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Salk and Holley's Miked Up - 04/22/13

Apr 22, 2013|

No. Thank YOU Boston EMS.

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He won't he's. I. -- -- Manchin now on all this negativity that's in this town Sox Eads might job. -- -- -- Dial 6177793535. Nice city will -- now might -- Wake up you don't like -- probably phase and maybe don't really -- -- we saw economic. Mike dumb -- do you buy. AT&T. WE UW EI live available on your iPhone or android device brought to you by eighteenth -- They set up a text to donate -- benefit the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing of easy to do text from Boston to 80108. -- To donate ten dollars to one fund Boston message and data reits may still apply full terms and -- give us. Dot or. When we got -- I hope financial aliens who could do Boston's unquote good thank you believe you guys along with the Boston red stuff for us. It's generous. Bob totally focused on this evening of these I don't know if you don't want firefighters who were -- on Monday what happened to me. Good old days. But I don't get those guys and also us. Because -- I feel sort of remember about me -- my. For nine years there aren't they thank you so much about the -- boats. We're getting out of the good -- -- cricket but specific to this new media in the Boston red balls. Providing tickets to see a little while here I guess this is black box him out of it the ever popular vote -- -- -- good good good. Do -- -- but -- visit -- corporate donors. Sector bailout eventually. I was buffeted about this -- been through that -- did you guys go red birds. The biggest. Bet he gave a big deal ought to be left myself as possible MF. And the message. SARS that's awesome glad to help out in any small way that we can thank you glad you're doing it. I don't want to there was big DMV. -- the bullies very good but I'm very. Stop this hour you're up to the people that have his own game people are dead so there's been a big burden. Don't know be in the media. No I don't have no named storms are good -- to those people who have been a lot of buzz about bill allows the lives. And message. It is amazing if you hear the phrase over and over again people who rushed in wall everybody else runs away -- it's incredible the work that they've they do and these last couple days never never a better display of it than what we've seen here. Yeah I was listening on Saturday again to the replay. Of -- -- interview with Matt Chatham. And Matt -- made that point in a very powerful very emotional way where he said. Let people know me and they know Joseph Andruzzi reformer patriots but there were so many people around us. Doing similar things that's just that's just what some people do -- -- a character thing you know you won't. You look at people hurting you're trying to health. Now is that may have been no one's heard subscribe to the hospital show why those guys. Not ones and all -- vehicles is not why don't they enrolled valuable benefit that I don't want. And message and hopefully it stays that way I know that the news has been very positive in terms of everyone who was brought to the hospital with the injuries. In this city plenty of with the incredible medical attention the you can receive in Boston of all cities. It's still -- surprise when you have less of a surprise yes. And it's nice to know that it's a strong feeling good about each other than that some people out there that can't be moved them they're still jerks. You know. Well do you still grain deal. Yeah getting here. I'm -- visit doubleheader today. Well they take a look at it and that he had written for the rest of the stuff they do. We know it probably see this bad if inhaled. Everybody can at home to -- If they do feel it. -- -- -- And after that picture I ask you this about the great Yankee I never thought about this before and she watches the Red Sox a lot for me she watches you watching -- night doubleheader yesterday. If you if you listen to gospel Boston Sports Radio a lot to do so it's giving yankees -- she ever watch the Yankees. How does she have time to watch the Yankees and she's made so much attention to the Red Sox early she is she really Yankee fan and I just hate the Red Sox associates. -- -- -- What do you know David Ortiz came through in the clutch again -- And -- his. Pretty clutch it's awesome people on Twitter yes -- Saturday saying whatever they gave him it was worth it just for that one moment at Fenway Park now. There are some proves out there who didn't like it but for everybody else the rest of us it was an amazing moment. Clutch once again. Big big -- There's very few story -- Bob Dole is knowing what is -- -- I'll go over well thank you very much argued this very -- week well we couldn't say. Well developed and his message. Yeah I think it's just -- -- believe there is someplace to go out OK the other big daddy. Because they'll keep coming to push all of us know of course Roger Rapoport -- anybody has ever put your head doesn't. But bad news is -- -- it's completely -- the F bomb belt we don't -- -- details Bob that's terrible but daddy hey good. Good bonds aren't PG. How -- -- still get their hands. And -- message plus easy answer. -- David Ortiz and we have got a lot of things are okay for. Your friends. -- okay for your friends that are not okay for humorous seasons I'm focused on something different there was up Mikey Adams doing that golf like five different voice like that's the kind of weird creepy little. Person voice that Mikey likes to come -- when you think Mikey Adams makes those voices. I don't know what's it like in my -- Smith try a different story bloodbath I don't expect any different -- what I -- my grandchildren. Benlate I've been I have. People around me baby -- -- -- world. Around like it was -- banks Billy empire that was just very vivid bad or good managers both the fans need -- I'm down a little bit. Thank skills and his message. Text message to cranky Yankee always has time to watch the Sox. It doesn't take -- much time to feed your hundred cats. Only hundred. There is often say bills' offense did art and -- -- and his message. -- bed -- and why don't -- I don't watch court. And the message. She denies inappropriate that's where are inappropriate and that's where the languages and I was there when you're coming from understand. We hear royalties dropping the F bomb whoever we may have noticed that I took the wrong. Probably expecting happy ending this is my values don't work their way up your p.s and now he's. He's gonna wanna stay down there like Manny after he lost zero face thicket of Rhode Island -- Texas. New York Times yesterday story on Curt Schilling. And we think we know the -- Curt -- story. 38 studios -- by the New York Times -- business page. Great big big spread on 38 studios and behind the scenes and how it happened. Fascinating checking out. That was some light up as usual power by AT&T the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins are the most four G coverage in New England team get to them today they finally had a good game. Yesterday against a wall full Florida Panthers steam after another loss to Little League team on Saturday they -- terrible record against Montreal and Pittsburgh when they play good teams. They have not been good themselves in the -- I think matching -- -- Montreal is not a problem I don't think you know -- they've another. I think they've had a string of of one goal losses to the Canadians. Matching what Pittsburgh a drop and I wasn't even -- -- right now just Pittsburgh sounds Malkin -- Crosby and in that that's not sounds Neil. Mean that's not even the real Pittsburgh team that's some. Some some shadow portion of Pittsburg drama dimly and he's at least he's pretty -- the -- he looked okay. Biffle Gordon tried to go after month fortunately it -- hurting himself they'll see how long he's going to be out Bruins have just couple more -- a couple more games here. And we'll get a chance to see them. In the playoffs so they're playing our music what does that mean it means we're done because because we are plus baseball early editions all of this week. So 635. Game time tonight. Three game starts it's real soon to -- Turn over the pregame show early game what Wednesday right for 4 o'clock game on Wednesday. Gotta correct until Wednesday early game Thursday will be at the stadium and Daniel hall. Just talk a lot of draft. Everybody. -- Sports Radio. Point seven WPI epidemic gotten -- dot com.

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