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Watertown resident: Bullets shot through my house

Apr 22, 2013|

A Watertown resident joins Mut and Merloni to talk about his experience during the gun fight between the terrorists and the police and talks about the damage his house suffered during it all.

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-- in Watertown he joins the conversation what -- 937 get afternoon Eric. Good up and boy Troy thanks the -- -- Well. -- my house is right there on the street a -- about my kitchen window right now when I. Still few reporters from about a hundred yards on the road from laurel street I'm right on the intersection of all Campbell. I grew up you have lived in my whole life. And my wife and I myself and we -- down Florida about a week ago for national school vacation and we -- these behind who is originally from Florida she moved up -- about a year ago solutions and staying with us. And the poor girl who she went to a lot. She saw bullet point to our house. Coming through our dining room going to work closet to corpus shall closet here. And down she's she's definitely shouldn't we and I'm watching the whole thing. Where Naples watching it on TV -- -- trying to put my head on the -- and my wife called me she got her sister in laws and the other side of Naples because it everyone it was just a victim when we couldn't -- that nobody one else. And she called me and I thought to -- into would put the -- gone and they in my neighborhood where will my out of the corner lot there the yellow house. It will -- the battlefield. And I might you've got to be kidding -- is this really going on. And I'm broken up the street and it's you know put your heart to see. And I've got my pinnacle was behind me much of -- -- and he's telling me it is snipers on the second and third or porches. I'm thinking that. One of the guys loose in the garage across the street so that was trying to get a good -- allow them. -- that I don't think it was in the garage so. The loose a lot of stuff going on I wanted to come home as quickly as I could. I was up 206 AM watching it on there and on the news and I just couldn't with a comeback because I was noxious side couldn't sleep and a more acceptable my knees. She had with the hardware there -- and -- It's unbelievable -- I've grown up in my whole life and I. It's it's hard to comprehend what's taken place in everyone's okay. Everyone out there and that. Mentally I hope she can handle it right now it's she went off to work this morning and she's still shaken I know about com. She needs help and my wife basically you know what. And she's right my wife's I don't get the whole side of alt a portrait. By bullets along you know human life was taken. Cops obviously. You know being. -- it's it's and still trying to put the puzzle together I wasn't here for my niece and experiencing everything in life I mean that FBI wouldn't hear the ATF was in here. She is making -- put them they would sit down and also trying to you know gather information on the news watching TV in our house. -- You know and you know. Basically what happened was was I guess the time period was between 121230. And we felt like gay com and walk street and of course for about cults in that was her bedroom and she heard things going off and you know she sees. A lot of action in our backyard we don't we have a corner -- wide open is no science. And she hears the swat team and -- knowing got a encroached on the catcher's position and crawl and go upstairs. Into -- master bedroom and just stay there and how she keeps -- and running ducking a little Shia actually years in feasible goal. Into our dining room going directly across. In -- closet. And shut and she really freaked and just went upstairs and stayed there until they came in meaning beats you up and basically you know. You know took care for it and you know I I don't know how she did but she's a tough girl and I'm so happy that nothing happened that are. Say it's -- and it Perry thanks for sharing your experience in glad that she's okay glad that the year okay and appreciate the phone call I can't imagine your blood. Partial sports and a video of somebody you know they took the video. From their upper -- our bedroom upper window of that gun fight. And it was right around the Corey Perry San open -- looking at that -- laurels right on the -- oral Dexter there Watertown. So this video looked just as close and it would it look like the fire fights and I -- always a group here -- very small hole. Community -- mobile road. In years you're thankful that -- -- bullets are flying all over the place or another photo with actually put out there of bullet hole in the wall bullet hole a chair underneath. In homes all this is going to be thankful that nobody else was injured. Com. It was just tough tough scene. I got to imagine that carries he's not the only one is gonna want some counseling hopefully get some counseling. Amidst all this ball -- -- Watertown those that were there. At the bomb sites are we continue with your phone calls Carlos Karen -- at 6177797937. -- in -- keep it here.

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