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Roger from Millbury is worried about a fair trial for Dzhokhar

Apr 23, 2013|

We finally found a caller who was sympathetic to the needs of suspect #2. Roger thinks there is no cchance Dzhokhar will be afforded a fair trial.

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We yesterday. Rob Watertown police chief -- -- we got all the details of the shootout in great detail. Nobody -- are beginning to emerge -- be carjacking. What you hit Atlanta's the alleged carjacking yet now they're afraid that they you know. If it is comic hijacked Patrick yes -- -- might soon yes you CO UN. About forty minutes after these two allegedly shot and killed. Be a -- -- police officer. They crossed the Charles River into Boston let's see I was unaware of them I just -- all took place over the air or we have to decide about half an hour. Because where they grabbed them. Well we're -- and Boston. They crossed the Charles River into Boston and stole a Mercedes at gunpoint. Briefly holding the driver hostage the alleged carjacking took place at 11 o'clock in Boston's Brighton neighborhood on right now. A -- here. 11 o'clock yes it is half hour a well on their boats after they -- huge agreements. That's. A that's more time on accounted for yes -- -- organize -- bombs yes. According to the report -- other Brothers jumped out of the Honda civic and reached through the front passenger side window. Of the issue -- open the door and -- a silver colored semi automatic pistol at the driver the gunman then sort of the driver to drive to Watertown. And was followed by the Honda. Once in Watertown the victim was ordered to slide over to the passenger side. The report said the two Brothers then remove luggage from a Honda and loaded into the trunk of the Mercedes. From their one of the Brothers drove the Mercedes. While the second brother sat behind the victim. So rapidly. -- one car he ran away. There's no trunk in the Mercedes SUV of the victim told police he was driven to a shell gas station a memorial drive in Watertown. Inside the car the Brothers declared the victim they over the barrel on bombers and would not kill him because he was not American. When the victim saw an opportunity to -- you rent to a nearby gas station where asked the owner called 911. Does the carjacking victim told police. -- beat her the marathon bombing I did that the man who was asked that his identity not be revealed to be the driver via should be. Hold NBC news but not on camera. That he managed to escape and called his captors brutal and cautious. The victim told the two men they would not kill him because he was an American he said that and that's about it on The Beatles -- And the medical exist optimistic he keep forgetting about that yes important they knew that he wanted to co exist so they let him live. I still don't get it today I still don't get the motivation for XQ and -- calling her a -- what they would do when. The question colored thing isn't his is -- is a huge mystery is why he killed it's more than two hours between them they shoot. Call earlier in the in the conflict -- two hours and fifteen minutes or -- -- them on time. Mean and they only went my I -- to write his notes story of the cross river and back Amanda Watertown that's only a couple of miles one detail was left out of that the. We learned yesterday they made him go to an ATM. And pick out and pick up and in a box right. I don't get -- like carjacker guy. Just go to the -- -- because they date they were low it would put all the luggage in the back of the suvs that use that issue would be to go to New York as opposed to the ground. Road trip. Yeah so yeah steel. That that your plan B -- to steal a Mercedes get a high end car and you know the guy has some money in the ATM you make him take you to the AT&T -- get the 800 bucks you put two bombs in your luggage luggage in the back of the issue -- they were headed for new York road trip. It was a white guy who was born in what are north out of Barlow we report to -- agent right but my points if he was doing although you were just -- yet just -- -- It's is it -- break right America's been so bad to these poor Phyllis. That's what just burns my ass more than anything America's given them everything. They leave their Third World hell hole and they come here and go to school for free in the want the old ones driving a Mercedes -- and there in on pitchers to have on going on if they don't offline and salt lake city of fight the golden gloves. The younger ones the student of the month and get scholarships in the. Just have it all going wrong and they wanna kill us because they are why we beacons. Energy costs. That's a reason yes that's that's a good reason terror makes sense anarchy. We have been to our nickname for our next caller. Everett from not to brighten. Up your -- win a second. Hold there. There you're a short leash my friend. And I -- that -- and a great job you guys. A great job to people Austrian and all of the -- -- of men and women and blew a blistering. I only know art so art award it's unpopular there will be Butler Jerry is what they are at war it's for -- cannot. Our -- proud fool people so are we going beyond what a moment of silent. Or when people Gordon Ryan are confident what the marathon next year. Rick Rick Rick we -- FBI didn't do what it would do well it would and I repeat it spare oil. I mean we can't pull everybody over right we can't have everybody be. A part of it. Are all -- right here that been on opt for four -- or beat her I don't know wants everybody -- -- all they want the people who show up on a red flag situations were posting terrorist videos and ranting and raving in mosques and beating their wives both the want to want to show up not everybody knows everything that's all I ask you do those three things to get red flag. Not get -- that -- -- ago but that that freedom that we fight for the country that we that we have the privilege of having. It -- saying at the arc and maybe. On both Spain are -- -- it that what they're an article which are the political mark. So what -- than you would -- where the perfect country. But it and that is not what makes it -- it is not what they -- -- I guess an outlaw it. And the FBI are not getting the guy he really had a bar radar. Are being able -- that light -- put 26 mile and a lot people Ryan. There have been born black Jack's. As we speak it if we do what -- what they wanna do it we wouldn't be America right. Well they've already