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UMass Dartmouth student tries to defend suspect 2 in Boston Marathon Bombing

Apr 22, 2013|

Mut and Merloni speak to a UMass Dartmouth student who knew suspect 2. There has been a lot of talk over the past few days about how good of a kid Dzhokar Tsarnez was but that's the last thing Lou and Mike want to hear.

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I Eddie's in a car driving around Eddie you're a one month -- Guys are all. About who they met burger and I wanna talk about a couple thing. I know most people books and really. Have a lot of hate toward art and obviously he did a terrible terrible thing. I really I think that's one of the worst thing you can do. By. Eddie I didn't know Mehdi. Are you didn't gnome I don't know him well I'm just saying because I don't know where you're going with this but. There is a lot of hate to the delicate I thought the kid do you thought you know. And rightly so. I agree yeah rightly so he did view the mark alluded to it but. I know earlier got to talking about it more and Eric and I think he should be heard has learned there he goes. I don't think you can hide behind them and even if he would. Like. I don't know who the artist -- who doesn't only got Reverend -- and. Terrorists doesn't Eddie and -- I am I understand and again we heard a lot about this yesterday but I'm just honestly just not in the mood com. You know I I understand a lot of people thought they knew this individual he does not have the right to remain silent I am sorry okay this is an attack on the people that try to keep this. This the board of saying you need to realize that you did not know him you thought you knew him. Everybody I keep hearing from under the guidance in mechanized guide everybody liked them need to smoked weed and you just chill on all day long. You did not know him. OK maybe I didn't know him but maybe a hundred years ago we would have considered somebody like opting out like women's rights. Up a terrorist obviously that's nothing compared to the. Yeah -- -- -- -- and -- you can not about you can't make that comparison. I mean this is a guy. That -- -- bag down behind a group of people including an 80. With the gold you killed them and mean them harm them. This is a guy that according to chief Emeril. -- I'm chief Watertown police this morning he says is in his belief was getting bombs. Out of a car. And thought -- that police. Thank you was they were too heavy for him to go too far but that what you're explaining -- case is a monster and he gets the word but and I want to. Crawl out of my own skin well when you say but when trying to talk about this guy you think -- the -- you know. Here -- the anger. Okay I'm done I'm done with that. Can we we replayed on Friday -- a few people try to get inside and try to -- it -- -- it was all about and people talked about him and what kind of a great guy was. I don't wanna hear anymore everybody out there that thought they knew this guy suspect number two. Everett if you thought you know you didn't know he's a murderer. Okay kill innocent people music terrorist. Many thought you knew you were duped. Yeah I wanna hear I'm done I'm done with -- great guy this guy used to be and I can't believe you had done it he would he did it guess what he did. Okay what he loves soccer you love music. While the tweet about it. That's not that's not the story and I on the -- I don't wanna take the defensive him. Any war and it started on Friday on our show. People trying to in a way defend him in -- believe it just. There's no but when you get that you know look yourself can be your friend your so called friend -- -- terrorist and kill innocent people. And no problem trying to kill it and it was part of an execution of a police officer on the campus at MIT so MBA but. We start talking about him. --

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