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Surprising Sox getting propelled by contributions from throughout the roster.

Apr 23, 2013|

We talk Sox as one of the better teams in the AL is getting tremendous pitching and timely hitting, helping to propel them to this hot start.

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Gone. At any time. Shot off the bat -- -- meadowbrook. Yeah it is it that all the actors being. That was done howitzer. And I cannot hear it -- -- -- -- Red Sox absolutely get ordered through. How it's. Will middle Brooks last. -- -- -- your own you know. Three and -- is column here you're talking about the the Red Sox. And if they'll have enough if they can score enough runs look at their lineup. Did you realize. That the Sox. When they score first with a record of thirteen and six and hope. Now ten and know when they score and know when they score a hold on delete only the Yankees. Seven and no. All right have a better record when he scored. Well an animal grabbed the calls here to him -- -- -- to the end of the games a little the idea of holding on to a lead and watching Andrew Bailey. He looks like the closer to mean Michael I mean it and it went back last night and looked at some of the peripheral stats. And I don't -- I'm not gonna get all you know Staten geeky on you Greg Garcia had another hour and that's not my deal on models that -- but. When you look at is as strikeout to walk ratio significantly. Higher. The -- -- -- when you look at is we just walks and hits per innings pitched significantly lower in his career. Angel and you almost ask the question why the heck with Hanrahan. Ever even given us the closers job without competition where all hill -- immigrant auxiliary you look at the injury a look at the dependability in the durability of a -- and and then remember where they weren't the beginning of this spring training -- they have afforded a closer competition. With everybody focused on every day and all the questions that would have been asked that John Ferrell every day. I don't know that they couldn't you know I think they kind of you don't want a wish they had does that mean we would have had about. 55 fewer Jackie Bradley junior stories. Spring training camp but has -- they would have written about something else they would want to go out take a closer competition between it might have been get your daily I don't that would have been good but you know what this is this is a little revisionist history to understand why they gave the job to Hanrahan. You think about last year the 93 losses. In what Andrew Bailey was a -- from the start. Andrew Bailey takes the job he's supposed to be the successor to to Papelbon. He gets hurt immediately and we did see -- last year he didn't look so good you mean ERA it was through the roof. And it wasn't just the ERA. It was just the way he pitched he didn't look comfortable there so I don't think he's coming back from being heard and thought they would always back that's a reason they -- I think that's the reason Jennifer -- of first. I didn't always show last night expecting to have one of those conversations like hey everybody out there is claiming now the daily should be the closer because he's pitching on -- and didn't. But let's look at the history look how much better Hanrahan -- and I looked and realized just wasn't trio. I mean just the that they histories of both players and now watching what we've -- of their own eyes this year. Off to a pretty good if Andrew Bailey owns that closers role locks it down and then eventually you -- Hanrahan back in an important role high leverage role in the seventh race in addition to that that -- -- is our and you are we're doing a great job without. Euro left -- away from really having a dominant -- I don't maybe -- takes over for Miller at some point maybe Miller refunds and what what he's got in them. A heck of a bullpen when everybody's health. Are what I say that only one problem there is that you're assuming that Hanrahan who had the job. Given to him before even before he left Pittsburgh before it got on that flight Pittsburgh to Boston he had the job you're assuming that. She is a capable of dealing with losing his job to injury -- which I have a promise -- that had a problem with I'm assuming. And beat. That he can go from being a closer. The biggest set up guy I know. A lot of people think that that is. Just some mumbo Jumbo that if you're a picture of your if your professional athlete you should be able to pitch in the seventh just as well as the eighth or ninth. But we know that that always the case I think those two out card I think he. Maybe if he had been here for a long time established an entrenched as the closers Europe I would put a little bit more validity to that you're right. I mean it's it's a met there is a mental game for the closers in the relievers of knowing their role in and we'll wait and see how we adapt to that chain is in Hopkinton high -- I go to guy it was not so certain parts. Pictures are you're considered great job Steve thanks. Our target a little bit skeptical. Stroke so I am that we had surged during training and even before the season started a lot of people. We're sure how this is a little bit ago but I gotta tell you. I'd rather be erode our spare and I am absolutely stoked about policies that got so far no early in the cheapened by it. I really impressed with the way the team has come together and it almost looks fairly and will perform every NCAA routers. Yeah this is very cool we we talked about it in the offseason it was just this whole notion of having a likable team or not and you know part of being likeable is being successful. For the red sock huge part -- but they have they have figured out the balance they start off the season well. They'll win that first series in new York and then win that series in Toronto to. They had no idea what numbers did. What that Monday it would last Monday it would become. And you saw people. Who just responded to wanted to do something to help. Ordinary citizens throughout New England what is up and help in the Red Sox pull out of New England at the time. We're watching on the newscast with -- getting all the news and they wanted to do something to help -- they are a good team. But you get the sense from a far. That at least they did it at least they understand. Their role as baseball players and they understand that the city that they play. And I like that we have a college that is just excited and we got text message