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Warren Tolman, former MA State Rep, on the capturing and death of the Tsarnev brothers

Apr 22, 2013|

A lifelong Watertown resident, Warren Tolman joins Mut and Merloni, to discuss the events from Thursday until today.

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Yes on the phone right now former Massachusetts senator -- Pullman. Caller from his neck of the woods of Watertown mass mr. told a lot -- how -- you I'm great how would you guys would do an excellent ringing in their next year called everyone else. My pleasure glad it's over let Florida I was states lol these states and I never made the US senate but. That's our I live in large -- that they are all my life and you know we're role sort of recovery still. -- recoverable from this harrowing experience. Now what were you say you live in Watertown how close. Mr. told -- you too. -- -- what went down there Thursday and Friday. So I'm in the middle of the perimeter. Sort of halfway between laurel and Dexter and also. Franklin street. And you know I I was awoken. Whatever time I was 1230 or so but my neighbor who called me and said -- did you hear that. That's what she says this sounded like explosions and now that gunfire and all we're here decide and I could hear the sirens outside outside so. Ice and knowing that you was crying Tricia -- daughter on I talked her daughter actual -- we turned on the TV -- try to figure out what's going on lawyer was silent we figures probably connected and it always have probably we get helicopters. You know lighten up our backyard in this field you know you feel like -- there. There right they feel like Atlanta and under under. -- -- But you know it's in your adrenaline just coast through the rules and in your your really. Ought agent shall we basically stayed up all night. And keeping an eye on the yard and everything in 77 dirty was also pleased in my yard. Is what happened I I heard some of what used to bowl earlier on initial on the station. What happened is it they thought when the guy drove over his brother in went a few blocks. For what I was told it to canines. All of -- that up to the golf course which. -- -- not nationally in the direction of Franklin treated in and it was away from re entry where it ended up. So that's why they were concentrating up that way which is where I -- And you know it's a 250 yards for frank retreat. You know what is the perimeter. Franklin street actually borders the parameter it goes right and into. Walnut tree which was the perimeter. So they weren't off flying -- -- 5075 yards what you -- see if you go to Torre got to draw the line somewhere in these guys you know. I I -- judge Joseph Reynolds you know he picks up. The the two cars that these guys that drive that. You know he's been on the force a couple of years young kids great officer. In and he also Andy he's still not boarding -- don't engage -- get back well they stopped -- he doesn't have a choice to engaging twenty feet away in the fire that went thankfully was able to back up and get our -- we're not even out of harm's way but certainly awards. The bullets and you get sucked in job quality you know he EU Russian and in a bunch of awards help police. What you get -- usually whose futures were talking he's on his way home. He's he's 55. Years old -- so he's on his way home and call -- the night and he he has the presence of mind goes back. He goes out -- because he knows you area. And get the guys from the side -- get a better angle and surprise is that and -- -- a -- at W -- him also cement. Who showed up he's on his way home he comes back it. This is these guys simple about grown up with the civil war on all my life and you know the heroes you guys were just -- and they they put their life on the line and I I went. I just was. Step aside once second guess and Tricia you know he and in the rights talks of Major League Baseball. Reached out to -- Saturday morning answered you know we wanna do so for the people -- you've been through this harrowing experience I was able to distribute 150 actually 200. Red Sox tickets yesterday's game just bring in some of these first responders together. Police the fire that TPW their neighbors I went to the laurel and Dexter where the first shooting took place and then another guy went out for -- Franklin and said the trees either. Really kind gesture by gesture by. He and it was nice to bring everybody -- -- You like to say it's over its outlook for the guys one guy did the other guy it's. In in custody but it's it's hard to elect goal here to have the Watertown police. Working. With. The Boston Police -- you know possibly have no jurisdiction in Watertown that's the way it works but the Watertown police say you know what you guys. You get after a run initial and they did -- they ran it spectacularly that was the Boston Police were fantastic. What I achieved at the ball was was Smart enough to know OK you guys get more experience in this. You know you guys were on the operation and you know we're gonna Odyssey assistant either. And I really it's hard for someone. To say okay we're gonna work with few even though to interpret. That it takes a real man to do that as well but it -- knew what was the best thing it. Obviously the order count guys were right that