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Salk and Holley's Four at Four 4/23/13

Apr 23, 2013|

Four guys, four topics we haven't tackled today.

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-- And and -- -- -- -- police are poor and the war in order for a -- for. Fun for me. Mean. Well -- still completely. In -- -- WEB. Up. And like I think -- Stuff. No -- reporters here call home our ports are coming out that multi user trying desperately to trade down impossibly out of the first round the world. What do you think the patriots their first. So we'll league stand that the deal with the -- tackles there when the next. -- -- -- we know we're winning Nick's friend of the show in front of the city really. We sorry we saw her here develop. Her career talking about. And I she's looking. Pretty good today. I've -- -- pretty good today. -- -- for a I don't know if you've got a picture of what -- office. Every day you've got to he's got a picture up of -- sports -- Microcosm of our society. Is that this is that a picture is that a full launch shrine idea -- your first -- there's there's the picture it's a -- -- -- from the improbable Boston you know which she was on the cup is look guys you've -- -- cover it from your home shrine yet she was on the cover like two or three years ago. -- -- -- -- -- But it one of the patriot. Gonna do in the draft I don't think they're gonna trade up but I am intrigued by if there really are five and maybe even more teams that are trying to get out of the top of the first round that should in theory. Raise the value of trading up right because. More teams wanna get out that means you have a little bit more leverage if you wanna try to get up there and if you like one player. -- the patriots finding one guy that can be difference maker it's not like they're far away. The Belichick here is not gonna last forever why not go after a player you think can be difference maker if they identify that one guy at the end. At wide receiver. And then the last idea happened I don't sort of -- you have -- -- -- -- pass the ball Carmelo because the ball. Very count if you get to get a vote out about -- just a garden. If you do state 28. We have not talked once about grabbing an offensive -- there are a bunch of pretty good that would be available -- our use old. In love with their mid the middle of the interior of their offensive line that you would like -- December -- It's very simple. New England Patriots. The New England Patriots select. Man I know from -- day but I know -- -- what does that mean it is there. -- and I -- I am swinging out. And I hand and you mean coming possession. And just crying and keep you posted it means you aren't you. Fairchild called go with that and it's this shot here in jail and say oh that's where -- ago. She -- received a truckload of bud lights. -- truckload of Bud Light equals 11100. Cases that's all. All -- If you could receive a truckload of anything. What would have been. And what I would do triple X. Europe for -- who are. They are real freak value obscured or ways to never never come on the show never you physically and emotionally -- he realized. I would do get a lot of different products that people like I have some diapers in there. That have some. I have some toilet and it's notable -- and some dividend product talking about I just all these things and then I would just be just turned it into like the -- remove them after about diapers. Why have some diapers why would you want to their overpriced. And I guess I was at a discount. I was out of diapers they're that harper got a setup somewhere. Dorchester. The offer -- there are brighter -- you've been dealing in diapers for too long got -- I have because you they've been one there after another it's it is one kid's about to be up and excellence -- About to be out there all of them all aware of at all to -- column to doing that. Yours negotiate the only thing I gonna have served as -- diapers. Than maybe some Eminem's two of you -- your kids like him. -- body of evidence that the street skills were a little something in -- anorexic because the stuff like that I don't think no matter. I don't think it's okay if you reward kids with food in that they interact really really I don't think so myself love the the middle and looked to me is gonna end up you know. No leverage against nobody you won't be -- there. I've been thinking about this question for three hours the obvious answer is diamonds as small easy to sell. Probably worth more full truckload and gold would be easy sell. Your offense at the diamond district I got my guy down there. We're about others engagement and the diamond. The big building there downtown process of trying to think of something that you don't get sick of like something where when you have it. You finish what you got it's not every now. Have you ever finished. Like twelve or sixteen ounce bottle of snapple peach peach iced -- and said it I'm done I don't want anymore. You always want. No an apple. Oh yeah you know it's now are like the seventy -- Iraq in the like sixty for example -- see what you need 64 ounces and -- -- -- could -- be dominant. -- -- last success -- back watch you but here's the problem and we're not talking about a 64 ounce apple. I'm talking about a truckload full of sixteen -- snapple's so that when I finish I can just pop another one because I've