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Watertown Police Chief Ed Deveau's final segment on the show

Apr 22, 2013|

Chief Deveau took more calls from very grateful listeners and Gerry is in search for the right actor to play the Chief when this story is made into a movie.

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Ordered -- chief at -- from the Watertown police department and as usual plans announced that first pitch stick to that too. Foxboro. Opening day oh yeah tackler we introduced the tackler and Jerod Mayo good hands of his Jersey as ignorant as -- like that. We're gonna keep his identity secret for now until you say and politics or phone called the chief Steve is in north and Steve good morning. I got doors -- graduate should -- an -- staff summer taking down these two maggots. But the question I have few guys its eye on the situation anybody else but I with a canine -- called in to. Pop up like to you guys say that leaking from the car. To where he went item on the boat so you've got this elaborate on that appreciated and. Sure sure yes we we brought a number of dogs in. We had some local dogs from the state police Boston FBI had certain dogs we've we tried everything we try to get the -- from delete the abandoned. Behind the house. -- we were unable to keeping track going. They were they threw the pressure cooker bomb at your guys on the gun during the gun final laurel street was there evidence of shrapnel. Damage around that area that's my understanding yes there's still kind of gathering that -- scene has been cleared the distilled kind of documenting everything that happened to him but that's. My understanding is it was an exact replica of the Boston. It's Mason and not just your guys you guys are hurt. I mean obviously some emotional scars but right not in my hospitalized. No -- get no neighbors no no dog walkers I know you're there -- inside but still you might. With that kind of shrapnel final -- could go a little window. Yeah it's incredible that it and that my guys are here to tell this story is not one of them was her one on one of my such as it was down via. He had a bullet come so close to all these heretical by Zia. It was so close that it heated up -- He was tied behind trees that wasn't even that couldn't covers whole bawdy and weave on back to the scene now looked at that tree. In his memorable holes in the trees so he just you know we just incredible. -- of what these guys did a very tough. Chief there are some post traumatic issues you think ought to be dealing with which your guys but that's why -- via voice right now. John you did so I can get just this story needs to be told her well. But they need to be the face of it very shortly but I -- -- make sure you're okay yeah they do certain protocol that we have to do. And and then they can come forward in -- be recognized -- if they do deserve every bit of stock to Richard constituent Richard Nixon the NC. Yes I was glad that the the Red Sox had performed two on you guys I was just curious. A lot of time line I mean on and try to that you are apprehending. Second suspect. And the next morning basically you guys are all assembled at -- packet data is the FBI director. To use -- how to how to do find out so quickly that you are you going to be at -- the next. Says that an -- should spend like a world wind did the whole thing you know in the -- there was nothing play and obviously. You know we were you exhausted every one of CO Eddie Davis. Is the current role. The FBI we just went home go to sleep by -- you know all of -- -- your sleep -- -- -- and wake up and I was back at the station at 5:30 in the morning. The Bruins call and say that they won we have one at town police hats. When they come on the ice global thirty. And news media through to a school but who's like. We don't have wanna tell police -- don't -- -- of one NFL. So we have a made up before the game were right around to do that. Next you know the Red Sox manager Eddie Davis called -- as his intimate talks one on you wouldn't be as hottest thing. Can you come into Fenway it's over the resolve kinda crazy morning. But I think you know I've talked to some people and you know it's great is a great sports town. It is great therapy thing for our offices noted three of more on the ice yesterday at the Bruins game to get the Bruins jerseys and anyway it was just. You know in they would couldn't been prouder and so my understanding is. Coach Belichick is asked for a wanna tell police have to -- during the draft. So we just blown away by the support in the communities -- police department. And I'm just happy that these guys get the recognition they deserve what's the cost of a new cruiser. Upon him ballpark it's a vote does suvs that we have blown up probably 25. You can get 30000 dollar for hats and T shirt sales the Watertown police in no time on your website on your Watertown police department website. Passengers he's perhaps switcher or hats -- back -- -- would have if Hamburg and get a new -- you guys you know you can't forget the old crew as well -- like for horses and public Mercedes. Audi -- eight okay let's be available damage -- -- -- -- it's true are you did you -- we -- to I get so when I get hundreds of if not thousand emails over the