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Andrew Bailey loves this Red Sox team and how they are playing right now

Apr 22, 2013|

Andrew Bailey spoke with Joe Castiglione & Lou Merloni about tonight's win at Fenway & the make-up of the 2013 Red Sox roster.

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-- UN Mike Napoli should America player of the week matters here both the big help -- the offer of winning another when this week -- Colin thank you very much efforts it was a good Goodman and it was a lot of fun out there. A third time now at three nights the -- sit there and think in 93 maybe you don't need me but. You're called upon Leighton again you come in the cold night -- and be ready -- -- yeah I definitely I mean you know. I'm I'm ready you know I feel great right now you know he is I'm healthy in and that we need -- play this game so. To success to get back out there in and it gave me the win in -- start of the local winning streak. Seventy case for you and Joey and that just that and third innings in that I know you brought our that you. Have had a lot of strikeouts before but that this is a high total. Yeah I don't know so. I don't know what I'm doing there you know I am just trying to target guys out mean the name of the game is put -- zero in. And UA can do that in right now -- this and that so that's a good thing in you know I keep on -- You're happy with yourself at that at first is that you -- -- -- -- base annual -- Is that just I don't know I got away from my mechanics a little -- had kind of slowed down in you know there's some familiar faces over there but you know a lot of guys have left the year I got -- -- and since then so what's the but -- new faces of their as well but you know sometimes you. Can't get it they let it get away from you too far in that you step back in and kind of relax in the you know -- you but it does a great job just new breed them once -- while so. Yeah I'm a high high adrenaline guy out there and and sometimes it just back off. While Andrews certainly Mike Napoli is that a lot of damage in his -- do with the Oakland days and it's great to have my years idea how lethally art via that he had just like that and it's. Yeah -- and he's a great guy -- baseball player in the clubhouse you know front office. I can't say enough about you know the character guys they brought in here not on the football players but you know and that is one apartment. Like you said man it's he's an at bat I'd love faces of those those late inning home run threats that just. An actual question and it's just nice -- -- my side. Defeats in a couple of innings the referral line and it pitch count or get up there but still able to keep you. Six in two thirds TV guys break with a doubleheader yesterday yet definitely you know that was huge. You know with double -- you know -- always a little short that next day in and you know it's a great job of of going deep in the game especially with couple long innings and you know member you know back in my mind -- -- days on the start I was it was tough for me was. You know those those long innings in and get back out there and and be it to stay within yourself and -- on strikes in. He was of ago you know treat the game and you know we got the obvious that the matters that you possibly pitch -- third straight -- they needed. I guess I mean I'm I'm I'm ready to -- I feel great and and I told us that you know. I'm feeling good you know I'm fine with it -- from you know and today I'll tell you so you know. Unfortunately. You know -- some injuries and no I know my body in and it's on something and -- that -- -- up until then -- rock. David those guys sitting up there now since you've taken a close role to Celek comes in again I think it's the job done he you know we -- outstanding. Yet -- they've both men have Smith on the ball rather well it has is he's gonna have a long career thrown Lleyton ballgame and he. He he some special and you know those two in and now when we get we get you know Hanrahan back it -- -- in -- added bonus in. You know we'll start role and so you know that both of them movement on the ball outstanding and not has got out of that inning in and you know got him on the night. And give -- up things worked out you were so gracious and accepting the at the -- that he were all at the trade was made in that -- quarterback get. Winning player of the week in your -- -- either. The -- you know it's exciting you mean. You know this year -- you know. Earlier on -- in all about you know. Go and out there get the job done yet this season. You know last year really -- -- thought I was like you know I just you know play the game be healthy and it doesn't matter what -- -- are healthy you know and out there you know things happen in and to be a part of this great team that we have here something special and you know I've -- that go along ways this year and and you know I totally understood the move of schedule and you know me and him and we get him back in and threw a start rolling along with hasn't. And -- it's it's been lights out down there's a lot of fun. All right though Laviolette does he has that there's thanks so much it drawn up drop backs got for judgment that today Andrew Bailey you had to say tonight the it looked like day would be needed but -- -- certainly refreshing to have. That's situationally command and make quick work government like that Diaz and ideally let stay away from so we definitely be available tomorrow -- To get to the point where every single win matters in these closing situation you wanna bring your guy in there again get the job done. Okay the Red Sox went Ed -- -- this sex.

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