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Some sensitive poetry on the program

Apr 23, 2013|

Dino read a poem written by Amanda Palmer which was intended to sway public opinion to feel remorse for suspect #2, it did not have the intended effect.

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Take out. Your pencils again. Amanda Palmer is that -- my favorite home yet till now pick up her medals and compete with a pencil down. From the inauguration just. We'll turn named interim government for get a shoot. I -- old books. -- -- someone frame but I forgot her name before we get to this -- I probably -- we gonna do -- the injury told has risen to 282. Last -- I haven't won 76 a couple hundred. And the reason for that is unknown number of victims dozens and dozens delayed seeking medical attention. Many of for hearing problems other for shrapnel wounds that they thought would -- on their own. But -- they haven't in the hearing hasn't come back to 282. People have been in one way or another. Injured and hospitalized sought medical care as result of what these two Brothers did. Monday believe -- seven still in critical. What was the number you asked about. Above fifty still hospitalized guest at Mass. General 34 year old mark surreal a -- is listed in serious. Condition after grievous injuries was -- service. Com. -- right leg amputated above his and he. Burn across half his body -- left leg with multiple fractures and shrapnel large lodged in his art. In his heart is not Canada. I read again from Chris capacities or in The Herald from Tamar Birkhead. Lawyer. We know he's only nineteen years old we don't think he has a criminal record or -- in trouble before. There are a lot of people out there that seemed to have warm positive things to say about him yeah I would talk about. Joseph -- Amanda as warm positive things to talk about Adam Nam. -- -- Joke I didn't wasn't sure Amanda Palmer was and you guys didn't know much about her either I won't read a whole bio it's pretty colorful. Just read -- a quick. She was born in New York she grew up in Lexington Massachusetts she attended Lexington high school -- involved in the drama department and attended Wesleyan University issue as a member of the eclectic society. You'll get more indoctrinated in Lexington. And Wesley asked him. Through my kids -- screw it. Yet -- -- much time ago and got her fame and 8000 a Twitter follow -- Dresden Dolls lead singer lead singer of the present adult which are favored to isn't all song and Antarctic and name is Amanda Palmer but it says -- sometimes known as Amanda bleeping. Often it's forcing answer her stage name Amanda F and Palmer. Her formative years were spent on the streets of Boston working as a living statue mine. Where she would regularly interact with lonely people looked like they hadn't talked to anyone in weeks and then sort of all in love a little bit. She says if you follow what these homeless yes -- yeah. The first -- on your -- basis living statue -- It looks like a step down for the bombs -- as many. For a in the mix she lives in Minneapolis now with her husband and she has penned a poem result car or show car. Ready I'm ready moniker as -- here -- there. You don't know how it felt to be in the -- but it must've been at least a little bit warmer than this. You don't know how intimately their recording your every move on closed circuit cameras. Until you see your face reflected back -- the -- You don't know how convinced your parents work but having children would be absolutely without question the correct thing to do. You don't know how precious your iPhone battery time was until you're hiding them off the mobile. -- -- You don't know how precious your iPhone battery time was until you're hiding in the bottom of the black commercials -- Holm is a -- I just don't get poetry as an aside I think they should at a second name. Nautical term to the name of the boat slip away -- and OT. Slip away not like that and it. -- back to amend the torture. You don't know how it's possible to feel total compassion in one moment. And total disconnection. In the next. You don't know how to make something instructions are on the Internet. You don't know how to believe anyone anymore. You don't know how to tell the girl in the chair next to you. If you've been peaking at her dissertation draft and there's a grammatical typo in the actual file name. You don't know how to explain yourself not just rolls off the -- Robert Frost and kiss -- past the stuff that's just it's beautiful you don't know why you let that guy -- without shooting him dead and stuffing him in some bushes between Cambridge in Watertown. You don't know where your friends went. You don't know how to dance but you give it a shot anyway. You don't know how to separate from this partnership. To escape and finally agree. You don't know how to measure the value of the twenty dollar bill clutched in -- hurting end. And you don't know how you walked into this trap so oblivious Ali and you don't know how to would just the rear view -- You don't know how to -- -- dead brother you don't know how to drive this car. And you don't know the way to New York. Dispute as well -- Praise song for that day each day. We go about our business. That's better be. So it's our friend mark Shanahan in the globe this morning in named he says. We're short it was with the best intentions. And Amanda Palmer posted a comb result car -- website but the response to the home. Has been downright nasty yes. Well. Our two D&C. SI legal analyst Michael McCann will join us. Gutters up in Maine -- -- in New Hampshire Steve's in -- -- it's on hold our two DNC straight ahead. Walking past each other. Catching each other's eyes or not.

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