trying to stretch it out you'd like about playing game three. Is what -- almost two weeks after you've played -- flash real game. So I think that I think that he was an issue do you think that that first 1840 for a -- would go event. But after that fueled -- of the rhythm of the game I think we'll actually be better or it goes well. John -- call on the game tonight as always with senator Max or you'll hear it here in 937730. -- hey thanks a lot greatly appreciate it. Think about a reflection I don't think we can make that happen. Let's hope not punish a -- and you guys -- Listen to the four view -- Max and and kissed Hagan right now no doubt be just too much. The grand. -- show on gran via the AT&T hotline I don't that idea is gonna work. But he says Jason decent Jason Terry -- -- Kevin Garnett -- kind of went back and -- and I said the office -- go to Kevin Garnett but the guy who needs to step up as Jason Terry I don't know there I'm I'm not saying that it wouldn't be helpful if -- didn't step up I'm just -- in the month I've been here Michael I still have yet to see more than one jump shot -- actually I haven't seen that happen. He's rattled some man made me banks are married and all -- seen many of those I mean I am sure -- get -- just haven't noticed them there have not been a lot of open jumpers that have gone through so who is it. You know got to step up well we quickly get to that -- -- -- remind everybody of this. Don't fall into the trap that I fell through when rail Ray Allen left. And I knew they were getting. Jason Terry accordingly as. Actually worked with the Celtics. Ray Allen who did one thing here but these two guys can make up for -- It never works that way when you need two people to replace one it. It's not work while they're gonna need at least one person to step up and carried the team tonight I said it would be Jeff Green in the defense of and you -- Paul Pierce. Randy goes off the board with Jason Terry where do you go 6177797937. Back in ninety seconds alcoholic W media.

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