time the only negative ones I got was a money web site that Kandahar one by one account Lisa -- -- you know we don't have any of those either bring those up. Bring those up I -- and that's very hairy and actually the chief. Start congratulation you shall love apprehended these guys it's not my question is. What -- you first realize it. It went from a tragic act and to the UN actually at the bombing suspects. You know that they -- what we try to realize that this was suggest you know respect that you -- sadly there's -- bank and yeah actually at the the suspects from Monday well. -- my offices knew that. The GPS tracking was its two a person or two people. That had just executed MIT police we knew that for Shula so they opiate for that. And there was some chatter on the radio and an alarm for sites in it may be relations or another his relationship to the blossom. Marathon bombing so my offices were aware of that how much they could actually you know digest. With all this going on them I'm a much. It'll play in the movie have you decided -- definitely -- Policy what did you wife say he's got to thank him -- It's got to be tall yeah really distinguish lord really calls distinguishing looking. What he looks like a tall young -- gallery. He has couldn't although it doesn't work he's not a runs on him an actor going -- in that shot a couple of we looks like moment. And gods say you yourself Paul Newman as -- -- nod -- say why don't we need to be granted my offices need to be in the movie not me there you'll get a little -- it. The tackle is going to be stopped and that little part talked to Steven met for Steve what's undermined this morning. This arm across from the out you know there and that it did what are what -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Note shocked people I see a lot of people did you next. About. Probably Rio 400. You need to -- street all lined up and American flag and everywhere. So it's it's got the funerals and next. I believe I mean our church are now that looked like that you know we haven't stopped on the line. Line up and that your I don't know what brought the army. What party ultimately. Will. Now. Those moon maggots could sneak in but -- Lincoln any minute now but I like the tractor trailer truck that is a very good idea let's talk to shot -- New Hampshire show on the next with the NC and the chief of course. Very rich people they don't. Very good thank you. Congratulations on a great job. Out a -- I'm a retired sir appearing in New Hampshire and I think it worked and what of your officers. And and that's right. Outlook and outlook role he played in the competition. And -- he's doing. He's doing well he's lieutenant now so that means he's left his administration he wasn't there. Okay. Just curious and give him my best I certainly will regulation are your options the job done. I think -- US Jewish did you guys just used the revolvers and they have shotguns -- -- -- we have from what we call patrol rifles. In each each cruises say the fire on the on this side and then you know you -- someone in the -- news news patrol rifles rifle on a -- right so do -- room we were using those rifles. Jason west AJ what's on your mind. I want to say that my brother was one that was carrying. Two gallons of milk. To that family. It was a great pictures wanted to own cup I don't know Ed Davis tweet personally Toledo BC picture. I think -- was Watertown was there are the only ones who -- down really well. My brother in the -- likely -- Clinton. And proclaimed and -- contingent. To what has helped file shrewd and I -- a million -- that that pitcher on his FaceBook page. And and I thank him -- that but it's amazing. There are so many nice comment that have been said but indicating how many negative comments have been -- like that was the propaganda photo and down. ER negative things about my brother which. He you know it was the grandmother that came out that says eat eat you know they had no. Now where there. So there but you know. In the right and down you know how was. -- the -- the kind of wiped out -- that peace can come back we're gonna end up he had neighborhood. And the shootout. Was going to. Do so. And that's that's what upsets me about. You know that they could be -- on the line and then they go and and dot them well. Jane keep -- -- with social media then there's so many millions of people out there your always gonna have these out liars these idiots these people want to criticize something positive and say something negative about. Just about anything so just take it for what it's worth that's nothing -- -- And I don't think -- into the -- to a lot of my husband. Went politically academy and. Well it was a please give -- credit for playing PD in the I have a lot of friends over. Rate the picture was her brother walking up the steps of home and -- town -- a couple of half gallons to about two gallons of Malcolm -- -- -- -- kids and -- milk in the could leave their house very cool Motorola and Davis tweeted on break. Chief Ed devote thanks for much of a job well done -- -- -- be proud of your officers I know you are and thank you for all you've done appreciated thank you we'll take a break that -- will continue after this.

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