earlier here in the AT&T Tex lines and whatever it was is being in a hole more or nobody wants to be homers everybody wants to keep the Red Sox at arm's length like I just don't get it. They are your home team. When it's if you're gonna be a homer about anything -- -- homer about your home team it's much more fun to get into it right maybe in a crushing your spirits again. That more fun to get into it that's me rather than constantly saying I don't know I'll believe -- when I see it comedians to him to be excited. Elements that are right now it's fun they're thirteen to six years. Database it's a good mix too because I'm not sure. You know you think Jon Lester changed all that much -- as a guy. He probably was not as not as bad as he was made out to be -- been marginalized in 2011. And and now the fact he's so good on the field cancels out everything else or Democrat buckle down. Especially of other guys to -- -- -- don't get how they're not the they're not done enough not to focus this team when they're off the field right so you got -- David Ross and David Ross. And -- Jonny Gomes Brian camps you know Ryan Dempster and other got him on the matter. So it's a mix of bringing -- of changing the culture would bring in different guys in the guys that you already had. They're performing and that's what got -- mad at him in the first place but you didn't think you're ready to perform shows and Wakefield I -- Bigger. Sub zero. And arm so I am pretty sure that the generally accepted number for a minimum sample size is like thirty. So would you say if a soccer around twentieth and that the dirty games that weekend finally you know. Except that they are actually good team there. At that point I would not make any plans for October. Are we just didn't know vacations in October to start planning for all of October to be taken up by the -- -- and I wanted to say that I killed Hanrahan be releasing almost feel like drew a glacier yet in the fact that. It seemed like Sox want to play about a decade just because they Qaeda which I mean I'd I'd rather win and have -- with the money than I've only money and the games. I don't see that I don't see any connection at all who drew drew vs Iglesias is true but it is proven track record verses. A guy who hasn't proven that he can hit Iglesias. Whereas -- -- -- they're both. Red Sox acquisitions. -- from this administration. Does not like. Andrew Bailey they don't want him to be successful they made that trade it for Andrew Bailey to replace Jonathan Papelbon. And then they brought and they gave up more for Bailey by the way than they did for ham -- look what they gave up giant rush rather. So yeah I think I think they wanna see both guys succeed its not like one album as a -- guy and one of them have been guy and get that dynamic going on. So why do you think they just gave the job -- handwritten -- and it didn't make it a competition. Because Bailey was -- was bad last year. And they had to protect bad like he was he was bad last year and had to protect themselves against him being injured again that's right. And Hanrahan was coming off a couple years where he was very durable. And and I really believe they didn't want that they didn't want the stress of the competition they didn't want that. To beat the cloud over spring training maybe they should. That's your point and you might disagree but it out but I -- my point of view I think about -- -- silly stamp -- I didn't want it's another story I think they didn't want that story I think because apparently the writers were really desperate for stories they were just had to be Jackie Bradley has to. What are you writing about today Jackie Bradley junior okay what -- gonna write about today Jackie Bradley junior -- the hot story. There are so many other things happening there grab one more gyms and a car hi -- And I got. Up and had toppled first bitterly. Verses and -- we've certainly about angering them see -- welcome ginger island that. Very it. It's -- doesn't have a control the -- -- walks to meet people through your clothes are perplexed. Minister his strikeouts per nine by the latest I was looking at this last night strikeouts per nine -- a little bit higher than dailies but his strikeout to walk ratio considerably lower -- is much better. Put in a couple of things. You're wondering a victim statements well. Be a little mole off swamps -- -- Oprah spirit group learned right now you are about where -- coming back on earth. You know they're gonna go to the opposite way the gonna -- the opposite word so -- that program works -- you have a very. It could be a problem has been -- something -- It is probably an unemployed and -- all. And yet now we're gonna group backed out there who Lowell and Ortiz and lobby and in the mix right now but. Also Aaron you know quadrupled or -- spot -- That is what you try to -- so orbited its its -- Buchholz. And then of course bigger wearing your news media release. Yeah I mean look what -- with with those first two guys thanks to the call Jim. I know they're not gonna pitch like this all year so I do want to see how the Red Sox respond when that when those guys have off nights can still win a few of those games. Can you can Dempster have the occasional game where he dom -- season. It and -- can we see something from Lackey when he comes back -- help. You don't -- offset some of the and get a little greedy -- though you are you know I want to win every game not a not that -- and that's our immune Andrea. Once you Webster. I wanna see Webster here. I wanna see him years sooner rather than later I've talked gain May Day. Somehow morial -- somehow it if because I'm not convinced there another negative. I'm not convinced that the injury to. To John Lackey is that is disturb the normal bounce back interim in the first game he pitched. And he's pitching well first game he walks off the -- like. I can show resilient and can it really is it looked strange the way was just arm was -- I was awful I know what they're saying. And that he got lucky I'm just not sure so you may have to have a replacement for Lackey. In -- Webster is the replacement I don't have -- a by the way they mention Ortiz therein and whether or not he can stay healthy he so far seems to be OK but not in the lineup tonight. Jonny Gomes. Tonight aren't we got to answer the questions are coming appear in twenty minutes if he got a question any question texted 37937. That's the AT&T tax on Mike that -- -- -- media.

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