the government -- from the shooting what could conduct an investigation and needed to be conducted the whale was in the search it is. Really -- Unita the corporation of the Boston Police state police and quiet guys when when these swat team came to my house. Like a little bit I guess some of the guys after it was done I -- you guys from there from Falmouth. There from dentists. Sheriff's office people you know these guys were from all over the city all working together in -- was it was great thing to see. Now you you you say you believe it was this Jeff. Up utilities he was. Yeah that's what I've been told you stole that directly via one of the one of the first responders that there was Jeff -- and then I was told subsequently by Boston Police sources that it was you know one of the guys was working in those guys were dragging. The suspect number one. After he had been shot they would dragging him and that's win. The the guy in the white caps -- -- number two got in the car and try to you know basically prevent them from taken. His brother and they'd go out of the way and he ended up driving overs broke. So he was the 55 year old coughed that heard on the radio and turn around yes we have now they go to the station and they drove their roll call our. Through this scene. Yet both him and that drove their own cars is seen and in its site offers Tibetans. Eighties he drove up to the scene and he was met by a bullet that went right through his windshield just missing his -- And you know a species at 2526. Year old kids that just a couple of years on the warship. Sabres also rallies and these -- these guys you know knowing you know sometimes. People criticized police fire -- whatever there you know and I got to remind them that this is they're they're running towards things to protect us when everybody else was -- -- it's it's just. And that's the thing to a deal on Monday we all -- this city it's our city you know and then all of a sudden Thursday night it takes it into York -- With people that. Aren't just offer -- -- -- said you know these guys names you've known them for a long long time. That that's has the ticket to a completely different level. And I know -- kids I know you know I know if their kids went to school with my kids and I know by the way we just slightly vote. -- where you grew up in framing in my pinkie felt that way -- put so -- sure. But I can go somewhere in the western suburbs and you know you've you've you've you've been with these guys and you're right I've gone to the Red Sox game which comical you know and these guys -- legitimate heroes -- -- there. And -- bought for the grace of god be there. Where -- -- their funerals like the support MIT police officer you know it's it's. So in and you know it is in this district part of it at least says that as a positive ending that it's over and everything bush. You know when those swat team guys show up -- Olsen in there. They mean business you know your deal it was something. That is it's hard to comprehend and it's it's it's really. It's it's really frightening. You know when that these these swat vehicle with the -- it shores up. You know it's polish up your street and you know which cigars -- machine gun and you know he's facing. Your yard and you know like what the hell was going on here this is. The adrenaline is popular than it is just so so scarier than what that final shorts can't vote on Friday. You know. Like everybody else -- in Watertown anyways. -- there was ballistic I. I should of -- -- or outside in -- 10 and in some advice for fifteen year old daughter and I. I wanted to get out to get my other daughter within -- couple hundred yards away from my house put. She's been there with at a portrait sells all night because they know it was 1231 shots went off. She she's capable. And sushi quality -- what Super Bowl but. I called the what to police said no don't don't go getter don't go -- -- you know you guys are right there in the middle of potential. -- ripple effect on every. Aspect of your life. I of course thought like you -- that I said to my -- -- that's been productive work in the house we -- -- -- -- LS Super Bowl thirty seconds to get to what do you think you know. But look at in my backyard every thirty seconds and is he -- will be governed by way. Well Warren. Thank you so much for your call today yards Friday's city but -- right to be extra project and of that city of Watertown appreciate your thoughts. -- -- Olympic you guys and and in EI a particular currency that the Red Sox game and -- and the Red Sox were you guys were great fit to bring us altogether so that. To that game yesterday and today. You know it's sort of -- are -- -- -- just all get together and be with people that have gone through this same harrowing experience and it would happen but for. You -- generosity shall grateful. Glad you're here for and we are safe for thanks a lot we'll talk do you -- well ward told a former state senator with it is that perimeter is home in upriver Watertown. I joined the conversation you can join us as well continue -- with your thought to be missed. Commissioner -- earlier they would DNC will play some of that. In the 1 o'clock hour 61777979237. It's not little more your phone calls -- be here.

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