Apr 22, 2013|

Not only did he swear on live TV and Radio…but he has been doing it for years.

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David Ortiz war on live television and radio business -- and things. It's the first time -- -- ever -- listen closely you you'll hear that he's been doing it for years and I was couldn't. And pain for five -- a story I was finishing my. Work when his team performed like. He wasn't afraid to say it tomorrow whereas you know. We're -- we're just learn how to deal with and even put his -- and twist on the Bill Belichick saying just say it is what it is in the -- for. -- right and all that time you thought he was just mumbling to rob Bradford he was asked bombing him. In Europe and for the wanna make and this because ceremonies -- -- David Ortiz who -- so much he's got another nickname besides big party baby -- And Ortiz threw clubs so don't be too surprised that David Ortiz war critics are. Mean.

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