got snapple's for days -- -- -- -- -- a lot of short -- examples. -- -- -- You don't need to sort out my future protected behind by the instances Mikey. Before. Liverpool attack lived up to whose position this week in and attacked premise of you on a bitch excuse me I have no idea anything just in Liverpool soccer. Liverpool are are are soccer soccer team. What other attackers Luis Suarez. The forward yes. He bit Bratislava Ivanovic. In the arm. Is biting the weakest thing you guys do. Yes yes it's easy to do when you bite somebody. Does -- I can understand in the spirit of competition. Sometimes given to fight sometimes you'll push. Sometimes of your boxing. I hit below the belt a couple of times semi yeah. What if you bite somebody. That is that is your way of saying I cannot compete with you I have no other answers and the only thing I can do it might that is weren't. The -- that. Could do at a constant weaker than it below the belt the only thing that would measure that was just a guy below the belt by. I'm with you -- you're you're telling the world I can't fight this person I guess you're doing it so I've got to do something that nobody should ever do which is bite and Natalie that. You're saying oh I know is going to be over. Now this case the competition because if it if it's a boxing like Mike Tyson Holyfield it was over. In case I bit somebody. It. They continued to play. Any the winning goal right. That they need Michael what it's the it's tomatoes those. Oh yes Tony it don't bite your friends. So is fighting not accidental flight. Now now item is barber now the only time that would be acceptable now is -- actually had some sort of -- walk on -- and their finger was news about the only way you can get so acceptable. No it's not even in that spot you don't think it's except Arnold choked out you don't think it's exploited and -- out there are are -- about music to records go fight you never know like -- like a real -- so the -- -- of street -- either of us have ever -- Coke -- street fight where it will speakers. -- critics are -- somebody who's about your side. Sure they're not fighting somebody who's like 65 and and to order an eighty pound but do they get the last resort what you're gonna lose like you gotta do now know that somebody your size and they're not and they are not trying to kill you. You're just fighting. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- These people. -- Biting come I know someone who thinks it's okay Matt Cooke. He's been about it. -- -- -- -- Expect the female let -- really -- of that out -- its. Matt -- is difficult Africans don't Mike Milbury where do you rank Matt -- on the list of Boston sports ability. Well first -- did you see the MacBook story from today it's -- to -- as far. But he apparently told on Brandon was a reporter and law ought to law he he went often are all about how. This guy has no. Has -- right but physically and then eventually -- faxing did not. Yes he might be as -- yes everybody probably does not like him. No -- Where's rank in the list of Boston sports don't. -- in hockey -- all of -- tail off and had Claude LeMieux who. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's it's it's all villains you spending in landfill area here are honored Bernard caller did. Yeah he's brought honorable he's an honorable mention he's outside the top ten but then again. And he did and do we agree. -- Marc -- we ended his career and it marks -- that part was not a beloved athlete in this town and they went on to win the cup after. And that's -- mean look at doesn't make it okay that you ruin his career but he's still huge island holiday. It is. It's so this is. Just wanted to play it's just. Gets. -- Now what we're guessing he apologized were you think he apologized his owner and he apologized he got some pressure from. The suit you. If you weigh in America. Got to do that is today's forward four. -- now here at W yeah we do that every single day at 4 o'clock four questions and give your answers and a lot of people waiting. On. Things they would like to happen in high here. For a couple of them -- guys that aren't disaster. Cash. And so the diapers growth diapers more interest and meet people talk to people. -- had. Lots of fun of that truck load of an idiot pretty obvious and that passion your just bored -- For both Porsche is just one truck that's probably eat Porsche. To -- chips. This week. Compared. To yours as though the entire truck full of diamonds the value of those times would immediately -- a line like that full. Why -- I -- you be flooding the market and there's no intrinsic. Now -- I don't know what you you know supply and demand -- New York you are the market. You have to go and incredible -- the same time. Wednesday -- David -- -- -- moment ago -- and he's a guy with a diamond. This one's obviously truck load of Smart food white checker. Moderate them heroes somebody write that maybe the text of the day true or false Michael Holley is actually texting issue. -- -- -- That's -- it's -- -- -- in ninety seconds you mentioned -- hockey talk with MacBook there's an annual -- out of the game on Sunday. Full on benching scratched by Claude Julian now and then came back on Sunday. Was it enough. Are you satisfied. Are you happy now with the future for me one to two answered views ought to be.

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