lost where we are stronger we are more resolute the fabric is tighter more tightly weapon that that was. Damage was done to be -- to 280 people in four people lost their life you wait an hour fifty minutes to say this -- -- -- -- 110 minutes. Chris Cook -- mark on that are important. Actually you know Oakland right -- you live right on the block where it happened I know you got me on hold. Being black people -- that they they show and that people of the city. I wouldn't say to you who are critical what I'm saying openly what I'm saying is how will hold what Mort -- -- prepared -- it. Actually would have -- you guys is that that that that what we are -- right wing it would really gets it exactly what they wanted to build it. It is being human life at a curtain what I'm seeing you with that we were we can -- -- We aren't going to be vulnerable which we are going to be more -- that we're gonna go through and FBI and government to make mistake of course we want a perfect don't know that we wanted to what they want to do it nobody won't do any. And not do any I'm gonna do everything Sarah loves to be bigger next year may have lost. It didn't work. Being killed people we just lost must form. An -- about well I'm I'm much in on mature than did you get his point. I don't they don't want us to -- were doing what he's saying is he you know he did the freedoms we have the celebrated what they hate us just what he sent. I think we knew that yes okay. Okay it's the point three society. It is just sick poetry maybe Richard -- -- to the -- That later we're getting -- definite bonus it's. I was in with a game probably write a new one tomorrow I mean allowed to take two -- a moment. And fifteen minutes. That's doctor Roger and Milbrett Roger what's on your mind is the pride of Lexington. Throats. -- Yeah I. -- -- but I do want to know that it just I have went to trial. Do you take that he would get up they editorial. Yes okay yes I say we give a fair trial and we X accused in the fairest trial highway is no doubt about it just in the morning. You're out a bit. Yes yeah we have been given them a bit I don't. Roger would be unfair to tell me how it would be unfair trial. You've got to get everything into consideration. How would they brought up. Probably manipulated and -- -- to -- young I don't know why did that would my brother. I -- not been viewed as playing the older blood that they already know about -- Roger. Do you think the guy guilty don't get me wrong. I believe the -- guilty but would be. Quite it would be yet. And I don't understand what an unfair trial would be an unfair trial would be if they didn't put all the evidence they have out there I mean you think you're gonna somehow what manipulate witnesses. Or or or Photoshop pictures or somehow edit videotape to make sure we think he's the guy we -- -- -- Roger. How long you'd think it would carry. To get them an -- Hillary yeah. Roger who cares. Who cares I know he's a terrorist. Roger really think. Do you think it enters into the picture his innocence or guilt based on what his upbringing and his background was do you care about that. Don't. That make them and tell us campaign and that. Not which put a ball behind an eight year old and try to kill dozens of people and only three upbringing doesn't matter Roger Big Brother doesn't matter. What are your Big Brother due to -- Our web web Lilly's late -- purple marbles the usual -- -- -- would you do what you do -- -- in what ways digitally. I'm. Or not but -- but -- Elaine. A lot of men. -- -- -- You about your brother the steal and rob. As you know -- I look at kid. He's not a kid. He's not exactly what. I did what you want to fight the adult you know. You know I'm -- June. You've got to look at the whole picture right as. Second -- O'Brien's classes at CUNY. -- Just sounds like you could teach a beetle juice. Only from the rocky -- I want rods would be. Check in again on our -- morons watch list are two people today will be with one right now and another after we talked with the Tamar Birkhead the attorney defended Richard read. -- O'Bryant is the name you need to remember he's a professor -- UN. A wide. That's commute city University of North Texas some polite and poly sci professor. On the twentieth. She writes the following. The mortuary pictures of the older brother. Are extremely disturbing. Raising questions as to whether the Boston Police Department. Captured him with too much force. -- let that settle in for just the second raising the questions the photos that maybe you've seen and they're pretty graphic. Raises questions as to whether the BP. She goes on to write blather. I understand the explanation yet it does not ring true. Too much sheet. Could not. Have read the papers. I was kidding before serious right. They did choose the ops just the opposite in a lot of people's minds not enough force issued a blown his bleep and head off. If he hadn't been run over by his brother right -- alive today and he might be meet talk and -- for that reason they didn't shoot him. They tackled him. They handcuffed him and they tried to keep him alive and. It was his brother who ran him over with the issue -- Dragged him 45 to fifty feet and by some accounts several accounts the burns on his body. Were a result of the catalytic converter them muffler or whatever -- was underneath. The the Mercedes-Benz issue be his brother killed him and just for the record not the need to get Backstreet professor -- It wasn't the Boston Police Department it was the Watertown cops showed great restraint -- very easily could have and probably 95 out of 100 cops. With a blow his brains out once he ran out of ammunition I would have and they knew they tackled him. And handcuffed -- -- of gun fight for ten minutes one of the cops felt the bullet go by the -- burned easier via. You know these guys are under fire and -- -- -- hide behind a -- in the trees all shot up -- went back and look at all the bullets in the tree. The adrenaline pump and you had this been and you can't hear anything because the -- of pressure cooker bomb. And you have this restraint to put -- gun in the holster and tackle them. To keep them alive it's incredible that the -- of these guys showed on you know right there on the front lines. I what was that Friday morning the one or early 1:0 morning Friday morning. All right up Paul John Ken did you answer many we will get to you. Tamar -- yet attorney defended Richard Reid joins us next.

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